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Evil is as Evil does
by Jim Davidson

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

On the one hand, there are a small number of very wealthy people making enormous fortunes by selling weapons and ammunition to the military. The military then goes around the world slaughtering children. For the last nine years, they have been slaughtering little children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, and they must be getting tired of it. Or perhaps they are running out of defenceless women and children to attack in these places, so they have screwed their courage to the sticking point and turned their baleful glare to Costa Rica.

There is a huge amount of money to be made in slaughtering children, and the military makes some of it. Much more of it they dish out in corruptly allocated contracts to some of the biggest corporations in the world. Companies like Westinghouse, which incidentally owns the CBS television network, and General Electric which owns the NBC networks, make huge fortunes, billions of dollars, selling death machines to slaughter little children. And other rich, lazy individuals invest in "index funds" which buy these and other stocks.

On that same hand there are a small number of very wealthy people making enormous fortunes by selling weapons, sensors, data, and analysis equipment to prosecute the war on some drugs. There is a huge amount of money to be made by putting people in prison, and keeping them there, year after year. Oh, sure, it destroys a lot of lives, but these men and women who run the prison industry do not care about those lives. They like the idea of ruining the lives of other people, so they make up words for those people like "scum bags" and "reprobates" and "dirt." And they build more and more prisons, with corruptly allocated contracts for pouring concrete, and they tell taxpayers that they are for law and order.

Since 1980 the number of people incarcerated in the USA has gone from less than 500,000 per year to over two million per year, and the trend continues up. Think of all those lives ruined, all those people who are now convicted "felons" although they were convicted of possessing some herb bearing seeds (or some tree bearing fruit) which God gave to mankind to be as meat (Genesis 1:29). Behold, man's laws have been placed above God's laws. Is it any wonder that God has turned His face away?

Now, you'd think that it would be a problem for the state, all those children of all those people put away in prison. But it isn't. It is yet another opportunity to sleaze off with a huge amount of money. Every child is worth tens of thousands of dollars every year, so the state goes out of its way to steal them from parents on the least pretext. Say something mean to a politician and watch your children get taken away. Get arrested for disorderly conduct—one of those meaningless phrases that pigs use to attack people they don't like—and your children get taken away.

On this same hand there are pigs galore, and more pigs every day. Pigs to listen to every phone call in the country. Pigs to spy on the phone calls of people overseas. Pigs to read every e-mail and run keyword searches on some of the largest databases in existence. Pigs to go out on the streets to attack peaceful people for relaxing and enjoying life, attack peaceful people for standing, attack peaceful people for speeding, attack peaceful people for smoking, drinking, or sharing. And there are courts run by very wealthy men, who employ judges who make a good salary and have plenty of opportunities for graft. Peaceful people object to evil government. So obvious even a dog can see it.

And on the other hand there are about 300 million other people who do not get much out of the system. They are forced to go to school, or go to work, to pay bills, to be indoctrinated by an evil system, to go into debt to get the skills that are not provided in the compulsory public schools, and to work and work and work to pay off those debts, until they are very elderly and can no longer do the same kinds of work, and find that their pensions have been stolen by the government to pay the national debt.

And on this same hand there are at least 100 million people who are not fucking playing the game any more, and fuck you very much for asking them to do so. Depending on how many people you believe were previously convicted of a felony, anywhere from 94 million to 105 million Americans who were qualified (by being 18 or older) to vote in November 2008 did not choose to do so. More people did not vote than voted for the evil mass murdering tyrant dictator Obama. More people did not vote than voted for the evil mass murdering would-be tyrant McCain.

In April 2009 and again in April 2010, more than 100 million people who would be expected to file income tax forms in the USA chose not to do so. In fact, the rather unlikely large number of about 138 million who filed taxes in 2008 were an aberration caused by "stimulus" payments provided that year—a clever scheme for getting the addresses of some erstwhile taxpayers. Of course, ten percent of the country changes address every year, so within just a few years all those people can disappear by leaving no forwarding address. If they wish.

Meanwhile the greedy, ugly, evil, baby killing, civilian slaughtering elite filth who are supported by about 129 million Americans who are still paying payroll taxes and income taxes and property taxes are evidently screwing things up. About 50 million Americans who might like to be working are not because their jobs went away sometime in 2008 or 2009. See, the Feral Reserveless Scheme blew a big bubble in 1998-2003 and, finding that they had an unsustainable situation, blew much harder from 2003 to 2007, and we have what is called in technical analysis a head and shoulders formation, not only on the Dow Jones industrial average, but on other major markets (NYSE, Wilshire, etc.—see my essay on anticipating market behaviour). We are currently on the trailing shoulder of that formation. Sometime in 2012-2013 the Dow should fall below 8,000 for many decades—check out the Nikkei if you want to see how long.

Now, they screwed up, and they know it. So the first thing they did was they got the truly evil men and women in the USA congress to bail them out. Hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money—mostly future debt obligations—and trillions of dollars of new money created out of nothing by the Feral Reserveless Scheme, together with all kinds of other special privileges and benefits were thrust upon the big banking gangsters. And to no one's surprise, with all that free money, they were able to eke out huge profits and pay themselves huge bonuses. Meanwhile bathing in the blood of the dead children they have slaughtered in the war on drugs and the war on terror and the wars overseas and the war on individual liberty. It never touches them, but they are drowning in it.

The next thing they seem to have done, starting right around the depth of the stock market crash, and perceivable on charts of such things found on sites like this one is borrowing much more money than the system needs to finance its current account deficit. How much more? In the last two years, about $1.5 trillion more.

What for? Perhaps they see some lean years coming when it may be difficult to borrow, or when interest rates get jacked up as the system comes unwound (and unglued). So they are locking in lower interest rates now. How thoughtful.

Now, to give you some idea what gargantuan pricks, what truly evil and despicable people these are, you have only to look at BP, British Petroleum, previously the Anglo Iranian Oil Company. These evil and horrid British child molesters are amongst the worst scoundrels on Earth. Consider that they get tens of billions of dollars a year, possibly more, from the USA military for providing petrol and other oil products to the death machine overseas. Then consider that they have a long-standing policy of death, dismemberment, and negligence toward their work force.

In 2005, the BP plant in Texas City blew up. About a dozen people were killed, about 170 were injured, and horrible chemicals rained down on Texas City. None of the evil, vicious, hateful thugs who run BP live in Texas City, of course, except for some lower level managers. So they don't fucking care how much death they create there. And, after all, between 1998 and 2002 there were other incidents in the industry which pointed to the need for about $150 million in upgrades to the BP plant in Texas City. Since the accident in 2005, BP has paid out over $1.6 billion claims for damages, so evidently these worthless, evil, horrid men and women who run BP aren't interested in the shareholders, either.

Now, you'd think that when Tony Hayward joined the team, he was going to fix things up. He said he would. He asserted that in the last 3 years the company has focused on safety. But in the last three years, according to OSHA, they have had 760 egregious, wilful safety violations against their nearest competitors, Sunoco with 8 and Conoco with 8. Moreover, Hayward, being a vicious mass murdering fuck, refused to pay to fix the problems with the Texas City plant that caused all that death and dismemberment in 2005. So in October 2009, OSHA fined the company upwards of eighty million dollars, the largest fine in the history of the agency.

In February of 2010, Hayward found out about problems on the Deepwater Horizon. In fact, everyone in BP seems to have become aware of these problems. Hayward took immediate action to protect his own interests, selling a large amount of his stock. Someone notified Goldman Sachs, and they sold a lot of their BP stock. But Hayward did not do what Exxon had done in a similar situation with a deep drill string in an unstable area—shut down at the first sign of difficulty. Instead, he pressed on with the drilling, and ended up slaughtering more people when the rig failed and the ship exploded in flames. So, by deliberately placing people in danger, while having the foresight to protect his own wealth, Hayward is, in my view, guilty of mass murder. And ought to spend the rest of his life paying compensation. That pretty family estate of his in Kent ought to be forfeit. Perhaps his body should be used by persons with venereal diseases as a fluids receptacle, or maybe there is a slightly better rate of pay he could earn doing something ethical with his time. Peaceful people help each other overcome obstacles on the path to agorism.

Meanwhile, the EPA has rolled over and presented its belly to BP. BP has not been destroyed, but is encouraged to keep on drilling, keep on operating petrol stations, keep on dumping its toxic Corexit, and has even been "permitted" by the EPA to dump toxins in one of the Great Lakes.

Which hand are you on? Are you on the hand that breaks the laws, destroys the world, slaughters children, imprisons peaceful persons, sends pigs out on the streets to bash the heads of peaceful people, or not? Are you one of those gleefully working and paying taxes to keep the system going, or not? Or are you one of the 100 million Americans who wants nothing to do with these things, who doesn't support having their money taken to be used in these ways, who is sick and tired of being brutalised by pigs and terrorised at the airports?

If you are on the hand that is sick and tired of these wealthy, politically powerful, smarmy, and evil elites and their scum bag games, then stop. Stop going to work. Stop paying taxes. Stop cooperating with the pigs. Stop calling the pigs. Stop ratting out your neighbours. Stop obeying the rules. Get weapons and ammo, learn to defend yourself, and your home, and don't take any shit off these people.

You own your life. You own the fruit of your labour. You own all of what you create. You own your home. You have a right to defend these things. That right includes using deadly force whenever you see fit. Keep and bear arms. Stop cooperating with your oppression.

Disobey. Your chains: break them.

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