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The WRONG THINGS are being called "illegals"!
by Dennis Lee Wilson

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

"Immigration control is UN-Constitutional!" And so is Drug Control, for all the same reasons! That means that ALL the Federal "laws" regulating immigration and drugs are themselves ILLEGAL! The PROPER course of action for Arizona and other states is to invoke the 10th Amendment and NULLIFY the Federal drug and travel prohibitions within their state's boundaries.

The Constitution is SUPPOSED to be the supreme law of the land. If the Federal government is allowed to break "the law", why should WE be required to obey it? Where does that leave statements about "The Law APPLIES TO EVERYONE" or "Enforce the existing laws"? What happens when the government makes and "enforces" UN-constitutional, i.e. ILLEGAL laws? We saw what happened during alcohol prohibitions—and those laws actually WERE constitutional laws! If prohibition did NOT work when it was Constitutional and therefore "legal", by what twisted logic can it be expected to work when it is UN-constitutional and IL-legal? We have prohibition and we have violence. We repealed prohibition and the violence stopped—immediately! Gee, is it really that simple? Could REPEAL really work again?

BEFORE drugs were artificially made illegal there were no black markets in drugs, there were no drug lords and there were no gun fights over drug territories. And BEFORE the established border crossings were closed with armed guards—BEFORE un-constitutional "laws" were created making travelers "illegal"—there were no "illegal" immigrants (or "illegal" migrant workers) and no trespassers over private lands and thru deserts because it was easier and safer to cross at the long established, public border crossings. "Illegals" only have that status because the Federal government created "laws" that are un-constitutional and therefore are "illegal" themselves. The WRONG THINGS are being called "illegals"!

Today's problems are no different from the problems CREATED by the government's Prohibition of Alcohol. (See [this] for details).

It is US drug prohibition that created the Mexican Drug Lords—just like US alcohol prohibition created Al Capone and his ilk—and it is continued US drug prohibition that makes them rich. The SOLUTION that nobody wants to talk about is the SAME solution that our grandparents used. The ONLY solution that WILL work is the same one that DID work: REPEAL! REPEAL THE PROHIBITIONS!! The violence stopped IMMEDIATELY for our grandparents and it will do so for us.

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*Originally published at Mr. Wilson's forum/blog.

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