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Number 588, September 19, 2010

"They want our lives to be as miserable as theirs,
and they will stop at nothing to have their way."

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Letter from C. Jeffery Small

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The Livable Communities Act


I have placed a new article on my blog which concerns a seriously bad piece of pending legislation called the Livable Communities Act.

This legislation has passed out of the Senate Committee and is current awaiting a vote by the Senate anytime they decide to bring it up. The Democrats are desperate now, realizing that they have little time to pass additional bills, and therefore, they might spring this thing for a quick vote either before or immediately after the election. Please read about the bill and then start taking action today to inform as many people as possible so that they can notify their Senators and Representatives, letting them know that they expect them to vote NO when this comes up.

The new article is titled:

Your Property and Property Rights Are Being Dynamited!

and it can be found at:


C. Jeffery Small

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Help me with an experiment and some page views

Dear Everyone I know,

I want to do an experiment and make a special request. I want some money for something completely trivial and silly and expensive. I have figured out that if I get 19,000 page views on my Examiner column by the end of the month I could afford it (unless Examiner changes the rules for how they pay).

So, please visit my Examiner column and choose an article (or just use this one) and spread it around as far as you can, and ask everyone else to please do the same. You can even tell them why. Encourage them to help with this.

I am also curious if I could possibly make the "most popular Examiner" list for the month.

Thank you!

Kent McManigal
Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner

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Big Brother Takes Another Step

'Stasi spies' on the motorways: Big Brother fears as motorists are urged to inform on each other
By James Slack and Jack Doyle

Police are asking motorists to spy on each other for examples of poor driving in an alarming new extension of the 'Big Brother' state.

Drivers are told to be on the look out for inconsiderate driving or anybody making 'excessive noise' with their car.
Full Story

A. Reader

Marc said: *Sevilla, Spain: Some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, making sure this would be known by the local press. The Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on 'pig soiled ground'."

Yo, Marc—

I call this anthropological warfare, and I first suggested it in a speech I made, at the request of my old friend Karl Hess, to the Eris Society. My idea was to free the hostages in Tehran (that'll date it for you) by converting a couple of B-52s to tankers, like the slurry bombers used to fight forest fires, and then, from 40,000 feet, drop pasteurized (so we can't be accused of germ warfare) hog urine on the city. It would arrive at ground level as a perfectly harmless aerosol.

Nobody would get hurt. American pig farmers would make out. But it would compel five days of ceremonial cleansing (because we'd tell the world we'd done it) and on the fifth day, if the hostages weren't released, we'd do it again. During the cleansing period, you may have no sex. I'd have given good money that fifteen days would be the max they could hold out.

Business can't go on, either. So they'd have a choice: release the hostages, see their civilization collapse, or invent a new wartime dispensation. And if they do the latter, that shoves fundamentalism right off a slippery slope.

This plan could be used today, in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we should never have gone over there in the first place, so I'm not quite as sanguine. I think maybe the hog urine should be dropped on Obama.

L. Neil Smith

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"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
—Samuel Adams

Fellow Patriot:

For the last two years, a collection of dedicated patriots has worked strenuously under the auspices of a Google group known as The Unrepentant Patriots to peacefully and philosophically oppose the efforts of the Legislative and Executive branches of the United States Government as those bodies have attempted to subvert and circumvent the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, and thereby usurp the individual liberties of everyday Americans. Our efforts have been recognized as singularly useful and effective, drawing praise from numerous quarters of the Patriot community.

We recently decided that Google's platform was no longer suitable for the continued growth and development of The Unrepentant Patriots, and accordingly we have established a new Yahoo group by the same name to support our efforts. The new group is experiencing explosive growth, and its reach and influence within the grass-roots Constitutionalist community are growing daily.

This is an official invitation for you to join the new Yahoo group. We hope you will join us as we continue to work to "secure the blessings of Liberty" for our fellow citizens and the generations of Americans yet to come.

If you are a dedicated patriot seeking to network with like-minded Constitutionalists and lovers of liberty, please navigate to the following link to apply for membership. Your request will be approved promptly.

If by chance you have already received an invitation to join the new Yahoo group, please excuse our oversight and simply discard this message.

Thanks, and...

"Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing the best he can."

The Unrepentant Patriot

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