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911 Film Fest part 3
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of March 7, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

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5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

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(You can obtain many 911 videos from—RF)

911 What's The Truth    Time 1:26
This film is mostly pieced together from other 911 films and various television news segments during and after 911.  It begins with documented evidence of multiple explosions in the towers using an abundant selection of video clips and eyewitness accounts.  The controlled demolition of WTC Building 7 is thoroughly covered.  Later in the film, Dr. Steven Jones is shown discussing the evidence of thermite being used in the World Trade Center on 9-11.  The film also contains long segments of speeches by David Ray Griffin and by Dr. Robert Bowman.  Bad points in the film are the amateurish thermite demo on a junk vehicle and an MSNBC interview of Dr. Jones which was clearly a hatchet job.  If the intent was to illustrate how the mainstream media treats 911 truthers unfairly, then the film should have made that point.  Otherwise, the interview does not help make Dr. Jones case.  Bottom line, there is nothing unique about this film.
Rating: **

Everyone's Gotta Learn Sometime    Time 1:11
Intended as a "quick overview" of 911 issues, it gets quickly bogged down in bureaucratic finger pointing and other side issues.  While acknowledging the research of many 911 truther notables, the film gets too "cute" by mixing in lengthy segments from Hollywood films such as Network, Star Wars III "Revenge Of The Sith", and V For Vendetta.  But most annoying is the use of Islamic religious chants as background for most of the film.  Apparently despite all the evidence that points toward US and Israeli government complicity in 911, the film seeks to fan the flames of anti-Moslem hysteria.  This begs the question: How could the filmmakers document so many government lies about 911, and then blindly accept the absurd government story about Arabs using boxcutters to hijack four commercial jets?  There is undeniable truth in the title of this film...wouldn't it be nice to see the film's producer take it to heart!
Rating: *

David Ray Griffin: 911 and the American Empire Time: 1:24
This DVD is a video recording of a speech given to an audience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  It summarizes most the key points of 911 and how the official story is clearly a lie.  The presentation is meticulously organized, and augmented with pictures, documents and text that convincingly support Mr. Griffin's key points.  There is nothing in the data presented that is new or groundbreaking, but Mr. Griffin is a very compelling speaker.  Many 911 videos have inserted excellent narratives of David Ray Griffin, and the credibility lent to this controversial subject from this widely respected theologian have been extremely valuable.  Having said that, my guess is that any lecture by a single speaker that exceeds one hour will also exceed the average American attention span.
Rating: **

911 Missing Links      Time 2:07
This is the film you watch AFTER you've finished watching some of the other 911 films.  Finally, we have a film that exposes the "elephant in the living room", the real driving force of US foreign policy and the treasonous politicians that are behind it all.  This film truly fills in the "Missing Links"--those facts of the conspiracy that the other filmmakers apparently considered too hot to handle.  Dropping all pretense of "political correctness", 911 Missing Links exposes the multiple Israeli connections with the 911 disaster, and reveals the surprising number of US government officials holding dual Israeli citizenship.  The facts beg the question: To which country do these people owe their true allegiance?  Understanding 911 as a Mossad false flag is not difficult, considering the Mossad's official motto: "By way of deception thou shalt do war".   911 Missing Links will bring serious enlightenment to even the most seasoned 911 researchers.  See this film now before the expanding US "hate laws" overturn our first amendment rights and censor this vital information.  If we can't discuss the truth frankly, we will never be able to stop the NWO plan for global domination.
Rating: *****

Confronting The Evidence     Time 2:34
Produced by wealthy entrepreneur Jimmy Walters, this lengthy documentary pairs many excellent segments from prominent 911 researchers with video from the forum sponsored by  The opening subject is post-911 air quality and the lies told by the EPA, not the best choice to lead off with.  Good footage on the WTC7 collapse from the film "Painful Deceptions" gets the film back to the main issues.  A 20 minute segment from Canadian Barrie Zwicker's "Great Deception" is very good.  Although the evidence presented has been covered in previous films, critical analysis provided by Michael Ruppert, Webster Tarpley, Karl Schwarz, James Bamford and many others make this a convincing presentation.  The Q&A session at the end is riddled with obscenities, and detracts from the film.  For other than hearing impaired viewers, the use of closed caption throughout the film was another needless distraction.  The film is informative but suffers from poor editing and excessive length.
Rating: **

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