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Only Nixon
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Number 570, May 16, 2010
""Prepare for the future by getting to it""

Stay out of Arizona
Stay out of Arizona
by Rex May

L. Neil Smith personally recommends Climate Depot
as the best general source of infomation on the subject.



Slightly late again. Ya know that old saying about plans and mice and men and stuff. Publishing is no game for old men, as they say. Not that I'm all that old. But I'm not all that young, either.

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Letters to the Editor
from Jim Keech, Scott Bieser, and A.X. Perez

Only Nixon
by L. Neil Smith
Unless you've spent the past couple of weeks hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar under Funk & Wagnalls' porch, you know the state of Arizona has been doing some interesting and possibly historical things.

Community and Reputation, or, Network Effects
by Curt Howland
I am repeatedly asked how a network of reputation might work in the "real world", and I've been giving some thought to the matter.

Train Wreckage Toting
by Jim Davidson
So, did you see the rally engineered even before the open on Monday 10 May? Astounding how the futures markets were up by over 300 points on the Dow before the opening bell.

Community, Meaning, Importance
by Bob Wallace
In some ways people aren't that hard to understand, if you have some of the keys. One of those keys is that everyone, in varying degrees but not any difference of kind, seeks community, meaning and importance. Those three things make people feel alive.

by Sean Gangol
There are many people who refer to themselves as libertarians, even though their philosophies actually fall short of a true libertarian. Not to say that all libertarians are always in agreement with each other. I have heard libertarians disagree on various issues, such as, immigration, taxation and the death penalty.

The Hard Work
by Rob Sandwell
Libertarians and anarchists get called a lot of nasty names. Idealist. Romantic. Utopian Dreamer. I even had a boss say to me once, and I swear this is a direct quote, "The problem with you Rob is that you think people should treat you with respect." Those words cut deep.

Alex Jones Film Fest Part I
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of 5-16-2010

by Roy L. Fox
Matrix Of Evil.. Exposed—Time 2:00 This film was produced by Alex Jones in 2004 soon after his Masters Of Terror documentary about 911. The precise 2 hour feature length was due to its original release on VHS cassette format. The film features speeches and interviews by various well known names in the political arena and patriot community. Unlike previous films that feature Alex Jones frantically reporting on the misdeeds of the U.S. government, the effort is made here to gather a cross section of opinions on the loss of our freedoms and descent into tyranny.

Times Square Bomber Incident: A False Flag Operation?
by Russell D. Longcore
Faisal Shahzad is the newest and dumbest terrorist since the Christmas Underwear Igniter. More on that later. Ever hear the term "false flag operation?" The term is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own... like in a naval attack on an enemy. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time. False flag operations are meant to deceive observers or enemies to think that another attacker is perpetrating the attack.

Slavery Is Involuntary Labor. Slavery Is Illegal. Taxation is Involuntary Surrender of Labor. Does It Not Follow That Taxation is Illegal, As A Form Of Slavery?
by Neale Osborn
Laugh if you want to. It is still true. Income tax is not a voluntary system, even though it is classified by the government as such. If it was voluntary, then why do they jail tax evaders??? Since it is not voluntary, and compulsory labor is slavery, hence illegal, taxation is slavery in my book. So, how about we fight it on those grounds? And why am I asking these questions? Well, I'll tell you the answers to these questions.

Atlantea The Beautiful No.76
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 76 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!

The Venus Belt cover
The Venus Belt

by L. Neil Smith

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Crystal Empire cover
The Crystal Empire

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Tom Paine Maru

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Hope cover

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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

Roswell Texas Cover
Roswell, Texas

by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Colored by Jen Zach
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The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
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