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Number 576, June 27, 2010

Mercantilism is the same thing that we now call "fascism"

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I Own My Body, NOT The Government. So Why The Hell Do THey Think They have The Right To Tell Me What I Do With It??
by Neale Osborn

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Who owns your body? I mean the physical shell your mind inhabits, and also the products MADE by that body/mind combo?? When I put it that way, does it make you think? So who does own it? To me, it is as clear as the clearest pane of glass ever made. Each and every single one of us is the SOLE owner of our body. Not Uncle Sam. Not Uncle State. Not our husband or wife. Not our children. (Hang on, don't break out the flaying knives!) So, what does this mean to the average Joe or Jane? It means that we've allowed someone to take over our physical property, and we haven't even fought them over it.

I own my body, and everything it produces. This means that taxation is theft. I know some of you out there are yelling "Oh SHIT!! There he goes again!" Yes, I am, and I'll keep doing it until you all get it. There is NO justification for income taxes. Nope, not for SSI, not for Medicare or Medicaid, not for Welfare, Foodstamps, subsidized Housing, Schools, police, fire, highways and roads, the military, NONE OF IT! Like it or not, argue about it all you want, NO ONE has the right to force you to buy ANYTHING you do not want to have. IF, however, you USE these things, expect to pay for them AT THE TIME OF USE. Tolls for highways. A bill from the Fire company that responds to your fire. The ambulance company that takes you to a hospital during an emergency. The hospital itself. NOTHING is free. Pay for it.

Next, I own my body, and I can do with it what I want. Drink it to death. OD on hard drugs. Have sex with whoever I want (and who wants to have it with me). Sell sex if I want to. Commit suicide if I want to. Wear a seatbelt in the car OR NOT if I want. Same for helmets on motorcycles. Of course, if these things DO cause me health problems, I pay for those, as well. Or Die. It was my choice that put me there, and My responsibility to pay for it. And if my insurance company rights a policy that cancels coverage if I refuse to wear the appropriate safety gear, I made the choice of companies. If they have a more expensive policy that will cover me if I don't, I can buy it or not, my choice.

Police are ONLY to protect the rights of those incapable of doing it for themselves. Most crimes will be handled at the scene of the intended crime, at the hands of the intended victim, or the nearest bystander. Armed citizens ARE the first and most important line of defense, and we ALL have the right to possess the means to defend ourselves and our other property.

Family is the big sticking point in my list to a lot of you. There's no need for it to be, though. I, as the father of 4 great kids, and the husband of a wonderful, beautiful wife, would cheerfully lay down my life to save them. But it is NOT because they own me, it is because I have CHOSEN to. I have the right to do so, because it is MY choice (genetically, I am programmed to do so, but it is still my choice to actually DO SO).

So, where is this all leading? To the way things need to be. The government has NO right to regulate my behavior. You have no right to regulate my behavior. My family has no right to regulate my behavior. Of course, this DOES go both ways. That means that I can't violate YOUR rights any more than you can violate mine. It means that I can't damage others IN ANY PHYSICAL WAY. It means that ALL crimes are property crimes. This makes it simple to deal with crimes. Simply return your victim to the EXACT state they were in before you violated their rights, or be ostracized. Your name and likeness posted, and NO ONE sells you food, clothes, or shelter until you pay up. NEVER commit a crime that you cannot make restitution for, or there will be nowhere to go. All hands turned against you. Notice, I never mentioned prison. It is slavery, pure and simple. Therefore, it is already illegal. Besides, ninety percent of ALL crimes that have caused people to be put in jail are a direct result of violating these principles already. EVERY drug law is a violation of these principals. Every violent act committed during the commission of these "drug Crimes" are a direct result of the government violation of these principle CREATING this criminal activity. Just as rumrunners in the '20s, the drug cartels and gang wars of the last few decades are SOLELY the creation of the government's violation of our property rights.

Now, I'm sure many of you out there disagree with me on part or all of this. So, I'll shut up and let you have at it! maybe, amongst us all, we'll come to a conclusion or two, or maybe even change the mind of the other person. NO doubt, whatever happens, we'll all have an interesting time.

As always, this is also an article I have written on Newsvine, MSN's public blog site.

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