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Number 563, March 28, 2010

"The Joy of Stealing"

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

I remember there was a point in my life where I had an optimistic outlook on things. This was before my life experiences turned me into a total cynic. About three years ago I wrote about this in the article "Is There Hope?" I still consider myself a cynic, but thanks to some recent events, my optimism is slowly returning.

It is unfortunate that our country is being run by a president who believes that every problem can be solved with more spending and more government intervention. I was at the height of my cynicism during the 2008 election. After the election of Barrick Obama, I almost lost all faith in the American people. I couldn't believe that were so many people who fell for his rhetoric, which seemed to consist only of promises of "change" and "hope." His rhetoric wasn't even original. It seemed as if Obama supporters could only recite his campaign slogans and none of his policies.

It wasn't until the Tea Party protesters began to show up around the nation that my feelings began to change. It was nice to see a large group of people challenge the spending policies of the Obama administration. The media of course did everything they could to belittle and downplay the efforts of the Tea Party protestors. There were some who accused these protestors of being in league with corporations and there were others, like Geanne Galfolo, who accused them of being racist. She based this on a handful of protesters that carry signs with racist slogans. I wonder how she would have felt if anti-war protesters were labeled as anarchists just because a few nut jobs like to show up at these protests to create mayhem. Obviously the media had a hard time comprehending the possibility that there were people who were not at all content with the leadership of their beloved "messiah."

The media would use the same tactics against the protestors at the town hall meetings. The issue of healthcare has caused Obama's approval rate to drop anywhere from 59% to 49% depending on which poll you believe. The media and the proponents of Universal Healthcare tried to minimize the opposition by claiming that it was talk radio and Fox News that was misleading everybody on the true intentions of the bill. Like the Tea Party protests, the media did everything it could to demonize the town hall protestors. This time the main stream media used images of the nuttiest members of the group, which included the woman who asked Barney Frank why he supports Nazi policies and those clowns that were walking around with firearms outside the meetings. Yes they had a constitutionally protected right to carry those guns, but by showing off their weapons like they did, they gave the opposition more ammunition (no pun intended) to use against the cause. These people compromised a small minority of the town hall protestors, but you wouldn't have known it from their treatment by the mainstream media.

Despite the help that Obama has received from the old media, his popularity is still slipping. It just goes to show that there are people who don't trust the government with their healthcare. People will also question the wisdom of their "messiah", when their children's futures are on the line.

One could also point out that the bias coverage of the mainstream networks has lead to more people turning to Fox News. Not to say that Fox News doesn't have its own form of bias, but it is the one network that isn't in love with the Obama administration. It is also one of the few networks to expose the fanatics that inhabit Obama's administration. One of these fanatics was Obama's environmental czar, Van Jones, a self-avowed communist who once claimed that the white man was poisoning the inner cities with industrial waste. He was forced to resign, but unfortunately he was only one of many fanatics that work for the administration. There are also several former members of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group that was responsible for several bombings during the 1960's. If a Republican administration had decided to hire ex-members of the Kentucky Militia, their opponents would have carved out crosses for their crucifixion.

To top it off he has a scientific advisor that once advocated mandatory abortion and sterilization, to prevent overpopulation. It seems as if Obama's advisors either belong on a terrorist watch list or in a padded room. What's really amazing is that there were no eyebrows raised among the members of the old media. Apparently, I am not the only one who finds it disturbing that we have domestic terrorists and people with insane ideologies advising the president. That is yet another reason why more people are turning to Fox News.

I still remain cynical about the direction in which this country is headed especially with congress just recently ramming Universal Healthcare down our throats and will probably do the same with Cap and Trade legislation, but I am comforted by the notion that people are questioning the insane logic of this administration. It is even more comforting that people are continuing to organize against what Obama is trying to carry out. I am also grateful for Fox News. I don't always agree with the position of the network, but I am glad that there is somebody out there willing to discuss the topics that mainstream networks refuse to touch. Maybe, just maybe there is some silver lining among the madness brought on by this administration.

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