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Alex Jones Film Fest Part I
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of 5-16-2010
by Roy L. Fox

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Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

Matrix Of Evil..Exposed    Time 2:00
This film was produced by Alex Jones in 2004 soon after his Masters Of Terror documentary about 911. The precise 2 hour feature length was due to its original release on VHS cassette format. The film features speeches and interviews by various well known names in the political arena and patriot community. Unlike previous films that feature Alex Jones frantically reporting on the misdeeds of the U.S. government, the effort is made here to gather a cross section of opinions on the loss of our freedoms and descent into tyranny. The film's initial emphasis was the efforts of Alex Jones and others to pass a Bill of Rights resolution in Austin, Texas, similar to hundreds of other towns across the country. The intent of the resolutions at that time was to repudiate the provisions of the USA Patriot Act that were violations of the US Constitution. In hindsight, local activism against the Patriot Act and other tyrannical legislation has been spotty, the lone exception being the states' pushback against the Real ID Act. On an encouraging note, the recent Obamacare legislation has prompted a number of states to sue the US government or pass legislation against its enforcement using the Tenth Amendment as justification. Alex interviews Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales at the 2004 Project Censored Awards, where Alex's analysis of the Patriot Act was acknowledged as one of the most underreported stories of the previous year. Frank Morales efforts are concentrated on demilitarizing the police departments and disbanding the SWAT teams that have sprouted like weeds throughout the country. Colonel Craig Roberts, retired military sniper, author, and police investigator following the Oklahoma City bombing is featured in a speech about the proliferation of gun laws and the turning of rights into privileges. The last half of the film is footage of a town meeting in Texas held by Congressman Ron Paul with a long segment of Alex pontificating on the state of the US dictatorship. In contrast to Paul's "matter of fact" presentation style regarding the problems he has encountered with the political criminal gang in Washington DC, Alex's speech was overly theatrical, recalling some of the hyperventilated diatribes from his radio show. That is not to argue with the information he presents, just the TV evangelist style that he chose to mimic. Films that document facts well are more likely to maintain their relevancy over time. This film is mostly op-ed rather than documentary, and does not give us much meaningful enlightenment in the here and now. For all but hard core Alex Jones fans, this is a mostly forgettable film.
Rating: **

Terrorstorm    Time 1:52
This 2005 film was by far Alex's best documentary to date, presenting a strong case for government intelligence service involvement in the 7-7 bombings in London and the earlier terror events on 9-11. There is a very informative fifteen minute review of history to set the discussion of these modern day terror events in context, a format that was used to great effect in a few of his earlier films. Alex provides five examples of governments' use of false flag attacks to initiate wars and overthrow foreign governments (i.e. competing criminal gangs). The coverage of the USS Liberty incident in this segment is excellent and its acknowledgment long overdue. One begins to understand the close relationship of the Mossad, the CIA and MI-5/6—and their parent governments—in these staged events. Visor Consultants reported that a drill identical to the terror event was being simultaneously run by the British government. This reminds us of the drills the US government ran on 9-11 which caused NORAD not to scramble fighter jets to intercept the hijacked airliners that day. We are shown foreign news articles that identify 7-7 mastermind Rashid Aswat as an MI-6 agent and evidence that sophisticated military grade explosives were used. The No. 30 bus was mysteriously diverted by police to Tavistock Square before the explosion. In contradiction to the government story of a bomb in a knapsack carried on by the alleged suicide bomber, the explosion clearly came from underneath the floor of the bus Interesting also is the report that Netanyahu was warned to avoid the area by the Mossad prior to the explosions, similar to US politicians and bureaucrats being warned not to fly before the 9-11 attacks. Interviews of former MI-5 agents Davis Shayler and Annie Machon lend credibility to the government conspiracy interpretation of events. Towards the end of the film there are segments on the anti-war protests near George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas and on the controversy surrounding Charlie Sheen's going public to question the official 9-11 story. Both of those stories seem to be nothing more than mere filler and do little to support the hard hitting documentary evidence provided earlier. If one can overlook that and the couple of short bullhorn segments that Alex loves to insert in most of his films, then this film provides us with one of the best tools out there to educate the public on the use of terror and fear by governments to control their populations.
Rating: ****

Endgame...Blueprint For Global Enslavement  Time 2:19
The opening features a dark vision of our future, where the populations of the world are confined to tightly surveilled and controlled cities in a "prison planet" style global plantation. The elite's genocidal plans for mankind as inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones are featured prominently in the opening segment. As with other Alex Jones films, there is also a brief ten minute history lesson to set the context for the main topics. While there are indeed many vital topics that are covered later in the film, the over-dramatized coverage of the 2006 Bilderberg Group meeting in Ottawa, Canada is deplorable. Jones suffers from a common mistake of amateur filmmakers, that of allowing your raw video footage to drive the story of the film rather than the other way around. There is far too much film footage wasted on the outside of the hotel building where the "Bilderberg Group" are apparently holding their annual meeting, complete with Alex Jones and his bullhorn yelling at the bureaucrats as they drive into the parking garage. Particularly uninspiring is the all too frequent ramblings of the eminently boring Jim Tucker as he is filmed wandering about the hotel or downing a few shots at the bar, and as he regales us with tales of chasing down the evil "Bilderbergers" in the years of yore. In last week's essay, I pointed out that Alex Jones' strengths are documenting news events and legislation but not so much in identifying the true powers behind the throne. In this film and others, Alex alleges that the "Bilderbergers" are at the top of the New World Order power pyramid without providing any real evidence of that. The Bilderberg Group impresses me as nothing more than an annual meeting of the puppets where the puppet masters give out their marching orders. Further in the film there is comprehensive coverage of the elite's efforts to establish a North American Union similar to the European Union, which would be a major step towards one world government. There is an excellent segment on surveillance cameras, license plate readers and biometric facial identification software. The totalitarian model of control as seen in mainland China today is demonstrated to be the preferred model of global government. The most chilling part of the film is the lengthy segment on the Eugenics movement in the early 20th century and the evidence that the elite are continuing these psychopathic policies in the 21st century. From psychotropic drugs to race specific bioweapons, from dangerous vaccines to genetically modified foods laced with chemical poisons, Alex shows how humanity is being manipulated, sickened and murdered by these global elites. But rather than ending the film with some concrete solutions, Alex throws another Jim Tucker segment at us—this time at the alleged 2007 Bilderberg meeting at the Ritz Carlton hotel in in Istanbul, Turkey. Then in case you hadn't had enough of his antics with the bullhorn, we get one parting shot of Alex ranting at Rick Perry outside of the Texas governor's mansion. Although this film contains some good segments and enlightening information, the poor segments detract from the overall credibility, reducing what could have been a higher rating on the film to merely average.
Rating: ***

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove   Time 2:00
The premise of this film is that the global elites all gather annually at a camp in the redwood groves of northern California to engage in satanic rituals, debauchery and devil worship ceremonies in front of a 40 foot stone owl representing the Canaanite deity Molech. The film begins with the usual ten minute history lesson, in this case the history of Bohemian Grove and the elite's involvement in the club. The presentation soon digresses into meaningless film footage of the plane trip, road trips in the rental car, and wandering around the nearby town. The "man in the street" interviews are silly, and the buildup to the main event borders on cornball. After wasting the entire first half of the film in trivia and hype, we start the main event where Alex Jones allegedly sneaks in past their lax security, enters the club unnoticed, and clandestinely films the "Cremation of Care" ceremony. The film purports to expose the Luciferian practices of our leading politicians and bureaucrats...and presumably other world leaders and corporate chieftains. But what we get to see is a mostly fuzzy picture taken at night which doesn't reveal any faces, and doesn't really prove anything other than somebody somewhere is putting on a lavish stage production. One would think that while wandering among all the big names at the grove, Alex might have gotten a few pictures of the major players with his hidden camera...or at the very least a few more pictures of the facilities in Bohemian Grove. What we get instead are pictures of Alex's California vacation with his girlfriend, including "breathtaking" footage in their hotel room (Ummm no, not THAT type of footage...). Most of the facts presented are taken from old newspaper and magazine articles, which are predictably sketchy and in many instances represent nothing more than hearsay evidence. Some of the historical facts are interesting but what is presented in this film is more appropriate for supermarket tabloids than for a legal indictment. While it is entirely possible that the events depicted in this film about the Bohemian Grove may be on the level, I and many others are more inclined to view this film as little more than a publicity stunt. If Alex's allegations about our political leaders are true, he has committed a grave disservice by presenting his argument in such a shoddy manner and with so little hard evidence. I am aware there is a totally revamped version of the film, but based on the poor quality of the original, you will forgive this film critic for not wasting any more Federal Reserve Notes to purchase what I assume to be merely repackaged schlock. If anyone having viewed the newer version has a significantly different opinion, they are invited to email me at and I will reconsider my judgment.
Rating: *

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