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Wield the Sword of Truth
by Jim Davidson

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

"The State is massive, yet fragile, for it is built on a foundation of lies. These lies are only now being consistently exposed. Help wield the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Valour. Renew your dedication to freedom, anarchy, and the agora."
—Samuel Edward Konkin III

I don't need to hear Noam Chomsky, nor anyone else, explain why the official whitewash about 11-September-2001 is the only "logical" explanation. The only thing I have to accept is the word of the 9-11 commissioners. They said the government lied to them. They said they were not told everything. They still want to know the truth, and so do I.

Tenet testified before a public hearing of the Sept. 11 Commission investigating 9/11, that he did not meet with Bush in August 2001, the month before the September 11 attacks. The same evening after the hearings, a CIA spokesman corrected Tenet's testimony, stating that Tenet did indeed meet with Bush twice in August.[17] Tenet in his memoir writes of his memorable visit to Bush at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, August 2001.[18]

John Farmer, senior counsel to the Commission stated that the Commission "discovered that... what government and military officials had told Congress, the Commission, the media, and the public about who knew what when—was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue." Farmer continues: "At some level of the government, at some point in time ... there was a decision not to tell the truth about what happened... The (NORAD) tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public."[19] Thomas Kean, the head of the 9/11 Commission, concurred: "We to this day don't know why NORAD told us what they told us, it was just so far from the truth."[20]

As long as every newspaper, magazine, and television show is bought and paid for by the military-industrial-financial conglomerate that benefits from the police state, the drug war, and the foreign wars of occupation, you can't expect to know the truth about anything.

What those who deny that there is any truth to be learned about the events of 11-September-2001 are saying now is exactly what was said about JFK's assassination after the Warren Commission report. Oh, sure, it turns out that the improbable premise was Arlen Specter's magic bullet theory. It turns out there were at least two shooters, and therefore a conspiracy.

Ford said the CIA destroyed or kept from investigators critical secrets connected to the1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He said thecommission's probe put "certain classified and potentially damaging operations in danger of being exposed." The CIA's reaction, he added,"was to hide or destroy some information, which can easily be misinterpreted as collusion in JFK's assassination."

What they are saying now is exactly what was said about RFK's assassination in the years immediately following his death. It turns out that Sirhan Sirhan had an amazing gun which fired thirteen rounds from eight chambers. I gather that investigators have identified at least eleven of these rounds either in RFK or in the room where he was shot. Whee.

The location of Kennedy's wounds suggested that his assailant had stood behind him, but some witnesses said that Sirhan faced west as Kennedy moved through the pantry facing east.[50] This has led to the suggestion that a second gunman actually fired the fatal shot, a possibility supported by coroner Thomas Noguchi who stated that the fatal shot was behind Kennedy's right ear and had been fired at a distance of approximately one inch.[51] Other witnesses, though, said that as Sirhan approached, Kennedy was turning to his left shaking hands, facing north and so exposing his right side.[52] As recently as 2008, eyewitness John Pilger asserted his belief that there must have been a second gunman.[53] During a re-examination of the case in 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered expert examination of the possibility of a second gun having been used, and the conclusion of the experts was that there was little or no evidence to support this theory.[52]

In 2007, analysis of an audio tape recording of the shooting made by freelance reporter Stanislaw Pruszynski appeared to indicate, according to forensic expert Philip Van Praag, that thirteen shots were fired, even though Sirhan's gun held only eight rounds.[50][54] Van Praag states that the recording also reveals at least two cases where the timing between shots was shorter than humanly possible. The presence of more than eight shots on the tape was corroborated by forensic audio specialists Wes Dooley and Paul Pegas of Audio Engineering Associates in Pasadena, California, forensic audio and ballistics expert Eddy B. Brixen in Copenhagen, Denmark,[55][56] and audio specialist Phil Spencer Whitehead of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.[57]

What they are saying now is exactly what was said about the people who doubted the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In 2005, the NSA announced that there had never been a Gulf of Tonkin incident.

In October, 2005 the New York Times reported that Robert J. Hanyok, a historian for the U.S. National Security Agency, had concluded that the NSA deliberately distorted the intelligence reports that it had passed on to policy-makers regarding the August 4, 1964 incident. He concluded that the motive was not political but was probably to cover up honest intelligence errors.[33]

Hanyok's conclusions were initially published within the NSA in the Winter 2000/Spring 2001 Edition of Cryptologic Quarterly, about five years before they were revealed in the Times article. According to intelligence officials, the view of government historians that the report should become public was rebuffed by policymakers concerned that comparisons might be made to intelligence used to justify the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom) that commenced in 2003.[34] Reviewing the NSA's archives, Mr. Hanyok concluded that the NSA had initially misinterpreted North Vietnamese intercepts, believing there was an attack on August 4. Midlevel NSA officials almost immediately discovered the error, he concluded, but covered it up by altering documents, so as to make it appear the second attack had happened.

On November 30, 2005, the NSA released the first installment of previously classified information regarding the Gulf of Tonkin incident, including a moderately sanitized version of Mr. Hanyok's article, "Skunks, Bogies, Silent Hounds, and the Flying Fish: The Gulf of Tonkin Mystery, 2-4 August 1964" Cryptologic Quarterly, Winter 2000/Spring 2001 Edition, Vol. 19, No. 4 / Vol. 20, No. 1. The Hanyok article stated that intelligence information was presented to the Johnson administration "in such a manner as to preclude responsible decision makers in the Johnson administration from having the complete and objective narrative of events." Instead, "only information that supported the claim that the communists had attacked the two destroyers was given to Johnson administration officials."[8]

With regard to why this happened, Hanyok wrote:

As much as anything else, it was an awareness that President Johnson would brook no uncertainty that could undermine his position. Faced with this attitude, Ray Cline was quoted as saying "... we knew it was bum dope that we were getting from Seventh Fleet, but we were told only to give facts with no elaboration on the nature of the evidence. Everyone know how volatile LBJ was. He did not like to deal with uncertainties."[35]

Hanyok included his study of Tonkin Gulf as one chapter of an overall history of the involvement of NSA, and American signals intelligence (SIGINT), in the Indochina Wars. A moderately sanitized version of the overall history[36] was released in January 2008 by the National Security Agency and published by the Federation of American Scientists.[37]

What they are saying now is exactly what was said about activities like Operation Keelhaul and Operation Northwoods.

This is for all you Islamophobes and anti-conspiracy nuts: Let me be very candid. My friend John Perry died in the collapse of the Twin Towers. He was helping a disabled person get down the stairs. You can say whatever hateful, evil, vicious, racist, religiously bigoted things you feel you must say about people in foreign countries. But John died. And I want to know why. John was killed. Why? Why did my friend get killed? You don't know. You fucking liars know what you've been told by your government which is a fucking liar, and every time you say you know what happened on 11-Sep-2001, you piss me off.

You don't know shit. Your claims that you know are horrid. You make me sick. It is disgusting to see you ranting and raving about what you don't know, about the Fox News shareholder prince who funds the Wahhabis and how he's the dangerous madman behind the Islamic cultural centre near ground zero. As if you didn't know that there has been a mosque four blocks from Ground Zero since before NY governor Nelson Rockefeller stole all the land to build the Twin Towers. You don't know what happened and you don't really care. You just want to be on the side that's winning. You just want someone to hate.

Well, I tell you this: no eternal reward can forgive us now for wasting the dawn.

You were not listening then, you did not know how. Why won't you listen, now??

Since you won't actually go to wikipedia to read any of these facts, I've excerpted the facts from wikipedia entries. Below are footnotes, corresponding to the numerals in the citations above, to assist you in your research, if you care to wield the sword of truth or the shield of valour. But in fact, you are going to put your thumb right back up your butt and ignore all these facts.

You don't wish to be upset by the reality that you are a food animal and those in power are predators feasting on your blood. You don't wish to live in the world as it really is, so you've created a fantasy world to bury your head in the sand, so you don't have to think.

And on those rare occasions when I feel pleasant, I can sympathise. Thinking is really awful. Looking at the world as it really is can be very horrid. But if you won't, then you'll take poor choices. And more people are going to be killed as a result of the choices you take.

Karma is a word meaning "actions have consequences." Your actions are your responsibility, whether you bury your head in the sand or not.

At the end of the day, I have to go to sleep with the dead people whose lives ended because of choices I took on my conscience. And you have to rest uneasy because of choices you took.

It often seems like there is no day of reckoning, ever, for those in power. They lie and cheat and steal and kill and tell more lies to cover it up.

But Sam Konkin was right. The state is fragile precisely because of all those lies, all that killing, all that raping, all that stealing. The men and women of the state live amongst us, in ordinary homes, in ordinary neighbourhoods.

When you tire of their depredations, when you are sickened enough to take action, you won't need me to tell you what to do.


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