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584, August 22, 2010

"The United States of America are in trouble"

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Letter from Bill St. Clair

Letter from Neale Osborn

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from A Reader Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

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Letter from Rex "Baloo" May

In "The Medium and the Message" last week, Neil ended with "And that's the way it is." Those younger than 40 or so, old enough to remember the CBS Evening News while Walter Cronkite was anchoring (1962-1981), may not recognize that phrase. It was how Mr. Cronkite ended each and every night's news program: "And that's the way it is, Sunday, August 15, 2010". When I read the end of Neil's essay, I heard Cronkite's voice. Google "and that's the way it is", with the quotes, for more. In those days, the local newspaper, the TV evening news programs, the weekly news magazines, and broadcast radio were the only source of news for most Americans. We didn't have Google to go to to find more.

Bill St. Clair

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Intellectual Property Rights

Cathy—YES, anyone can have an original idea. I do all the time. Several would make excellent books. One (based on Anthony Boucher's Complete Werewolf) would require permission from his heirs, because I would consider it theft to write it without said permission. Another would be a tribute to Louis L'Amour, requiring no permission, but I'd probably ask it any way. The only problem with these is, I CAN'T WRITE A READABLE STORY!!! I write articles every day, and my writing skills ARE improving. IF they ever get to the point where I think I can actually get'em published, I will try.

If I succeed in getting them published, anyone who attempts to steal these rights can expect a call from my attorney, AND an invitation to coffee and pistols at dawn. If I (or anyone else) works, suffers, practices, and finally succeeds in writing prose that resonates with enough people to make money, then they have EARNED the right to every penny that work brings in.

Neale Osborn

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Quote of the Day

Heard on the Peter Boyles Show on KHOW, Denver:

"George Bush was born on third base and thought he'd hit a triple."

L. Neil Smith

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I read your essay on "Niccers"—loved it. Splendid really. I might run out to purchase a pipe. I do live in California after all.

Which brings me to another piece of particularly nasty legislation that is not getting ANY press—despite this Mosque at Ground Zero issue. Every politician and pundit dances around it, mentioning the Constitution but not one has mentioned the actual reason that it MUST be located on that site unless the Imams decide otherwise for their own reasons.

RLUIPA—Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. Co-Sponsored by Teddy Kennedy & Orrin Hatch (that should be warning enough)—passed by voice vote with no dissenting voices permitted. Oh—and it was written by Religious lobbies and once passed, signed immediately by Bill Clinton.

What this bill does in effect is deny more property rights than the KELO Decision. It means that I no longer have the right to the quiet enjoyment of my own property because a second, superior class has more rights than I do. That class is the Religious Class. They have the right to usurp local zoning laws and to crowd as many people as the fire code says they can pack into a Single Family Residence in an R1-zoned neighborhood. Every week. Plus 7 day a week 24 hour a day operation. Plus 40 men-only on Sunday for breakfast. All you need is a big "R" in front of your application. Thanks to the bill, any religious group (or prisoner) may throw the RLUIPA card and not only receive free legal assistance from groups like the Beckett Fund, but the local government will be liable for damages. Net effect? Cities and Counties immediately roll over and play dead in the face of the RLUIPA card being thrown.

And THAT in my opinion is why Bloomberg and Company folded so quickly. It's not the Constitution. It's RLUIPA. Local Zoning laws DO NOT APPLY to a mosque. Appropriateness of location doesn't matter if you are a religious group.

Please—PLEASE—can you possibly expose this horrendous piece of legislation for what it really is?

Because of this law, I doubt I would ever purchase another piece of property again. Not as long as the Religious Class has more rights than I do.

Thank you.

A Reader Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous
No E-Mail Address Obviously

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help You—A short-short story

For months we screamed for help. Criminal gangs fought eachother and the police for control of our city. Thousands died. The state Government sent special police and things only got worse, for often the state police were affiliated with one gang or another.

The gangs attracted professional killers and eventually there were not enough jobs for them kllling eachother and the police for control of the city and the drug trade to the norteamericanos. They began to extort money from business owners and even threaten to kidnap the children of poor people unless they were paid. They did kidnap small business owners and foreign business managers for ransom.

Paying protection was a mistake. In the eyes of the other gangsters that made you a partisan of the people you paid. The Azteca left you alone, but the Zetas came after you. The gangs even tried to extort money from the schools, threatening to harm the little chidren, We screamed for help again.

The government sent federal police and soldiers. When the soldiers went searching for guns and drugs they came into out house after my husband had cashed his government pension check. They took the money saying it was drug money.

Some people claim that like the sicarios the police and army have taken to kidnapping young women for fuck toys and then murdering them and throwing their bodies in the desert.

We have stopped screaming for help from the government. We are afraid of who will answer.

No E-Mail Address Obviously

Baloo News

Hey, everybody!

First off, I've designed a baseball cap that will make a great gift for friends who have the wrong political ideas: Buy it at this link/button: Hat

And a cute story is behind this cartoon:

Illegal Cartoonists

Or sorta cute. Anyhow, on a cartoonist's board that shall remain nameless, there'd just been a long discussion about how it just isn't right for anybody to buy the work of amateur cartoonists because they work too cheap and put us pros out of work. And a couple days later the same people expressed the opinions in the cartoon above that when illegal aliens come and work cheap it's a GOOD thing. So if you're a cartoonist you have a right to suppress competition, but if you're a meat packer or landscaper you don't. Anyhow, you can buy this cartoon on merchandise at: [this link]

Other than that, I plug away. Do try to visit my cartoon blogs daily, especially these two:

And my Atlantea you should visit at least once a week, if you enjoy obscure silliness as much as I do!

Any T'ai Chi people out there? I've done lots of T'ai Chi products and plan to do a lot more. Check it out:

Here's just one of my designs:

T'ai Chi


Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:

["Atlantea The Beautiful" is also in TLE each and every week, of course. I must be dense, on account of I don't get the trucker's hat joke, but then I may be dense or something—Editor]

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