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Dollar DVD's* Part 3—Flawed Favorites
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of April 11, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

(* These selections from are interesting, but for various reasons did not deserve higher ratings. They are worth your consideration even though they won't win any Oscars. The DVD's are available for as low as one dollar each if bought in bulk.

Dollar DVD's* Part 1—The Critic's Choice
Dollar DVD's* Part 2—The Critic's Pans

Innocents Betrayed   Time 0:58
The original DVDs of this documentary film come from the activist gun rights organization "Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership" (JPFO). Produced by Aaron Zelman, Innocents Betrayed demonstrates the historical link between national gun control laws/gun confiscation and major genocides of the 20th century. The film's production quality is first rate, the historical examples are well documented, and the commentary by Zelman and Stevens at the end of the film is outstanding. But the documentary fails to hit a home run because the format is too rigid and too repetitive in the early going. By the third or fourth example, the genocides start to blur one into the other. While each historical example of government killing its citizens is individually important, the shock value begins to lessen after viewing nearly identical horrors one after another. Perhaps the flow of the film might have been improved if some discussion of modern day gun control issues, like what appeared at the end of the film, had been interspersed throughout the film... or maybe some additional commentary from other "heavy hitters" in the gun rights movement could have provided more immediate context for each of the genocides. In any case, it's a sobering documentary and a needed addition to everyone's video library. Please note, at the film goes under the name "Keep And Bear Arms" and is paired with various other films as a "COMBO."
Rating: ***

David Icke: Big Brother   Time About 5 hours
David Icke is a tremendous researcher and a talented and engaging speaker, an exceedingly rare individual who can lecture for over two hours and keep an audience's attention riveted. The first half of the DVD is a presentation given in July 2008 to a British audience, and naturally some of the discussion centers on the role of the British government in the global conspiracy. But Icke's speech really appeals to everyone, no matter which corrupt government they are burdened to live under. There is in depth discussion of the elite conspiracy and how they have wrapped their tentacles around every facet of our life and what they have planned for our future. Icke reveals several British and American politician's links to the global surveillance industry and to different secret societies. There are numerous picture slides that provide good support to the talk. The disk unfortunately suffers from poor video quality, image flickering and audio dropouts. Icke illustrates the Hegelian dialectic as it is used by the elitists, politicians and the banksters. The second half of the DVD is an older recording of a seminar done by Icke in 1996 entitled "Turning of the Tide". This presentation touches on many of the same subjects as the July 2008 talk, but drifts off into spiritual philosophy—interesting stuff, but less effective as an educational tool than the July 2008 film. But it is extraordinary to hear Icke accurately predicting what has now become our reality more than a decade later. The poor video quality is a detriment to comfortably viewing the film, but Icke's engaging stage presence and talent at presenting key information and concepts in an easily understandable presentation overcomes the audio-video blemishes.
Rating: ***

Best Of Puppet Government    Time 1:04
This is a "Best Of" collection of short videos available on that was put together by There are about a dozen selections each running under ten minutes in length. The first selection "Americans Apathetic To Reality" is a video montage set to a stirring speech from the defense lawyer on the TV show "Boston Legal". A George Carlin monologue entitled "Who Owns You Americans" is a favorite that has been featured in several different conspiracy films. Another "must see" video is a Billy Vegas production entitled "The Militarization of Police", which is the perfect "short" to show police state deniers. "American Warning" documents the loss of our freedoms, and calls attention to FEMA recruiting clergymen to assist them in quelling dissent during periods of martial law. Following some extended oratory by Ron Paul, the video identifies itself as a campaign promotion. "We Are The Ones" artfully pairs the famous "Network" diatribe with vivid imagery of America's descent into fascism, but the film spends proportionately too much of its time on some unusual wildlife film footage from the Serengeti plains. "How You Ended The War" covers Bush/Cheney WMD lies and other sins from the left/antiwar viewpoint . "False Flags, Lies and Nukes" is a better crafted segment covering similar issues. In all, these videos are very useful to raise awareness with people who don't want to invest hours to watch one of the feature length conspiracy videos.
Rating: ***

Judge Andrew Napolitano   Time 1:41
With FOX News featuring the likes of paid shills Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck, there is virtually no reason for anyone to tune in to that US Empire Cheerleading Network if they are interested in real news. So how on earth did a true maverick like Judge Andrew Napolitano end up with quality airtime on Rupert Murdoch's globalist propaganda mill?? It is a shock to hear a judge, any judge, talking coherently about the Constitution...let alone the fedgov's chronic violations of its articles and clauses. Judge Napolitano is clearly a believer in limited government and the DVD will appeal to like minded individuals. And yet one wonders if Napolitano's sharp legal mind has ever encountered Lysander Spooner's treatise No Treason No. VI: The Constitution of No Authority (1870)? Or how he would respond in a debate about the legitimacy of government with attorney Marc Stevens of The No State Project? Now that would make for an interesting video! ...but I digress. The DVD has eight selections, about half of which are thinly veiled promos for the Judge's books. There are two half hour segments that are recordings of speeches given by Napolitano for "Campaign For Liberty" and "Reason TV." These are the real highlights of the DVD, where Napolitano says things that he couldn't get away with on the Faux News Channel. Nevertheless, the best reason to have this disk is to be able to spark some independent thinking among the masses who won't believe anything unless it's from the mainstream media.
Rating: ***

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