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Number 567, April 25, 2010

Authoritarian sycophants in the lamestream media

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Dollar DVD's* Part 5—Government May Be Hazardous To Wallet
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of April 25, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

(* These selections from are available for as low as one dollar each if bought in bulk. This set of films concludes the reviews of films from their large selection. New titles are being added all the time, so keep checking the website -RF)

Dollar DVD's* Part 1- The Critic's Choice
Dollar DVD's* Part 2- The Critic's Pans
Dollar DVD's* Part 3- Flawed Favorites
Dollar DVD's* Part 4- Government May Be Hazardous To Health

End The Fed Time 2:06
This collection of videos on the Federal Reserve banksters is simply fabulous. While other videos have done a fair job on the issue, this combination of documentaries is the gold standard, pardon the pun. There are two longer films on the disk—"Fiat Empire" which borrows heavily from G Edward Griffin and his pioneering work and "Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve" which is produced by the Mises Institute. Both are 41 minutes in length, and both are very good in depth discussions of all the issues surrounding the money and banking issue. The only complaint with the latter film is the poor lip sync, which is just a minor nuisance. If you had to show just one short video to someone about the Fed, the excerpt from Zeitgeist Addendum entitled "Fractional Reserve Banking" is a very powerful 19 minutes ever put together on the subject despite some minor factual errors. There is also an 11 minute excerpt entitled "The Fed" from the original "Zeitgeist" movie that is excellent. This is definitely one of the top ten videos that are obtainable from
Rating: ****

Economic Collapse Time-approx 2 hours
This is a collection of sixteen shorts from covering various subjects connected with the planned economic collapse of the US economy. There are a few standouts in list, as well as a few video clips that were better left on the editing room floor. The British TV show "The Last Laugh" falls under that category and the iTulip interview with Scurlock doesn't leave much of an impression. "Proof In Your Pocket" parts 1 & 2 are well done eleven minute segments on the US dollar, the North American Union, CFR/Secret Societies, and the NWO agenda. George Carlin's 10 minute "They Own You" is entertaining and yet cuts right to the heart of the matter. In the king's court, the fool was often the only person who could speak truth to power. Carlin's passing was a great loss as a powerful voice of freedom. "On The Verge Of Collapse" begins with a collage of financial news clips on dollar weakness but quickly reveals itself as a Ron Paul promo. There are other similar promos including "Ron Paul and the Fed Chairman" and "Ron Paul On John Stossel." Another video entitled "Total Economic Collapse" features Ron Paul in a round table on the radio show The Korelin Economics Report. It runs about ten minutes covers the dollar, gold and the Federal Reserve. Worldwide Currency Collapse is an interview with David Morgan on the future prospects of silver and is a thinly disguised marketing infomercial. All in all, this DVD does not contain enough good material to make it worthy of distribution to people you hope to wake up on these subjects.
Rating: **

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman Time 1:09
This video is a CSPAN Book Club Speech by the author of the book by the same name. John Perkins' half hour talk is given at the Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington DC. Perkins discusses his book and his experiences as a "hit man", and then engages the audience in a forty minute Question & Answer session. Perkins is another poor misguided soul who sees the corruption in government, but thinks more or "better" government is the solution. He also seems to believe the typical left viewpoint that the corporation is the root of all evil. As a "talking head" video, and dealing with economics, it already had two strikes against it in terms of "watchability". That there is nary a hint of libertarian thought in the entire film makes for strike three. "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman" might be of interest to an unenlightened progressive (..sorry I repeat myself..) looking for a whistleblower's perspective to convince them that an evil conspiracy is really happening. Otherwise, the readers of this website will most certainly take a pass on this one. The film as a combo with other films at
Rating: *

Don't Talk To The Police Time 1:21
As our police are nothing more than revenue collectors for the government, it behooves all of us to know our rights... just in case you happen to stumble across the one cop in a hundred that still understands that a citizen has rights. Nothing of course is more hazardous to your wallet than the government's criminal justice system, and this film presents strategies to minimize your chances of being caught up in their trap. The first presentation on the DVD entitled "Don't Talk To The Police" is an apparent law class lecture by "Professor Dwayne." He rushes through eight reasons not to talk to police to his class giving examples of what happens to those who mistakenly believe that arguing their case with a police officer will change the officer's decision to arrest. The professor then turns the lectern over to Officer George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department who gives actual life experience to validate the points made earlier. One interesting admission is that police are given a free pass to lie, but a citizen will be prosecuted to the fullest extent if caught lying to the police. The second half of the DVD is entitled "How To Respond" which provides narrated examples of what to do and what not to do if you are ever pulled over at a traffic stop, approached by police in the street, or if you have police knocking on your door attempting to enter your home. The 41 minute video is put out by and is well done, but perhaps somewhat nostalgic. The makers of the video are recalling a time in the past where cops still had respect for the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and no-knock raids with paramilitary teams were not the norm. But the film is probably still useful for those of us who live in Mayberry, and can depend on the restrained demeanor of a local sheriff and his deputy sidekick. Try this stuff in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles and you're more likely to experience the business end of a taser. But in case you find a court that still follows legal principles, there is a chance that you can later get the case dismissed if you've followed the guidelines set forth in the film. As this DVD covers the very basics, it's a useful film for showing teens and young adults before they get the keys to the family car or sponsor a neighborhood party. More mature audiences would be well advised to engage in more thorough legal research.
Rating: ***

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