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An Open Letter to Felipe Calderon
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Estimado Senor Presidente,

You will excuse me if the rest of this letter is in English or more properly Spanglish as I tend to toss in some pocho when I get agitated. Hopefully some American metiche will pass this on to you with an accurate translation. More likely it will only provide enlightenment and entertainment to Yanqui opponents to tyranny. Nevertheless it is being submitted for publication and hopefully a copy will be forwarded to you.

In your recent visit to the United States of America you spoke out on three issues, Arizona's current law to block "illegal immigration" to the USA through its territory, the fact that it would be easier for you to fight the narcotraficantes if we reduced our demand for illegal drugs, and our need to reimpose the ugly gun ban.

I agree that the USA should reduce its demand for illegal drugs This would cut off your enemies monies. Except for the ones they earn from kidnapping, protection racketeering, and providing muscle for anyone in the Campestre set that wants to keep the people of Mexico in line and doesn't want to involve the army or police. Nevertheless you are correct if we did not import drugs at black market prices the Sinaloa and Juarez Cartels would lose a mint. We definitely need to make life better in America so that our people need not get stoned to cope. Rather we should get our government off the people's backs so they can make their lives better. Also decriminalize drugs so their price goes down and there is no profit in it for the narcos.

The Arizona law: Please keep in mind that I think there should be free and open immigration of honest people from Mexico into the USA. No quotas, no waiting lists, no green cards required, no time limits to their stay. Actually I believe anyone who wants to immigrate into the USA for honest reasons from anywhere should be welcome. Those who enter for dishonest reasons should be shot dead. If we need more Territory we can buy Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Alberta, British Colombia etc. at a fair price peacefully negotiated. That said, oyeme cabron. Los que mandan en Mexico han chingado el pueblo por siglos esperando que los mas bravos y desesperados para ganar las riquesas y libertad que putos como tu robadon de ellos escapavan a los Estados Unidos Norteamericanos y no crean problemas por vosotros ( my fellow Americans can get translations of this part. And yeah, my written Spanish sucks. I usually think in English). I don't think we Americans need to put up with our country being an escape valve so that two bit punks like most of Mexico's ruling class can keep looting their nation and fucking over their own people. If by some chance this comment does not apply to you personally nevertheless your complaints constitute stooging for the most corrupt members of Mexico's ruling class.

As for your complaints about America's gun laws not being more like Mexico's, do not even expect me to pretend to have the least sympathy for you. In the first place if the honest people of Mexico had access to legally obtained military caliber and class weapons they could have defended themselves from murderous, raping, extortionist, mordida dependent police and soldiers and the criminals they take bribes from long before the situation in your country got so out of hand. In the second place, if the people of Mexico were adequately and legally armed Mexico's ruling class would never have been able to betray the revolutionary goals of Hidalgo, Juarez, Madero, Zapata and even Santa Ana (Santa Ana for God's sake) with such impunity and thus bring Mexico to its current state.

If you want American support in helping your people achieve, retain and enjoy liberty, security and prosperity most decent Americans will support you. But if all you want is help keeping your nation the corrupt cesspit it is and reducing the USA to your level allow me to respond with a Spanish translation of an old American saying: Chingate y el caballo en que llegastes.

Alberto Xavier Perez-Ramirez
de Chucoztlan y que

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