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Slavery Is Involuntary Labor. Slavery Is Illegal. Taxation is Involuntary Surrender of Labor. Does It Not Follow That Taxation is Illegal, As A Form Of Slavery?
by Neale Osborn

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Laugh if you want to. It is still true. Income tax is not a voluntary system, even though it is classified by the government as such. If it was voluntary, then why do they jail tax evaders??? Since it is not voluntary, and compulsory labor is slavery, hence illegal, taxation is slavery in my book. So, how about we fight it on those grounds? And why am I asking these questions? Well, I'll tell you the answers to these questions.

First off, I am not saying the government will ever agree, even if the Supreme Court were to rule me correct (fat chance there!!). They would never stop taxing us, they would never admit the truth of my assertions, and they would throw me in jail and throw away the key for even having the nerve to try (Dems and Reps both). This is not a partisan topic. No matter which of the two major parties, whether the moderates in the center, or the radical fringes on either end (politicians, not the voters) will ever vote for eliminating the income tax. They ay pay it lip service, propose a VAT, demand cuts of tax rates, or many other tricks to seem opposed to the income tax, but we all know they would never actually try to eliminate it.

But I think we could hammer it down their throats if we were all to refuse to pay them on the grounds that we refuse to be slaves to Washington. They can't jail us all! Of course, most people won't actually DO anything about it. They are all comfortable with their chains, even though they bitch of April 15th. Even though they bitch whenever DC decides to give another few billion (or trillion) to some boondoggle. Most of you won't be willing to risk "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honour" for mere freedom from slaves chains. Hell, with 4 kids, I'm not sure I'D do it. But I'd sure love to try!

I'm sure someone will bring up "Well, what services are you, Neale, willing to give up?" And I'm sure that no matter what services I say, there will be the inevitable comeback of "Oh, so you don't want ........ either?" I'll save you the time. With the exception of healthcare for veterans injured in the line of duty prior to the implementation of the ending of taxation, and the elimination of SSI for all except those already on it or within 10 years of 65, the answer is I'll live with it privatized, or run for profit. Yes, cops. Yes, fire. Yes, emt service. Yes,yes,yes.

Now, to the why. I'm sick of being a slave. Slaves must co-operate with their owners. If they don't, they either break free or die. Well, I'm tired of co-operating, and I wonder if any of you are, too. Well, are you?

Author's Note: As with the last few articles I sent in, I have also posted them on MSN's Newsvine, a blog site. If interested in the comments posted by me and others re: this, go to: [THIS LINK]

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