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"That damned birth certificate"

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Letter from Curt Howland

Letter from A.X. Perez

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Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

In reference to last week's letter, a gentleman showed up today, little badge, clipboard. He said, "I'm from the census..."

I said, "I have the right to remain silent. Have a good afternoon", turned my back on him and walked back into the house.

That's twice. I've read that the census gives up after the second visit.

We shall see.

Curt Howland

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Richard Daley is blessed with political allies who have asked that the Illinois National Guard be sent to Chicago to help restore the rule of law in the City with Broad Shoulders.So I thought it would be enlightening to review how Ciudad Juarez, State of Chihuahua, Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (to call that nation by its proper name) came to be under military occupation and how well this has worked. The problem did not begin in 2008, nor will this list of causes and consequences be complete.

In the 1980's there was an election in Juarez. The PRI (Mexico's ruling power into the 1990's) stuffed the ballot boxes so blatantly that the ballot of the first voter in one precinct could not be placed in the box. Border Patrol and Immigration officers working the Bridges into El Paso were advised to bring assault rifles to work in case the resulting riots spread to the Border crossings. I understand the Daleys understand ballot box stuffing.

Due to the dropping value of the peso and the need to buy energy from the US Juarez bakers could not afford to sell tortillas at the government prescribed price. Along with other food producers the bakers asked permission to raise prices to the break even point. The government said no and the tortilla factories switched to manufacturing sweet bread to sell in the US. The people of Juarez had to buy tortillas and other staples in the US even though they would have been cheaper even with the requested price increase.

In the 1990's there were over three hundred women murdered, almost all factory workers and prostitutes and on Friday night (payday), though some school girls were also done in. Juarez police never did catch the killers, though they kept seeking patsies to lay the murders off on. The Campestre set were safe.

In 1999 there was a war for control of the Juarez Cartel when the leader died of botched plastic surgery. this event is referred to in the movie Once upon a Time in Mexico.

Around 2007 two events hit about the same time. The first was that the president of Mexico ordered a crackdown on the drug trade into the US. At the same time The Sinaloa Cartel decided to take on the Juarez Cartel over control of that city's smuggling corridor into the US. To add to this the Juarez police were in bed with the cartels. this led to a three way war between the cartels and the cops they bought ranged against each other and the honest cops.

Years of bribe taking and extorting left the Juarez Municipal Police unprepared to deal with the issue. At the same time, so many police were on the take that the Juarez police force were part of the problem. Police and Mexican Federal Police brought in to solve the problem were murdered not only for interfering with the drug trade but as members of the opposing gang by both cartels.

5050 people have died in the fighting in Juarez, and every time troops are rotated the murder rate goes up. 40% of Juarez's business have shut down, chased out by sicarios looking for money between gigs by kidnapping people for ransom and extorting protection money. Many of these extortionists are cops.

So, if Daley and friends want to admit to running crooked elections, demagoguery instead of actually providing leadership or meeting the needs of their people, police corrupt to the point of ineffectiveness, and having surrendered rulership of Chitown to criminals I guess they should call for military occupation of the Windy City.

Because this has worked so well in Juarez.

A.X. Perez

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So the best bet is to use the lampposts lining the mall through the middle of Washington City, hang decorations from them using all three branches of the Feral government until all of them are full, then continue until the rest of the lampposts in that city are filled and then start over (there are more politicians and bureaucrats in DC than there are lampposts), repeat as needed.

Lampposts are the only useful thing any government has ever built. They just get used for the wrong job. (Especially since they're now so dim you can't stand under one and read—I used to be able to walk along the street at night, reading my book, adjusting the angle as I changed street lights—then they all dimmed—lately, they have the new fluorescent crap-bulbs, set to the brightness of the dark days, when they could bring back the previous light at the cost of the pitch-black. Yeah, that's government, at any fucking level. Kill them all, I don't care whether God knows his own or not).

I'm pretty sure it's previous statements along those lines that got me on the "No'Fly" list—as if I wanted to be treated like a UFO abductee again.

Ward Griffiths

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A lot of people (including readers of TLE) do not "get" why American Citizens of Mexican descent get so touchy about Arizona's new immigration law. Dennis Wilson and other get that it is unconstitutional and unjust, not to mention ultimately ineffective. Still, I am amazed at how irrationally angry a bunch of Mexican Americans get over this, and I'm sure a lot of non Latinos do too.

First off, let me make it clear that I view myself as an America whose direct lineal ancestors happen to be Mexican. The fact is normally being left handed and green eyed matters more to me than my ethnicity. I even joke about being mas gavacho que los gavachos (more Anglo than the Anglos). Yet this one stupid law sets me off like throwing sodium in water. Why does this one act by a state legislature that has no jurisdiction over me turn me into such a hypocrite on my "We're all Americans, we're all free men whose rights are protected by the Constitution" assertions?

Ever hear of the GI Forum? It's one of the first Mexican American civil rights groups. It was started in Texas by WWII Chicano veterans victimized by anti Mexican prejudice. They were Americans when someone was needed to bleed for this country, but they were Mexicans to be denied their rights after the shooting was over. Tommy Jenkins with a Cholo accent.

My kin and I are American enough to build this country, work to keep this country running, even die for this country. But we have to put up with this nonsense.

I'm sure Irish, Italian, Polish and other ethnic Americans faced the same issue back when. And I even understand the problems the people of Arizona facing that made them feel they had to do something no matter how stupid, immoral and wrongheaded.

And I don't really like to dwell on racial issues, But the idea that some little wannabe Gestapo/NKVD agent with an Arizona badge can ask for my papers and has the legally granted power to try to make me feel like less of an American citizen provokes me to a rage that transcends all things I believe in,

So if this makes me a hypocrite in the eyes of freedom lovers who are trying to get past ethnic politics too bad, well maybe one of the goals of creating a free society should be to not push people into such a crisis of belief.

A.X. Perez

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Two Class America

I keep commenting on the coincidence that Arizona will be going on Vermont carry about the same time the law requiring police to check if people are in this country legally kicks in. I am willing to bet money that people who are heeled will be asked for their papers less often than the unarmed.

Arizona will become a two class society, the armed and unarmed. The unarmed will be subject to police harassment (consider that besides sufferers of a naive commitment to pacifism, the unarmed will be underage, under funded, or legally barred from carrying weapons, all groups subject to extra scrutiny by the police.), the armed will be watched more carefully but generally left in peace. I am sure this is not the intent, but it is the predictable outcome of these laws going into effect at the same time.

Will America split the same way? As more states go to must issue CCL laws or Vermont carry as well as many states permitting open carry without a license the majority of adult America will divide into two groups, those who choose to go armed and those who don't. Will the armed enjoy more rights and privileges than the unarmed? Will people accept being treated as second class citizens out of a philosophical conviction?

All societies have in fact been so divided, an armed privilege class and an unarmed servile class. America appears to be preparing to make a great experiment on whether people will choose to join the servile class. Rest assured corrupt political and opinion leaders will try to convince us to make the wrong choice.

A.X. Perez

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