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"The state is death."

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911 Film Fest part 4
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of March 14, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

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(It seems our mainstream media, the best that money can buy, is going into hyperdrive in their effort to demonize the 911 truth movement. Like jackals, they were pouncing on the "news" that Pentagon shooter John Bedell was an "anti-government extremist" and that he believed in US government complicity in the 911 attacks (gasp!). Amazing how quickly this storyline was picked up by all the television networks and major newspapers. Clearly, the establishment is getting more desperate in their attempts to suppress the truth and stifle the demands for real justice. These smear tactics will fail, and more people will wake up to the fact that the media has been lying to them about 911 and many other issues. For the sake of the thousands murdered on 911 and the million needlessly slaughtered by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan, we must never let this issue rest. How about sponsoring 911 Film Fests with your friends and neighbors? —RF)

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Loose Change Final Cut    Time: 2:09
This is the turbocharged sequel to Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition, the popular 911 documentaries seen by millions on DVD and the internet. Flush with the success of their earlier documentaries, Loose Change Final Cut had more than a little "loose change" to invest in its production, and it shows! There are awesome graphics and crisp videos, coupled with irrefutable computer analysis of the data. The film features large amounts of archival footage, and completely updated research and interviews. The evidence shows beyond a doubt that the official "conspiracy theory" put forth by the U.S. Government is both ludicrous and preposterous. Various chapters of the film cover news reports (many contradict the official story), the coincidental and highly suspicious 'military drills' that mirrored the events of 9/11, the sparse and widely scattered debris field in Shanksville, the collapse at freefall speed of the twin towers and WTC7, the conflicts of interest with the selection of the 9/11 investigative commission, and more. A listing of all the worthwhile aspects of the film's coverage of these topics would make for a much longer review. While strongly intimating US government complicity, the film stops short of pointing the finger exclusively at any one entity and instead leaves the evidence hanging for viewer debate. This effort by Dylan Avery's team is superlative, and it shows how much they have matured. Viewers who have not yet seen any of the three "Loose Change" films are advised to start directly with this, the best of the series by a significant margin. It's too bad they didn't choose a different title for the film, since many will mistakenly assume that this is just an updated version of the original films.
Rating: *****

Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth  Time: 1:21
This documentary is a video recorded speech by Richard Gage, a San Francisco architect and founder of the nonprofit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Mr. Gage, who is a member of the American Institute of Architects, carefully documents the forensic evidence that incontrovertibly points to a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers. This coalition of building professionals was featured in a February 22, 2010 Washington Times column, providing national exposure to the organization's call to reopen an investigation of 911. At the time of the film, Mr. Gage represented over 700 architects and engineers. As mentioned in the Times article, his group has now blossomed to over 1000 professionals. Gage stakes out the ground rules in the 911 debate, that strict adherence to the scientific method is the key to finding the truth. There is virtually no political conjecture or conspirational overtones to the discussion. The documentary features film segments from the film 911 Mysteries and other borrowed film clips. Although the forensic analysis is thorough, there are a few points that could have been expanded on further. In particular, it is disappointing that this 2009 production does not bring any new evidence to the discussion that hasn't been presented in many previous films. There are a few distracting glitches in the power point presentation that should have been edited out of the DVD. I applaud the group's efforts, but as a documentary this DVD is just a rehash.
Rating: **

National Security Alert    Time: 1:22
This documentary provides a step by step explanation of the 911 attack on the Pentagon. Produced by a group calling themselves the "Citizen Investigation Team", this was clearly a film done on a limited budget. As with "Loose Change", the filmmakers were still able to put together a compelling film, although it is much more limited in scope. The visual presentation is supported by excellent animations produced by Pilots For 911 Truth, which detail the actual flight path of the aircraft alleged to be Flight 77 as told by many credible witnesses. It stays narrowly focussed on the discrepancy between the actual flight path versus the official flight path, the significance of which becomes clearer later in the film. By piecing together the independent eyewitness accounts, we are able to come to a shocking conclusion—that a commercial jet overflew the Pentagon timed precisely with a drone or missile strike from further south. All the evidence points to this "magician's sleight of hand" being engineered by the government in order to deceive the American people. This film provides a very valuable piece to the entire 911 truth narrative and is a fabulous addition to the growing body of evidence.
Rating: ***

WTC Dust & Deceit     Time 0:59
New Yorkers were told by the EPA that the air quality was safe on 9-11 and in the days thereafter. The documentary proves the point that government can cause grave harm and death to those foolish enough to trust them. The WTC Dust story needed to be told—the issues are vital and the stories are heartrending. It's almost as if the government wanted to increase the death toll from 9-11... naah, they only have our best interests at heart, as everybody knows (sarcasm off). The film could have been shorter and made the point just as well. In fact, the subject would have been better handled as a tangential issue in a more expansive film Jimmy Walters tried to do in his film Confronting The Evidence. At the risk of sounding hopelessly cynical, there is a saturation point one reaches when listening to a seemingly endless parade of human misery. It might have been interesting to investigate the conspiracy angles further, but this documentary was too timid.
Rating: *

911 Martial Law: The Rise Of The Police State   Time: 2:35 (plus 'extras')
This is a professionally produced film by Alex Jones of that could easily have been titled "Police State IV", as it is a thematic continuation of his earlier films by that name. 911 Martial Law features the 911 tragedy within the context of the "bigger picture" of the elite's conspiracy for totalitarian world government. Approximately a third of the film specifically covers the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11, with extensive coverage of the collapse of Building 7 and the evidence proving it was brought down in a controlled demolition. The narration is framed in the midst of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, with extensive video footage of the overwhelming police presence in the streets of New York mixed with numerous interviews of protesters and the NYPD. Particularly ominous are the use of surveillance blimps and deployment of LRAD area denial weapons which were field tested on the population of Iraq. The last hour of the film delves into the candidates' ties to Skull & Bones, Nazi roots and occult practices of the elite, and Alex's signature coverage of the pagan rituals conducted at the Bohemian Grove in California. While this is all shocking and sensational, the problem here is that those viewing the film without any prior research will probably throw up their hands at this point and decide that it is ALL too unbelievable. As a result, we have yet another film by Alex that preaches to the choir, but will probably fail as an instructional video for the average person. Without doubt, there are many excellent segments in the film. But as with many of Alex's films, this one suffers from lack of editing—too many unnecessary scenes at the convention, too much jumping around to minimally related subjects, and perhaps a bit too much self promotion.
Rating: ***

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