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Number 567, April 25, 2010

Authoritarian sycophants in the lamestream media

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Celebrating the Non-Compliant
by Jim Davidson

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

This note is in response to Tom Knapp's recent essay:

It is an interesting statistic. One in three Americans. If we were to suppose that the government could ever count, which based on their apparent inability to balance their own cheque book seems a doubtful proposition, we could arbitrarily assign their number of expected Americans roughly 309 million as an acceptable hypothesis. Using that figure, we would find 103 million non-compliant.

But, some would say, it isn't clear that the Americans under 18 are expected to respond to the census form. So, I suspect that the figure involves "households" with one census form per "housing unit." This approach seems consistent with some of the text on this press release.

By the way, that release says that 60 percent have so far complied by mail, meaning that 40% have not. This appears to be worse compliance from their view than in 2000. It also says that in 2000 your housing unit or the area where you now live may have been non-compliant since you got the second form. Those went out to 40 million households.

Of course, if we multiply households by average occupants, we'd get right back to the one in three estimate above.

Now this 103 million non-compliant seems familiar, to me. For example, in November 2008 there were about 131 million votes cast in the national election. Add in 75 million or so persons under 18 years of age and arguably 8 million disqualified due to mental incapacity, current imprisonment for felony conviction, or formerly convicted of a felony, say, and you get about 214 million, out of a then-population guesstimate by the feral gummint of around 308 million. Which puts about 94 million people in the category "not bothering." Some high proportion of these 94 million are not registered to vote they are so convinced the system does nothing for them.

Similarly, I read a few months back that the 138 million who filed tax forms in April 2008 (including extensions) was remarkably high and almost certainly due to the anticipated "stimulus" cheques that were going out to individuals. Can't get the scam money without participating in the scam. Compliance was down in April 2009, to about 130 million filing. Again, remarkably similar to the number voting, huh?

(In fact, I would not be surprised if as many as a million votes were manufactured by the election outfits in various corrupt counties (but I repeat myself) around the country. The only reason I don't discount the election total by a million is that I figure there were also about a million ballots, including many write-in ballots, that weren't counted. So, more or less the same.)

If we add in about 75 million youngsters, we are mistaken, because millions of persons age 10 to 18 have jobs on farms, in family businesses, or otherwise, and many of these poor choosers have filed income tax returns, especially those 16-18 who think they get an important "refund" if they file. Let's guess 70 million? And add in about 3 million incarcerated, etc. This gets us about 203 million filing or not expected to file, and about 106 million not complying.

Obviously, these are all rough figures, they are based on government statements in many cases, and I don't believe the government would tell the truth even if it didn't "need" to lie in some particular. But the figures involved are all quite close as an astronomer would see them: 94 million is about 103 million is about 106 million.

It seems to me that these people, roughly 100 million of them, are the target market for a stateless society. If only someone were presenting the ideas of how to make a stateless society for themselves to those hundred million individuals... "what a wonderful world this would be."

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