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Number 593, October 31, 2010

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Republicans Pledge to Obey the Constitution
by Paul Koning

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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

News flash!

"Republicans promise to stop beating spouses—Democrats refuse to join pledge"

That's what Mr. Boehner's promise to ensure "that all legislation be constitutional" amounts to.

Recently a Wall Street Journal editorial described a speech by House Minority Leader Boehner with those words. He did not actually use those words in the speech the WSJ referred to; instead he reiterated the "Pledge to America" that all bills would cite their Constitutional authority. Then again, I suppose that amounts to the same thing, more or less.

Does everyone realize how bizarre this is? The senior Republican in the House of Representatives promises to start doing what has been his legal duty all along. It is what he swore to do each time he took the Oath of Office.

But no, apparently this is not so clear. Not to the Wall Street Journal editorial writer, who views this mostly as a sop to the Tea Party and possibly as an "educational" source of debate fodder. That sounds like something Nancy Pelosi ("Are you serious?") would say.

Is it not about time we start holding our Congressmen to their sworn duty to obey the Constitution—a duty which for many years has been so criminally neglected?


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