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Number 590, October 3, 2010

"Americans hold Congress members in lower esteem than
even drug dealers, child molesters and used car salesmen"

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I've a Better Idea
by E.J. Totty

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Re.: "Tea—In a Whole New Bag" by L. Neil Smith [last issue]

I've a better idea.

Since the inception of the republic—which too quickly thereafter devolved into a 'democracy'—there has been a continued spiral into the socialist miasma.

That happened for a reason: People are too freaking lazy to actually get involved in their own government. It's always someone else's matter ...

But, of course, that happens for a reason: Many parents teach their children—from their earliest years—that 'someone else' will take care of matters for them. And so that thought carries over into their adult years.

Eventually, most adults come to think of government as their 'parents,' i.e., someone who will look after them when they fall/fail/screw-up miserably.

I don't know for sure whether such a situation was planned, or that it merely happened as a result habit, from one generation to the next. But as I read history, it's sure beginning to appear as the former.

The way out of that mess is just this way: Government must have NO authority to make decisions for themselves.

A point of distinction here: Government—correctly speaking—is always a 'they,' and not an 'it.' Yes, I know, through usage— however incorrectly so—people have come to think of government as an 'it' rather than as the 'they' which they happen to be.

It's so very much easier to lay the blame for something gone wrong on an 'it' rather than a 'they,' if only that the 'it' is more easily vilified than the 'they' whom are the culprits. So then, forthwith I shall speak of government as whom THEY are.

The American form of the English language has been intentionally corrupted over time by those whom would enslave us. They—the ones behind this mess—do such in order to confuse, and obfuscate that which would otherwise be crystal clear thinking. THINK: The man whom cannot lucidly think, and whose cogitative ability has been clouded by confused definitions of words and phrases, is soon frustrated and discouraged.

Language is the largest part of the problem: If you can't convey a thought clearly to another person, then your effort is largely wasted. And if you try to convince that person of what you mean to convey, you're likely to frustrate him to the point of his rejecting your thoughts, if only that he—or you—are unable to breach the barrier of understanding.

Continuing ...

IF the people we elect to public office have NO ability to make ANY legally binding decisions whatsoever, then who would bribe them to do anything? They—the elected—would be the quintessential eunuchs: Impotent.

Where the Founders of the United States went wrong, is that they sought to achieve—quickly—something which would work decently enough, but which was supposed to be limited. Where they failed was that they didn't think things through. They didn't pay sufficient attention to this man:

"When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary."
—Thomas Paine

Then of course, the Founders were up against the British Bastards who had every evil intent to destroy that which had been achieved: LIBERTY. And when I remark 'British Bastards,' I mean the moneyed interests, i.e., the Bank of England and THEIR coterie of fellow travelers: The Parliament and the Monarch.

So, how to wrest the power from the elites? Simple: Neither they— nor their proxies in elected/appointed office—have any power to make decisions. Rather, all decision regarding whatever law, rule, or regulation, MUST be by plebiscite placed before the people themselves. Further, all such plebiscites will require an 80% BOTH show AND vote in order to pass.

What that means is: At least 80% of the registered voters MUST NOT ONLY show at the polls, but that 100% of that 80% who show must also vote in the affirmative for the measure to pass. If only 79% show, and vote in the affirmative, the measure fails. IF 80% show, and only 79% vote in the affirmative, then the measure fails. If 100% show, and only 79% vote in the affirmative, then the measure fails.

ALL voting is open for inspection by everyone: NO SECRET BALLOTS. YOUR BALLOT IS PUBLIC PROPERTY.

Why that, you might ask? Why not? If you voted a certain way, and the poll results show you voting differently, then there's cause to believe that ballot counters weren't exactly accurate, or honest. Any person who may show that his ballot was miscounted is sufficient cause for the election to be declared null and void.

Additionally, any person voting for a tax is FULLY responsible to pay that tax, BUT NO PERSON voting AGAINST whatever tax shall be required to pay such tax, but neither may that person obtain benefit as a result.

Further, no measure having been proposed to the people which shall have failed, will again not be proposed for a period of not less than 20 years.

ALL laws—save the constitution—shall sunset at the end of their third year, regardless. Any law requiring re-approval, must pass the 80% BOTH show AND vote. Failing approval by the voters, it too must wait not less than 20 years before resubmission.

Finally, NO LAW shall be suggested/enacted which affronts/negates/infringes or otherwise limits the exercise of individual rights where no other person is being harmed in a real and measurable way.

In summary: Legislators and bureaucrats would do but one thing: Suggest laws/rules/regulations. But NOBODY makes the law but the citizens.

Other than that, my only law would be just this: If you harm any others life, liberty and/or property—in a real and measured way— you shall be appropriately held to account. But anything else you might do cannot be said to rise to judicial notice.

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