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Number 593, October 31, 2010

"These times aren't exiting, they are downright exhilarating!"

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The Plan: An Unprecedentted Opportunity
A Note From L. Neil Smith

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

I don't usually back the play of conservatives, and I've had plenty of criticisms to make of Rush Limbaugh over the years, but he devoted most of his time today responding to the current Republican leadership who say that, after the election, their party will have to be prepared to compromise with Obama if they expect to get anything done.

This certainly explains the current Republican leaderships' cheesy and lame "Pledge to America". For that matter, I always thought Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" in 1994 was cheesy and lame, too. He's the guy, after all, who tried to alibi GOP failures back then with a smarmy quote from Voltaire: "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

So it was amazing and refreshing to listen to the Formerly Fat Flumpus, who called GOP leaders "morons", and warned that their attitude—unless it's corrected—could be enough to (A) undo the hard-won achievements of the Tea Parties, and (B) launch a third party. The idea is to get nothing done, but to get a lot of stuff undone—like Obamacare—something that compromise isn't going to help. To my enormous surprise, Sean Hannity was saying much the same thing, urging Tea Partiers not to let Republicans bargain away their victories.

It's time to strike while the iron is hot, showing conservatives, Tea Partiers, disgruntled Republicans, and even some libertarians what a real freedom manifesto looks like, and to use that manifesto to hold the feet of liars, connivers, RINOs, and LINOs to the fire. Go to:

Compare the GOP's half-baked pledge to my essay "The Plan", a step-by-step blueprint for repairing the damage that both parties have done to our country, and forging ahead into a limitless, brilliant future.

If you agree substantially with "The Plan", or at least think it's better than the GOP pledge, feel free to download it or forward it to everyone you know who cares about politics. Send it to Republicans, conservatives, Tea Partiers, libertarians of both the hard and Nerf variety, and to liberals, progressives, socialists, and Democrats, whose hysterical screaming will help spread "The Plan" across the country.

Send it to newspapers, magazines, websites, and talk shows. My e-mail address is right there, and my phone number can be had by writing to me. I'm not asking for money or anything else except your help.

Look around the rest of the site, if you wish. It's still under construction, but already contains plenty of interest, including chapters of Where We Stand and my recent speech to the Libertopia convention.

This is your chance to strike a blow for freedom.

Thanks for "listening".

Added later in response to a question from a reader:

I'm going to send this reply to your message out to my small list, because it answers questions other people have been asking me.

Here in Colorado we're seeing the difference between Republicans and freedom-oriented individuals very starkly. In the governor's race, we have John Hickenlooper, the Democratic mayor of Denver, just about as Red (in the Chinese sense) a candidate as you could hope for. He gets along by pretending to be a goofy nerd on a Vespa, but he's devious and evil.

Against the will of the Old Guard Republican leadership (about as dull-witted and incompetent a pack of dolts as ever infested American politics), the rank-and-file, plus the Tea Parties, nominated "businessman" Dan Maes, because he looked and sounded very good on a range of issues. Unfortunately, he suffered political leprosy—bits and pieces of him kept falling off as the campaign wore on—until he was exposed as a liar, an idiot, and a bankrupt.

Just as an example, he claimed to have been an undercover cop in Liberal, Kansas twenty tears ago, and that he'd been fired owing to corruption on the police force. What actually happened is that he warned his then-girlfriend that her father was under secret investigation for illegal gambling.

At this point, Tom Tancredo, a former US Congressman, well known in conservative circles for his views on immigration, and highly disliked by the GOP country club set, stepped in by wangling a nomination from the Constitution Party (whose candidate actually stepped aside), which usually does worse then the Libertarian Party. Tancredo is by no means a libertarian. He agrees with us on a number of issues (including guns and marijuana) and would absolutely make my career as a snarky and sarcastic columnist. Much of the Tea Party support has apparently switched to him.

As things stand now, Hickenlooper is at 42%, Maes at 12%, and, astonishingly, Tancredo is at 38% (the difference between the mayor and the former congressman being inside the margin fior error), making Republicans the third party in this race. If they fall three more points, they'll have to petition to get on the ballot next time, something I'd pay good money to see.

Everybody (but the Democrats) is doing everything they can to persuade Maes to drop out, in order to avoid a Hickenlooper governorship which would be a Marxoid disaster. But Maes is adamant, and I have to wonder if his major donor isn't somebody like George Soros. His campaign contributions have otherwise fallen to nada.

Interesting times.

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