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Alex Jones Film Fest Part II—The Police State Films
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of May 23, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

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(Alex Jones' films documenting the "Police State" in America are some of the most powerful full length videos available on this subject. As mentioned in my earlier commentary, this is one of the areas that Jones does his best reporting and analysis. Although sometimes stumbling on points of style and presentation, Alex's presentation of the militarization of law enforcement and the devolution of our peace officers into heavily armed thugs is undeniable. Sometimes the documentation of this state of affairs can be overwhelming to some people. Nevertheless, these films can be excellent tools to wake people up from the illusion that we live in a free country. Many of these films are available on youtube or DVDs can be purchased through which include package discounts. —RF)

Police State 2000     Time 2:02
This film is the first of the "Police State" series which was released in 1999 on the VHS format. Give credit where credit is due, Alex Jones was out ahead of the crowd in drawing attention to America's transformation into a Soviet style merging of the military and law enforcement. After an opening monologue and a segment on foreign troops conducting disarmament exercises on American soil, there is a long section on a police checkpoint set up on a Texas interstate highway. While the unconstitutionality of this activity and the similarities to Nazi Germany are brought to our attention, some of Alex's youthful theatrics and the drawn out struggle to get interviews with the police officers should have been left on the editing room floor. The film then shifts attention to military urban training exercises in several Texas communities, and then to video of martial law exercises in Alabama and Maryland. The best footage is the video of "Operation Urban Warrior" which occurred in Oakland, California and features actors who portray American citizens being rounded up, handcuffed and placed in detention camps. We also observe foreign troops who are training to break down doors of American homes and confiscate firearms. In a subsequent three minute segment, we learn about the sale of armored vehicles and heavy weapons to police departments across the country.

In the closing summary, Alex only superficially ties his "police state" observations with the issues of world government, mass gun confiscation and the elite's plans to take away our freedoms.  This film is a youthful effort by Alex and the production quality is decidedly amateurish--but consider that at the time this film was made, only a few documentary films on this subject were available and most were the simple lecture format, better known as "talking head" videos. Alex's film provides live scenes of military training exercises in urban environments and photos, news headlines and interviews that make better use of the video format. Although the film is somewhat dated, it is still interesting to see how many of Alex's concerns and predictions have played out a decade later. It is also worth taking note of government activities that were considered outrageous in 1999 are now taken for granted by the American people. It is testament to the powerful influence of the mainstream corporate media and their ability to modify human beliefs and behavior.
Rating: **

Police State II  The Takeover   Time 2:02
This documentary was put together in 2000 following the police crackdown in Seattle during the December 1999 World Trade Organization meeting. After an opening monologue and a review of some scenes from Police State 2000, we get the complete rundown of the Seattle "Civil Emergency" and several scenes of thuggish behavior by the Seattle police in their paramilitary riot gear. Alex provides strong evidence that the so-called "Black Bloc Anarchists" were in fact agent provocateurs that infiltrated into the crowds of protesters, then began to initiate random violence and acts of vandalism in order to provide a pretext for the subsequent brutal actions by the police against the peaceful demonstrators. There is extensive video of the mass arrests and the use of the Sand Point FEMA brig to process the hundreds of arrested protesters. Some of the subsequent photos depicting similar "Concentration Camps" in America have been challenged as to their authenticity. But in the years since this film was made, the alternative media has provided more than ample evidence of mass prisons and camps being built in this country. In any case, this film and others like it provide real coverage of major news events that have been sanitized or hidden from public view by the mainstream media.

The second half of this film is a wide ranging discussion of various oppressive and tyrannical actions by the government.  There is coverage of the phony drug war, additional footage of police checkpoints and military urban training exercises, and SWAT training. Overall, the last half of the film is less compelling than the first half, especially since many of these same ideas were previously covered in Police State 2000.  While the production quality of this video is far superior to previous efforts, there are still questionable decisions to include segments that have little or no value in the film. Alex's attempted ambush interview of General Barry McCaffrey and his attempt to confront Janet Reno on Waco are two examples that come to mind. Nevertheless, the valuable insights into the Seattle WTO police state and the phony pretexts used by the government to deny American's freedom of assembly and freedom of speech make this film worth watching.
Rating: ***

Police State III  Total Enslavement  Time 2:39
Produced in 2003, PS3 frantically sounds the alarm over the Orwellian nightmare being foist upon the American people and ultimately the global population. This film was put together in the format of Alex's radio shows, where news articles are read and analyzed, followed by discussion of how these pieces fit into the master plan of the New World Order. While 99% of Alex's presentation is provably true, it is that 1% of conjecture combined with hyperbole, theatrics and scare mongering that prevent this film from hitting a home run. To get a taste of that, one need look no farther than the jacket notes:

"The greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us: a scientifically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman and child. The United States government, at all levels, has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World order clan. The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the Illuminati to consolidate their One World Order and transform earth into a Prison Planet....

The film opens with an initial monologue outlining the major highlights, and then some background history of the New World Order. What follows is rapid fire coverage of dozens and dozens of news articles from around the world, documenting the phony drug war, CIA/Mossad involvement in false flag terror attacks, Homeland Security, Patriot Acts I & II, torture, vaccines, the Total Information Awareness Network, mass surveillance, biometrics, transformation of police into paramilitary oppressors of the citizenry, and implications of government involvement in child kidnapping and sex trafficking... just to name a few. Because there are so many topics being touched upon in this documentary, one wonders if the film would have been more effective covering fewer issues and being more thorough with each. Indeed, many of these topics could become the subject of an entire film each by themselves. The point I am making here is that most people who are not already familiar with these issues are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the problems Alex presents in this film. The typical human reaction to this onslaught is to shut down the reasoning half of the brain and to just ignore the evidence while dismissing everything as half-baked conspiracy theory.

Regretfully, I've observed firsthand such reactions in viewers of these types of films more often than not. Many of the subjects covered in this film are such a conceptual leap from the first two police state films that it is nearly impossible to present as part of the same series as a logical sequence. Ideally it should have been broken up into two separate films, especially considering over 30 minutes of the film is dedicated to issues surrounding the Patriot Acts. I have had the most success educating people through a gradual step by step process and have found that presenting an avalanche of information all at once is counterproductive. Having said that, this film is a convincing and accurate description of our American dictatorship circa 2003, and presents the full spectrum of the elite's methods of total enslavement of the population.
Rating: ****

Police State IV  The Rise of FEMA  Time 2:20
Sometimes pictures can tell a thousand words, and in the opening sequence of this film we are "treated" to a video montage of scenes of riot troops in action in American cities throughout the last decade. One can't help but think of the Imperial Storm Troopers from the Star Wars saga. The first three Police State films served as strong warnings about the coming Police State. In Police State IV  The Rise of FEMA, we are definitively shown to be suffering under a Police State.  After a review of PDD51 and Executive Orders detailing martial law in America, the film begins with extensive coverage of the mechanics of the consolidation of federal power in the executive branch, the takeover of state National Guard units and state and local police, the accelerated construction of FEMA camps nationwide, the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, and policy statements such as the MIAC report which define nearly any form of political dissent or support for third party candidates as terrorism. There is extensive coverage of the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh in September 2009 and the brutal police oppression of the protesters, including first use of LRAD devices to inflict eardrum shattering sound waves on the domestic "civilian" population. This technology, first field tested in Iraq, is now being deployed against the domestic population.

The film continues with coverage of various other issues from 2009 and early 2010 related to the police state, including an illegal military checkpoint in Tennessee, the American Police Force story out of Hardin, Montana, and the Christmas 2009 so-called "Panty Bomber" to name a few. The coverage of gun confiscations in the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans is a chilling view of our future. Interspersed throughout the film are several segments from previous films. The production quality is also somewhat economized through the use of extended video segments of Alex's radio shows to provide the ongoing commentary rather than reading from a film script. Portions of the film are a continuation of the style used in Police State III, that of rapid coverage of many different issues. The result is that the film has the potential to overwhelm viewers who were previously unaware of these facts.

The film concludes with a long segment that describes the near future culmination of the control grid, one world government and destruction of the freedoms and personal wealth of the American people. The use of electronically modulated narration in this segment seemed corny and seems to detract from the seriousness of the nightmarish dystopia we all face. Almost as an afterthought, there is a final segment that illustrates how Glenn Beck spreads disinformation on his popular Fox news show. Beck is quoted dissing Ron Paul and his supporters, 911 truthers and the spouses of the 911 victims, and his attempt to debunk the issue of FEMA camps. Alex does a good job debunking the debunker and aptly counters every point presented on the FEMA camp story. By giving us a good example of how shamelessly mainstream media lies to the public, this documentary reinforces the importance of turning to the alternative media to learn the truth on issues.
Rating: ****

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