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"A sign of the tyrant is a failure to
distinguish between dissent and treason"

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Letter from C. Jeffery Small

Letter from Doug Heard

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Cathy Smith

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

For those of you that may not have seen the notice elsewhere, I recently wrote a review of Nicholas Dykes' novel, "Old Nick's Guide To Happiness" which you can read at:

This is a great book, filled with many ideas that will be of interest to people trying to live, as Harry Browne once opined, freely in an unfree world. I hope you enjoy the review.


C. Jeffery Small
Book Review:

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Real BBQ

Re: "A Saucy Proposal" by L. Neil Smith


When looking for a BBQ joint drive around back and look for the scorch marks up the wall. If the place hasn't burned down in the last two years it's not a BBQ joint.

Doug Heard

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Re: "Ex Post Facto Assumptions" by Rob Sandwell

It's about the Benjamins, if you'll pardon my retro slang.

In the 23rd May edition of TLE Rob Sandwell referred to and correctly refuted the social contract theory of government, that the state is created to protect people's rights. Actually, the state was created by a bunch of barbarians who shook villagers down by force then began providing services (protection from other barbarians, arbitration of disputes) and goods (roads and bridges) as a carrot to convince the victims not to rebel. Tom Paine commented to this effect and it is the basis of me occasionally referring to Big G as the Res Nostra.

Nanny state welfarism is just another carrot. It is also a poisoned carrot. Education and "rights protection" at least allowed for independence and left room for a person to strike out alone. Welfarism convinces people that they need the state to be there to survive.

Perhaps it is necessary to have a state. The state is a necessary evil, like bowel movements (Heinlein used this analogy before in Stranger in a Strange Land), That said, it must be kept as unobtrusive and limited as possible ( find the old '70's era poster explaining which part of the body rules and why).

As long as the government can get your money it will become a bigger and less controlled part of your life. The more you rely on Big G the more of your money (and your neighbors'!) it will demand. And the more of your freedom it will strip.

In 2009 Beto O' Rourke of the El Paso City Council proposed a resolution calling for the decriminalization of marijuana as a step towards controlling the drug violence in Juarez (2010 comparative update, there have been about 1000 murders in Juarez Mexico this year as opposed to one in El Paso Texas, a city one third the size. This is an absurd difference.) On first reading it passed. On second reading it was shot down because Congressman Silvestre Reyes sent a letter warning that it could cost the city federal monetary aid for law enforcement. Even other levels of government find their freedom constrained by the central authorities power of the purse.

Once you become dependent on the Res Nostra's largesse they own you.

Taking them in and spreading them out to buy chunks of people's souls, the state is all about the Benjamins.

A.X. Perez

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Campaign Reform

Dear Editor:

I would like to propose a campaign reform issue. I believe it could be applied at all levels of elected government and should begin immediately.

Any incumbent office holder shall be barred from accepting campaign donations or creating a warchest for use in any subsequent election for a position he or she currently holds. Incumbents should be required to run "on their record". Do a good job, or find a new one.

Cathy Smith

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I am of the opinion that the current immigration laws are wrong, wrongheaded and unjust. For a variety of reasons There are people who wish to keep the current laws in place and in fact make them more repressive. Below is stated the only way to make the current system work. that this is the only way to make the system work is one of the many reasons I consider the US's current immigration policy and the premises on which it is based to be unjust.

As to the comments about "anchor babies" i am simply playing by the rules extreme right wing advocates endorse for others. You made these rules, expect that these will be the rules used on you.

The only way to keep illegal aliens out of the US is to summarily execute anyone who employs them and apply civil forfeiture against all the property of any person or corporation or stockholder of a corporation that hires, buys products from or sells goods to illegal aliens.

Any lesser solution will simply allow their employers to claim that the risk of hiring aliens has risen then cut their wages, creating more jobs for illegal aliens as their work becomes more attractive than that of citizens and legal resident aliens.

As for "anchor babies", they are in clearly stated language citizens of the US under the 14th Amendment. Anyone who argues that they must be denied citizenship is in my opinion exceeding their First Amendment right of freedom of speech and suborning treason. They are essentially advocating the use of force (government power) to overthrow the Constitution. As a loyal American it is my duty to kill such a person who makes that suggestion in my presence. Being a nice guy I will first point out the error of their ways (usually) and give them an opportunity to recant. If they don't , since I am not a soldier or police officer I lack the necessary training to detain them as prisoners and must kill them on the spot.

Soldiers and police are of course required to attempt to take them prisoners and detain them as prisoners of war, not criminal, since by advocating treason they are engaged in rebellion and thus subject to military not civilian law. A nice stay in Guantanamo or Bagram, which I understand are the only facilities the US is currently maintaining for enemy combatants, will undoubtedly instill in them a greater respect for the document they sought to trash.

Please note that I make it clear that I am tossing bigots' attitudes back in their faces and that specifically the issue on which I threatened killing people (denying citizenship to "anchor babies") includes violating the exact words of the Constitution (14th Amendment definition of citizenship). It is these fools rules to say some ideas are too treasonous to be spoken, let them be judged by their own rules.

As to my opposition to the immigration laws it is based on two parts, both tying to the quota system. The first is the belief that:

"Americanism" is so fragile that we must keep out the hordes of (foreigners of your choice) who will destroy it with their weird foreign ideas. The second is the attempt to push up the price of labor by restricting the number of immigrants competing for jobs with native born Americans. This has led to "illegal aliens working at even lower pay, and not enjoying employer payments into Social Security, Medicare, workman's comp, unemployment and other benefits, both legally mandated and simply customary that are enjoyed by American workers. Now , while I have my doubts about many of these government mandated bennies, I have even bigger doubts about creating a two tier pay system such as the one informal immigrants into the US are victimized by.

As to health screening of immigrants, I agree it is necessary. It is the wholesale attempt to not only quarantine illnesses but also ideas that I find distasteful.

A.X. Perez

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A sign of the tyrant is a failure to distinguish between dissent and treason.

Currently there are two groups vying for power in the US, those who view all dissent as treasonous, and those who do not recognize when the limits of dissent have been crossed and treason is being committed. The former tend to be Conservative and Republican, though many democrats have displayed this trait. It appears more to be associated with having political power than party affiliation. Those who tend to see treason as another form of dissent tend to associate themselves with powerlessness, and have largely been Democrats and liberals. Tim McVeigh and others are examples of right wing exceptions to this rule.

Both groups subscribe to constant violation of the Zero Aggression Principal as they view all but complete submission to their will as a threat that must be met with murderous violence.

As long as so called leaders subscribe to the theory that politics is war by other means this will remain a problem. By this standard no one in Congress or the current administration should be allowed to stay in office.

A.X. Perez

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