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Number 562, March 21, 2010

"I'd had better hopes for America."

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Dollar DVD's* Pt. 1—The Critic's Choice
Conspiracy Movie Reviews
for the week of March 28, 2010

by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

* These DVD's are available for as low as one dollar each if bought in bulk at —RF

Wake Up Call     Time 2:29
John Nada's 2008 film borrows heavily from an assortment of the popular films in the conspiracy genre... and when I say "borrows heavily", what I mean to say is that most of the film was made by linking together segments from Alex Jones documentaries such as "Endgame" and "Order of Death", David Icke's "Turning The Tide" (1996), "Zeitgeist", "Monopoly Men", "Illuminati", "The Capitalist Conspiracy", "911 Loose Change Final Cut", and numerous other films. But this is not merely a "Top Ten" conspiracy hit list. The film clips are linked together in a coherent and logical sequence to tell a story that is compelling and riveting. The film opens with the famous Red Pill-Blue Pill scene from the Hollywood movie "The Matrix"... always a crowd pleaser in the conspiracy community. Part I of the film is entitled "The Global Elite" and tries to describe who they are and what their agenda is. Here Nada makes the mistake of concentrating all the attention on the "Bilderbergers" and failing to notice that they are merely one arm of the New World Order octopus. Those of you who have viewed the Alex Jones films know what I mean when I say the annual "Jim Tucker Sideshow" is a needless distraction. Part 2 is entitled "Problem, Reaction, Solution" which illustrates how 9/11 was used to create fear and provide the excuse to launch the phony War On Terror a.k.a. the War On Liberty. David Icke is masterful at explaining how the elitists use the Hegelian dialectic against us and the excerpts from 911 Loose Change Final Cut and part 2 of Zeitgeist really drive home the point that 9/11 was a false flag attack. The last section on Mind Control is a chilling exposé on the elites' plans for all of us. There is extensive coverage of the hypnotic effects of television and how the elite use the media as a propaganda tool to deceive and brainwash the masses. The film ends on a hopeful note, stating that the people appear to be waking up, and as the elite tighten their grip, the masses will "Wake Up" to reality and defeat the oligarchs.
Rating: ****

They Killed 'Em: JFK and Son      Time: 3:43
This is a well done investigative report of all the circumstantial evidence surrounding the assassination of John F Kennedy and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of his son John Jr. in a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard airport. In the final analysis, all fingers are squarely pointed at the Bush crime family. The video is divided into four separate parts. Part 1 covers the evidence that George W Bush had means and motive to prevent the rescue of any survivors in John Jr.'s fatal crash. Part 2 covers the JFK assassination in Dallas and how George Bush Sr is implicated in the conspiracy. Part 3 is entitled "Deep History" and runs about 18 minutes. It presents a well supported theory for JFK's assassination that overlaps with parts of the previous segment, and is an excellent "short" to share with someone to whet their appetite on the many unexplained anomalies of the JFK assassination. The final part, "911 Connections", is interesting--but since it only runs 12 minutes, the viewer is left hanging, hoping to see more. The most annoying part of the 4 part video is the incessant Kennedy family worship throughout the films. The film's producer seems blissfully unaware that the Kennedy's were a long time crime family as far back as the Prohibition era. Despite the overt bias, the video is compelling and convincing, a must see.
Rating: ****

Depleted Uranium & America's Dirty Bomb   Time 1:48
This DVD contains two documentaries on the use of so-called depleted uranium in US tactical munitions. "Depleted Uranium" is a Power Hour presentation narrated by Dr. Joyce Riley, retired military. The production quality is excellent, the facts are horrifying. Our country is guilty of the worst war crime in modern history. We have turned Iraq into a nuclear hellhole and condemned the Iraqi people to sickness, deformity and death. The pictures are very graphic and deeply disturbing. The film "America's Dirty Bomb" is a documentary by Dr. Doug Rokke who was in charge of the American team investigating the effects of depleted uranium contamination on US soldiers. His data and testimony are riveting. The documentation he has accumulated is extensive and terrifying--evidence he acquired at the cost of his own health and that of his research team. These two documentaries need to be seen by everyone immediately. Of all the evils the New World Order has engaged in, this planetary poisoning may be the most vile. This has to be stopped and the people behind this atrocity need to be... well, held accountable.
Rating: *****

The Fall Of The Republic     Time  2:24
This film by Alex Jones is sub-titled "The Presidency of Barack Obama" and is an excellent follow-up to his earlier film "Obama Deception". The majority of the film is team narrated by a cross-section of the "patriot" community, all of course with strong Constitutionalist ideologies that mirror Jones' political philosophy. In addition to a cameo appearance from Jesse Ventura, the cast includes Webster Tarpley, Alan Watts, George Humphrey (Get a haircut!), G. Edward Griffin, John Perkins, Dr. Francis A. Boyle, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente and others. I would have liked to have heard a little more from GE Griffin and a little less from Tarpley, but, hey... nobody asked for "The Critic's" advice on this one. The film concentrates heavily on the fraudulent TARP bailout and making a good case for life sentences in prison for much of the Obama administration, the crooks at the Federal Reserve and many members of Con-gress. There is a revealing extended segment detailing all the lies from the Obama campaign, and how once in office he repudiated most of his campaign promises... who could have imagined?  We see the seamless transition from the criminal Bush administration to the criminal Obama administration, especially regarding the looting of the taxpayers and our national treasury. The film has compelling coverage of the global warming fraud and the proposed carbon tax. There are several good video segments of Al Gore testi-lying before Congressional Committees and artfully dodging questions. Although thankfully the "Cap and Trade" scheme has bogged down in Congress in the months after this film was made, we're certain to see this issue rear its ugly head again. The last part of the film concentrates on the growing police state, something that Alex Jones has excelled at over the years. As a paean to the left, the film blames "The Corporations" for the drive to world government. But "corporations" and "government" are not real, they are artificial concepts. People are real, and the people responsible for causing this worldwide misery are the ones who need to be held accountable. That will happen when the population stops giving legitimacy to these fictions that are used to enslave them. That small "wart" notwithstanding, I believe this film is Jones' best effort to date and I highly recommend getting copies in the hands of everyone.
Rating: ****

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