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Monsters is People
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I happen to have friends who are socialists. The 2008 banking failure is hailed by them as the failure of capitalism. They turn to statistics of how the middle class is being squeezed out of existence to prove we must adopt socialism. At least they have the honesty not to call themselves Progressives. I'm almost tempted to vote for any candidate who has the testosterone to run as a Socialist instead of calling him(her)self a Democrat. That almost is a big deal however.

There is a simple test to be run against every Socialist. Ask them how many people they are willing to kill to achieve their ideals. How many people are they willing to execute as exploiters, class traitors, race traitors, traitors to the cause, just flat out traitors? How many enemy soldiers and cops are they willing to kill? How many of their own people are they willing to get killed? How many innocent bystanders are they willing to get killed? How many plagues and famines are they willing to start as a consequence of their actions?

Do not be surprised if they do not answer you. There are a variety of reasons for this. The first is that so many of them have not bothered to think out that the seizure of property on the scale that would be needed to set up socialism in America would require killing people. Some actually are careful not to think about the number of people not they will have to kill to obtain their goals. I have a deep distrust of people who do not weigh the consequences of their actions or the courses of action they advocate. When someone deliberately avoids thinking out the consequences of their action they are immoral.

Others have thought out the consequences and don't want to discuss their conclusions. "Hi, I'm recruiting for the revolution. We figure for the price of forty million lives (or whatever) we can fix America. Oh, by the way, you're one of the people we are getting killed." For some reason I don't think this will recruit too many supporters. Somehow this kind of lack of honesty discourages me. They should be running for office, not running the revolution.

There is of course the trick of excluding your enemies from the definition of humans. You're not killing a family, you're executing a thieving capitalist war monger and his brood. Put the ethnic, religious, or partisan slur of your choice in front of thieving. They're not really people. So why count the casualties?

Then there is the excuse that your cause is so just body counts don't matter.

If you want to make it easier for brother socialist to be honest ask him how many lives he expects to save with his program. Maybe he figures he will get ten million killed to save fifty million. Perhaps he will even point out that most of the casualties are people that would have been killed by the oppressor anyhow.

So here's the deal. If someone tries to recruit you to support the revolution for abstract causes and based on statistics you should be concerned. If "the man" is shooting at you without just cause and someone offers to back you if you back them, well "Bare is back without brother" to quote Marion Zimmer Bradley. Y'all got my e-mail address (just remember i won't back violating people's rights. Killing in self defense isn't violating rights, conning someone out of their life's savings is.).

You should only kill as many people as you need to avoid getting killed. If things turn into a general fight avoid causing collateral damage, all it does is recruit fighters for the enemy. Build the society you want and defend it. Remember that for all their flaws, hell down right monstrosity, your enemies are in fact people who have human value and dignity a decent person is called on to respect, even if the enemy in question has betrayed it.

Because if you do anything else you are not simply killing your enemies, you have become one of them. Ten years from now we will be throwing the next revolution against you.

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