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The Guns of November
by L. Neil Smith

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Life in America these days is like swimming through an ocean of sewage, and the most horrifying thing about it is that we're used to it.

If our species manages somehow to survive this bizarre period of history and looks backward on it, say, from five hundred years in the future, the characteristics that will distinguish our culture far more than anything else are the constantly shifting foundation of outright falsehoods on which it rests uneasily, and the continuous outpouring of baldfaced lies that comprise practically every public utterance by politicians, the "news" media, and even what represents itself as entertainment.

An excellent example is the way that conservatives blather all the time about individual liberty and limited government, and nevertheless idolize Abraham Lincoln, who was a lifelong mortal enemy of those ideals. Or the way Democrats defame the founder of their own party when those same ideals, which he championed, threaten to become an inconvenience.

Another example (and there are many, many more to choose from) is all the whimpering we're hearing from the usual culprits about the way that heartless American traffickers in death—gun dealers—keep sending weapons across the border into Mexico, where they constitute the very heart and core of all the bloody insanity going on down there.

Never mind that nothing like that would be happening if it weren't for the worldwide "War on Drugs" which has managed to raise the price of a handful of nickel-a-bushel agricultural commodities until entire dynasties and nations can be operated on the completely artificial differential.

Never mind that most of the weapons being used in the resulting struggle over money and power—rocket-propelled grenades, fully automatic AK47 rifles—are not a part, and never were, of the civilian arsenal in America or even the American military battery, and do not come from here, but are a product of former Soviet Bloc countries.

Never mind that this is exactly like the "news" report I saw on British TV while I was there in the 70s, showing a huge table full of weapons taken from the Irish Republican Army. The voice-over shrieked about the reprehensible way that such weapons were being supplied by IRA sympathizers in America. However, except for one bedraggled old S&W "Victory" model .38, all of the weapons on display were of obvious Soviet manufacture, the usual RPGs, AK-47s, and a handful of Tokarev autopistols.

Never mind that the majority of those weapons appear to have been looted straight from the arsenals of an institution so corrupt that by comparison, it makes the Turkish police look honest, the Mexican army itelf.

Never mind that the violent Mexican drug gang known as the "Zetas"—the "pirates" who allegedly murdered American jet-ski tourist David Hartley on the border-straddling Lake Falcon—began their career as a special unit of the Mexican Army that was trained in the United States by the American Department of Defense, and which promptly defected upon returning home, in order to sell their services as mercenaries.

And by the way, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

That man, in this case, is Barack H. Obama, faux President of the United States. Here is a pitiful excuse for a man who is deliberately wasting trillions of dollars and thousands of lives on two irrational, purposeless, illegal wars half a world away, but who will not lift a finger to defend his country's borders. (Note: I am not speaking of illegal immigration here, which is another problem altogether, but a shooting war in which buildings in American cities are being struck by bullets.)

Before you dismiss me as just another "birther", consider this: whether or not Obama actually has a birth certifiate is not the real question. In today's legal circumstances, what would happen if you had a driver's license but wouldn't show it to a cop who stopped you? The fact that Obama refuses to produce his bonafides is grounds, in and of itself, to disqualify him for an office that he now holds merely by pretense.

But I have digressed.

As I've said on many a previous occasion, and despite all the lies that the establishment continues to tell about September 11, 2001, I know what the engineered destruction of an edifice looks like, and so do you. What I am speaking of here is the controlled demolition of an entire civilization by a not terribly well-disguised Marxist ideologue.

It's the same thing he's done—is doing—to the economy.

Another part of that picture is Obama's recent refusal to allow about a million American rifles of World War II vintage to be reimported from South Korea. A million guns like that must take a hell of a lot of warehousing, and I imagine that South Korea, on the brink of another war with its northern carnival-mirror image, could use the space.

One story is that he wants to keep these weapons "out of civilian hands". Overlooking the fact that civilian hands are precisely where the Founding Fathers intended such weapons to be, let's examine these weapons for a moment, and the dire threat to national security they represent.

About 800,000 of the instruments in question are the famous M1 "Garand" rifles, named for their inventor, John C. Garand, and first adopted into U.S. military service in 1936. They are big, heavy, eight-shot semiautomatic pieces, chambered for the .30-06 cartridge used in World War I, World War II, and Korea. While exceedingly accurate and reliable, they are almost as far from being high-capacity "assault" weapons as they can get and still be considered metallic cartridge firearms.

By inference, the remaining 200,000 guns are M1 Carbines, small, lightweight, user-friendly pea-shooters, also semiauto (although a fully automatic M2 Carbine also becme available, and may have been the best submachinegun ever invented) with about the same one-shot stopping power as a .38 revolver, albeit in magazines varying from 15- to 30-round capacity. Originally intended as a substitute for the 1911A1 .45 automatic Colt pistol, they wound up being issued to cooks, radio operators, tank drivers, and other people who had something better to do with their hands than carry a big, heavy rifle around all day.

Going by numbers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (always a mistake), this million guns represent .004—a mere four tenths of one percent of the 250,000,000 guns that the BATFE says we naughty Americans already cling to bitterly. Four tenths of one percent.

Better numbers, from the firearms industry itself, say it's .001—one tenth of one percent of the 750,000,000 guns (now closer to 780,000,000, thanks to history's greatest weapons saleman, Barack H. Obama) "of modern design, in good working order" that we presently possess.

Three quarters of a billion guns.

It's good to be an American.

Nevertheless, the Second Amendment concerns itself chiefly with "the security of a free state". Gun control—more accurately termed victim disarmament—endangers that security, at the same time that it offers aid and comfort to any potential enemy of a free state. Gun control is, therefore, treason. The more guns we have—especially those affordable to individuals at every station of life—the more secure we are. Think what good that million guns could do for farmers, ranchers, shopkeepers, and householders along the border this very minute.

Although some American firearms manufacturers and some dealers will think it's a good thing—just as they did with other heinous and unconstitutional laws written, in part, to act as import barriers (one reason I wouldn't buy Bill Ruger's products for a long time)—Obama's refusal to bring back this million guns from Korea is treasonous.

If by some miracle they do make it back, these fine old weapons, useless for modern military operations, but perfect for home defense along the border, should be distributed, not by corrupt authoritarian institutions like the National Rifle Association or the Director of Civilian Marksmanship—which force potential owners to jump through all kinds of unconstitutional hoops—but to retailers on the basis, perhaps, of BATFE records proportional to sales over the last three years.

After that's been taken care of, the only question that remains is whether or not it's legal to impeach a creep who was never really the President.

We can begin by stripping him of his power this November.

And finish the job in 2012.

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