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Number 561, March 14, 2010

"The state is death."

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Letter from Derek Benner

Letter from Rex "Baloo" May

Letter from A.X. Perez

Three Letters from Jim Davidson

Letter from Chris Claypoole

Another Letter from A.X. Perez


I must say that I find the concept of making micro-donations to the letter writers to encourage further email from them is... intriguing. No, upon second thought, I find it wholesome and quite libertarian.

I just scanned L Neil's "And You Doubted Me" article and I find it disturbing, very disturbing. Especially when we all know about how Florida put that woman into 'prison'/'protective custody' to prevent her from 'harming her fetus'. Neil's Hope was just too visionary for my tastes.

BTW, while I like the idea of micro-paying for reader's and writer's posts, it doesn't work if the author of the letter or article hasn't already joined GUNPAL. And the bald error page is a lot less user-friendly than it could be.

Derek Benner

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I designed it as a bumper sticker -- here.

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Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
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Re: "Another Letter from A.X. Perez with comments by L. Neil Smith and Richard Bartucci"

Nicotine is a relatively powerful neurotoxin that certain plants of the deadly nightshade family have evolved to protect themselves from being munched on by bugs. When taken in really small doses it does all sorts of interesting thing to the mammalian brain and most of them are quite nice, some even having medical benefits.

From the plants' point of view nicotine is aces as it prevents them from becoming bug food. From a human point of view it is a mixed blessing since the benefits it provides are countered by its causing various cancers and cardiovascular and pulmonary harm in many cases and tobacco's addictive nature.

Mother nature plays by rough rules.

A.X. Perez

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Dear Neil,

Thanks for your comments. My friend Doug Casey was written to by one Scott Brown who is very excited about Spaceport America, a project in New Mexico that confiscates several hundred million dollars in taxpayer money to make some sort of space-aero-port. Heh.

So, not wanting to use any of Mr. Brown's actual words, I wrote back in the letter form, and bcc'd you and one or two others.

> scourge of slavery from the face of the Earth. It's up to
> us to finish the job, by eliminating that "barbarous relic
> of the past", taxation.

I do think that is our job, yes, sir. And I respectfully submit that it is one of the toughest jobs any abolitionist ever took on.


Jim Davidson

Jim's letter to Scott Brown follows:

Dear Scott,

It is unclear to me what in my most recent missive indicated to you that I would enjoy receiving several megabytes of mail-system-stifling attachments. Or, given how very thoroughly annoying it was to send me one set of attachments, why you would feel it could possibly be in my interests to receive another set twenty minutes later.

Nor is it at all clear to me what there is about the politics of an arch-socialist like Arthur C. Clarke that I would find at all agreeable.

> I must say, I agree with you, every word.

I don't understand how you could possibly agree with me, since you are eager to steal money from my friends and neighbours in New Mexico.

I do know Robert Zubrin personally, he actually stayed in my home in 1993 when he was a speaker at the Houston Space Society's monthly meeting. I also know Burt Rutan, though only through a few phone calls and e-mail messages over the years. I'm not really sure what your list of celebrity names is supposed to do for me. Do you honestly think I have very much in common with Bruce Murray or Ann Druyan or -ick- Jim Cameron? Mr. "King of the World" oops, yeah, sad about all those dead people on RMS Titanic. Whee.

> We are gathering at Spaceport, it is our best chance and > maybe our last.

Good. Go, gather, and place yer bets. The game is rigged, and it is not the only game in town. But don't include me in your scheme to rob the taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars for another boondoggle.

> When do you want to come out to meet me at Spaceport.

You can expect me very promptly the day after you see Satan on ice skates.

> I am from Kansas.

I grew up in Kansas. The happiest day of my life was when I moved to Houston.

> I am self nominated and self appointed to all positions
> including founder of the Telluride Tech Festival and
> developer of Spaceport America and Enterprise.

So, you're like... a crazy person?

> I need your help.

I need people of your sort, the politicians, the bureau-rats, the thieves, the mass murderers, the war mongers, and the enemies of freedom to leave me alone. How do you feel about leaving me alone?

Or would you rather I ask to consider your recent messages spam?


Jim Davidson

Jim's letter to Doug Casey follows:

Re: Spaceport America

Dear Doug,

I'm not sure how this tax funded government space project represents any kind of step forward. It seems that the Americans who were going to bring us space tourism have decided that they have to get the government of New Mexico to put guns in the faces of taxpayers to build a space port.

One wonders how many families will be evicted this year from their homes for non-payment of taxes, and how many private business owners will be fined, jailed, or killed for failing to collect taxes for the state. But, that is presumably not of any concern to the parasites who feed on the tax money stolen from the public.

Using the language of investment financing by saying that $225 million was "raised" through tax increment financing is rather crude. Why not just say, "We stole another $225 million from the taxpayers, or their descendants" and laugh about how much more hardship the peasants have to suffer in order to pay those taxes?

Happily, Bill Richardson is term limited and scum like him can't serve an infinite number of terms in any given office. Sadly, he and his cronies in government-favoured industries will be around for a long time.

Given Ted Turner's longstanding support for the violence and authoritarianism of the United Nations, including their sex maniac "peace keepers" in places like the Congo who trade food aid for sex with children, one does wonder what it would mean to "take us to the stars." But, then, the Gene Roddenberry vision of an internationalist socialist paradise where the workers are all enslaved to a tyrannical militaristic "federation" is sort of given away by the choice of calling the place "Enterprise."

In 2004, Richard Branson announced that there would be tourist flights with Virgin Galactic in 2007. There were none. In July 2009, he announced that tourist flights would begin in 18 months, which would have been roughly February 2011. I see now that the schedule is "to start flying in 2012" which sort of confirms my suspicion that it is much harder to get FAA approval for anything involving humans and space flight than any of those bending over for the federal government have admitted in the past.

It is really bizarre to think that tourism for wealthy people is something the state of New Mexico has to be involved in. But I guess wealthy people these days who can afford to fly Virgin Galactic are either cronies of some big government, or working directly for government. One does wonder how long the peasants are going to take the floggings needed to pay for all this luxury. One does so look forward to the pitch forks coming out and the scum being hung by their entrails from highway overpasses.

It is sort of interesting to learn that after six years of marketing, Virgin Galactic has only signed up 500 tourists. Of course, any number of the people who had plans to fly have either given up during the long wait or passed on to their own rewards. Sad.

In Tolkien's universe, Aman was the continent far to the West of Middle Earth, home of the elves. One wonders if Adrian Zecha was thinking of that Aman, or the ancient Egyptian Amon "king of all gods" when he named his tourist resort development company. Good to learn that he has to have the state of New Mexico flog the taxpayers in order to build anything. Maybe in a fit of poetic justice, New Mexico can use eminent domain to seize Ted Turner's 500,000 acres adjacent to the space port.

Good to know that the lunatics in charge of green and sustainable will be firmly in place before the space port finishes building. After all, it isn't their money. Always good to have the urban planners reveal their socialistic world view so we all know where we fit in this "Blade Runner" future they envision. "If you aren't cop, you're little people."

In case my native cynicism and hatred of all things authoritarian and goofermental has not made it clear, this is clearly not the opportunity I have been waiting for in pursuit of my dream to be part of making humanity a multi-planetary species for fun and profit. Rather, it is very evidently a fascist, authoritarian vision of the "right people" with the special permissions from government and the ability to slaughter anyone who gets in their way, or refuses to pay taxes to fund their luxury festival of circle jerking, going into suborbital space for a few minutes of microgravity time. This pathetic and carefully permitted vision doesn't reach the stars, nor even the planets, nor even Earth orbit.

It is just another jobs program for the corruptly chosen cement contractors. Built on a government budget, with government apparatchikisti approving every step of the way, it will inevitably outlive its usefulness. What a sad little vision.


Jim Davidson

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Street Legal Bumper Cars

These are beyond cool!

Thanks to "The Smallest Minority" blog for the link (worth checking out at

I'm not usually impressed by vehicles of any type, but the idea here, and the beautiful execution thereof, are really sweet.


Chris Claypoole

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forced labor

Wrote about this point before, I'll write about it again. That this sign is necessary is and should be unacceptable.

Twice the evil revealed for half the sign. Note that the sign is bilingual and I chopped the Spanish portion. Who knows what grammatical atrocities are hidden in the part of the sign I left off. I'm not real happy about the part I do see ( By my preference obtaining should halve been translated obteniendo not la obtencion, verb not noun.)

Were versions including French translation posted along the border with Louisiana or German in the New Braunfels area? Were these languages also mangled?

Slavery must be broken up. The inability to use language properly is an obstacle to this and many other worthy ends and also an evil in and of itself. The lack of the ability to speak and therefor think clearly restricts our ability to control our destinies which is necessary to protect our liberty. It is a form of slavery.

A.X. Perez

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