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Number 597, November 28, 2010

"If you want to be free, you must grant that freedom to others"

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Letters to the Editor

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Looking For David Anderson


If you see this, please contact me.


L. Neil Smith

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Global Warming—Or Simply Massive Under Sea Volcanoes?—Updated! One of the disconnects the Church of Al Gore/IPCC has yet to address regarding so-called Global Warming is why is it the Arctic ice extent is receding (thus all the chicken-little screams) while the Antarctic ice extent is growing at historic rates. Given the fact CO2 levels are ubiquitous across the Earth, if this was really a global climate driver we should see higher temperatures (and less ice) across the globe, adjusted for latitude and the amount of land vs sea surface area. Here is the Northern ice extent plots from NOAA....
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E.J. Totty

Re: "Good profiling and bad profiling" by Paul Bonneau

Mr. Bonneau's proposal creating a second airline system which one could access has a flaw. To the leaders of the terrorists it is not enough that Americans as individuals wish to withdraw from interference in other nations. It is their goal to destroy the US government. I will not at this time debate the merits of their desire to do so, I merely suggest that in their minds the struggle has reached that point.

It is therefor in the interest of the terrorist's leaders, if not the average Yusuf, to go after the anti imperialism airline. This will excuse further acts of government repression raising the pressure on the American people to rebel and overthrow that government. Perhaps blinded by our rage at Washington's tyranny many of us might even convert to Islam and replace our constitution with Sharia, congress with an ulema, and the President with a Caliph (okay, so this is bonus point realm.).

At this time it appears that we are being given a choice of which terrorists to submit to. I suggest it's time to change the rules of the game.

A.X. Perez


Understand here that I'm essentially a natural man at heart, i.e., someone who treasures the simple pleasures of life, including hard work, especially when the reward for that hard work is a plan gone right!

Well, here's a video of a man who—by his lonesome—did all that was necessary to achieve happiness in his own world far away from the maddening crowds.

Understand here, that what he achieves could NOT be accomplished in any part of what we might refer to as 'civilization,' inasmuch as there would have been a gazillion self-important elected and appointed idiots dictating to him how he would have to construct his abode, and live his life otherwise.


E.J. Totty

Femen reported on a protest movement in the Ukraine calling itself Femen. It's members (most of whom seem to be young and slender, but not anorexic) believe in protesting by going topless, exposing their breasts, dropping their bras, flashing their teats, well you get the idea.

Beats the hell out of bombing and shooting to get your point across. Here's to their success. and here's another one to the day that topless is a fashion statement and not a political one.

One foolish person suggested that these youngsters and any following their example were inviting/inciting violent behavior. I recommend carrying guns, knives and pepper spray.

A.X. Perez

To which Richard D. Bartucci commented:

In the 19th Century, much effort was made to introduce Western cultural and political ways to the various neolithic-level societies of the southwest Pacific area, and an explorer who came to a previously isolated island in this region discovered that without visitation by any Western influence, the people had adopted many British usages.

This was explained by one of the prominent members of the local tribe's leadership, who spoke rather stilted English, but disclosed that some several of the tribe's more adventurous young men had voyaged to another island where they'd studied in a school run by an Anglican missionary. There, they had learned the language, including how to read and write, and they had returned to their home with trunks full of English books, including several from which they had gleaned an understanding of English ways of education, commerce, and civil government, all of which they had applied with great benefit to their own daily lives.

"Here is our great court of law," said the local as they walked toward a large open construction with a broad thatched roof, in which many of the tribesfolk sat on long low benches facing at raise dias upon which sat a tribal elder in a black-dyed cloak of woven grass, with a witness upon the stand to his right and another elder conducting interrogation.

As the visitor watched, suddenly an attractive and remarkably well-endowed young woman, wearing nothing more than a grass skirt, entered the courtroom and—her breasts jiggling asynchronously— darted around the benches on which the audience sat, finally exiting the other side of the chamber. Then the examination of the witness continued as if nothing untoward had happened.

The explorer turned to his escort, bewildered. "Er," he said in a low voice, "just what was that about?"

The tribesman looked at the outsider in puzzlement. "It was what happens in your courts of law very often in your books."

The visitor's bafflement was plain, and the escort nodded understanding. "Have you never read it? 'An excited titter ran through the courtroom.'"

Richard D. Bartucci

[Thanks, Doc, I needed that!—Editor]

RE: "Letter from Neale Osborn"

Neale writes, "Yesterday, I went to the County Seat of Steuben County, New York, the county in which I currently reside. I left my pocket knife (1.75" blade) in the car. I was forced to empty my pockets into a tray. Put my cellphone in the tray. Put the envelope of paperwork in the tray. And walk through a metal detector. With my normal good grace, I complained about the violation of my rights against unlawful search, to which I received the following reply. "Shut up and go through the detector again, you missed something." After 2 more passes, they made me remove the belt from my pants, they wanded my zipper and the American flag hatpin in my hat, and finally gave me permission to replace my personal belongings..."

Neale, it's time for you to move. I have had occasion to visit the Park County building in Wyoming several times (usually to pay for my "cops please don't bother me" stickers for my license plates). I'm always walking in with a CZ-75 on my hip, stuffed with good hollowpoints, carried openly. Nobody cares. There is no security although the local Homeland Stupidity (federal pork dispensing) office is just around the corner. The ladies stealing my money are always polite and happy to get it.

I've always thought that living in Wyoming was like going back in a time machine.

Paul Bonneau

Cui Bono?

Dear Editor:

In his very fine essay: "TSA Gropings and Nudie Shots—a Deliberate Plan To Cut Back on Travel? Neale Osborn points out that a consequence of the new restrictions on travel, the new gropings as alternative to the new porno-scanners is to discourage travel. And I think there are some reasons to think that this consequence is not unintended, but intentional, and desired by at least some.

Given the very large subsidies to the airlines from the federal government, it is no surprise that the airline companies don't much care if you are discouraged from discretionary travel. By some estimates as much as 75% of their revenues come from federal government contracts and payloads. So it is hard to see how a boycott is going to help bring them around to decency.

But there is a group that benefits from the sale of Rapiscan (rape-y-scan) scanners at the airports, and from getting people inured to them, so that they'll soon be found at bus depots, at train stations, and at all federal buildings. Obviously, the guards standing next to these devices who get millimetre wave radar shining through them eight hours a day, and are very likely to get radiation poisoning as a result, are not the chief beneficiaries of the new technology.

Michael Chertoff and his cronies in the government and in the defence contractor companies are a part of an egregore. An egregore is a sort of monstrosity which humans put together for purposes like profit, or to help in some particular area of activity, or to win elections. An egregore takes over the functions of the individual's conscience. Instead of doing what is right, or what is best for that one person, that person serves the egregore, the group, the project, the company, or the church. And if that means covering up the sins of paedophile priests, if that means sending men and women to die, if that means intentionally groping elderly men and women, the egregore doesn't care. And those who serve the egregore best are most rewarded, with positions, with budget to spend, and with income. Those who refuse to serve the egregore are replaced.

That's how it goes. The propertarian insight is to look at who owns it. The Cicero insight is "who benefits?"

We are all faced with choices every day. I suggest that you take those choices which limit your tax burden, avoid paying for things you don't want, and refuse to participate in the system that oppresses you.

By withdrawing our support, the state must fall. Its rulers, the tyrants, don't have enough eyes to see everyone, enough arms to hit everyone, enough fingers to pull the triggers on the tasers and the guns. They rely on a vast array of obedient servants.


Your chains: break them.


Jim Davidson

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Safest City

According to Monday the 22nd of November's newspaper El Paso has been rated the US's safest large city for 2009. If the FBI's machines are working right it takes about twenty minutes or so to fill out the paperwork, meet bureaucratic obligations, and buy a gun or two. It is legal to keep a handgun concealed in your vehicle with or without a license (assuming you are legal to possess a pistol at the time). I have been told that El Paso is gun friendly compared to some other Texas cities. Yet it is the safest city in the US and getting safer.

The population of EP is about 75% Mexican by ancestry, assimilated to varying degrees (Me I'm an American who happens to be a Mestizo and has Mexican relatives. Also Dutch and British.). This matters because across the Rio Grande we have Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Juarez is considered the most dangerous city in North America.

Essentially the populations of the two cities are ethnicly similar. There is a large federal law enforcement and military presence both cities. And to be honest the drugs that people are fighting over in Juarez pass through El Paso.

Mexico is also hostile to civilian gun ownership. accept for target shooting and hunting and never in military calibers. Of course this law is widely broken and the cuerno de chiva (AK-47) is widely distributed. To be honest the federales and soldados are seen to be as big criminals and violators of people's rights as the narcotrafficantes. For a civilian to kill in self defense is a criminal offense.

I keep pounding this drum but it has to be said, Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos is the country that Reed, Pelosi, Clinton, and Obama are trying to turn The United States of America into. They will leave our people unarmed, policed by criminals, forced to turn to crime to survive and forbidden to defend themselves from crime or resist oppression. So do you want a nation of legally armed people who can trust their police and army and live in peace, or a chaos of where people are not legally allowed to be armed, fear their police as much as some truly murderous criminals, living in a war zone?

A.X. Perez

To which Richard D. Bartucci replied:

Well, to quote from Mr. Smith's corpus:

"Guns cause crime like flies cause garbage."

Going a bit further, I quote from John Ringo's more recent novel, The Last Centurion (see also [online version]):

The U.S. is a strange country. Growing up in it I never realized that, but spending those tours overseas really brought it home. We're just fucking weird.

Alex de Touqueville spoke of this weirdness in his book Democracy in America way back in the 1800s. "Americans, contrary to every other society I have studied, form voluntary random social alliances."

Look, let's drill that down a bit and look at that most American of activities: The Barn Raising.

I know that virtually none of you have ever participated in a barn raising. But everyone knows what I mean. A family in an established commuity that has gotten to the point they can build a barn or need a new one or maybe a new pioneer family that needs a barn puts out the word. There's going to be a barn raising on x day, usually Saturday or Sunday.

People from miles around walk over to the family's farm and work all day raising the barn. Mostly the guys do the heavy work while women work on food. That evening everybody gets together for a party. They sleep out or in the new barn, then walk home the next day to their usual routine.


Only ever happened in America. It is a purely American invention and is from inconceivable to repugnant to other cultures.

A group of very near strangers in that they are not family or some extended tribe gather together in a "voluntary random social alliance" to aid another family for no direct benefit to themselves. The family that is getting the barn would normally supply some major food and if culturally acceptable and available some form of alcohol. But the people gathering to aid them have access to the same or better. There is a bit of a party afterwards but a social gathering does not pay for a hard day's work. (And raising a barn is a hard day's work.)

The benefit rests solely in the trust that when another family needs aid, the aided family will do their best to provide such aid.


Americans form "voluntary random social alliances." Other societies do not. Low trust societies in the U.S. do not. The kumbayas trying to build swings for the neighborhood children assumed the willingness of their "rainbow" neighbors to form a "voluntary random social alliance" for mutual benefit and discovered how rare Americans are.

In other countries an extended family might gather together to raise the barn or some other major endeavor. But this is not a voluntary random alliance. They turn up because the matriarch or patriarch has ordered it. And family is anything but random societally. (However random it may seem from the inside.)

That's a big part of what is happening in El Paso—and not in Cuidad Juarez. The same ethnic mix on either side of the boreer, but in the former there is a populace not only armed but infused with a sense of a citizenry responsible for the maintainance of both social comity and public order.

In Ciudad Juarez, the peasants are just cattle, to be herded and milked and slaughtered at the discretion of their government masters, not lawfully permitted the means of efficient self-defense because they have no right to self-ownership.

In El Paso, the citizens are in theory and in law (if not in the practicalities of National Socialist Democrat American Party [NSDAP] schemings) sovereign. The preservation of their individual rights to life, to liberty, and to property is the only reason why civil government is suffered to exist in these United States.

A society governed under that explicit stipulation of purpose must function under principles of trust. The private individual whose authority to employ deadly force in self-defense is recognized as legitimate and necessary has to recognize not only the coequal authority and ability of his fellows to do the same damned thing but also the fact that their lives and their rights are of intrinsic value and legitimacy.

How the hell can he not come to the assistance of random strangers whom he perceives to be threatened by aggressors, or otherwise in distress? It's not just a matter of confronting a demonstrably violent aggressor before he comes after you, but of fulfilling your responsibility as a citizen—a member of the society in which you live—as you would expect the victim immediately before you to come to your own aid in a similar exigency.

Mexico has no such basis of public trust. Government in Mexico viciously punishes people for defending themselves or others, and thereby has corrosively destroyed the fabric of Mexican society. Were the state of Chihuahua—or just Ciudad Juarez—to be annexed to these United States tomorrow, the immediate effect would be to drive out the Chilangos, removing the officers of the Mexican federal government completely, and opening the polity to self-government.

Los narcotrafficantes would either adapt—meaning that the bloodshed would drop off precipitously—or leave for other venues of operation. Their violent practices are entirely responsive to the factors of governance with which they must cope. That's why they don't operate to any appreciable extent in El Paso.

And the "Invisible Hand" of human nature, without the impairments and other perversions imposed by the fundamentally lawless civil government in el Distrito Federal, would begin restoring to civil society in Ciudad Juarez the public peace which should (and would) otherwise obtain.

Richard D. Bartucci

I noticed this morning that Wayne Allyn Root, the current head of the Libertarians In Name Only caucus, has advocated profiling as a substitute for the outrages taking place at America's airports. In this, he is emulating a more famous "Reagan libertarian", Rush Limbaugh, who has been preaching the same thing all week.

While I detest the X-rays and the groping, and I want to see all such false-security violations of individual rights eliminated—and those who have perpetrated them arrested, indicted, tried, convicted, and severely punished—there is a huge problem with the idea of profiling.

As I have said many times, when I went off to college in 1964, my first friends were a group of Arabs, some Muslim, some Christian, most of them Lebanese. Profile-wise, they tended to be dark-eyed, swarthy, and relatively short of stature. There was, however, one fellow I recall who was very tall and slender, lighter-skinned than I am, and pale blond with blue eyes. He looked like he belonged on the Norwegian Olympic ski team.

The guy, who was as culturally Arabic as any of my other friends, was from North Africa—Libya, Tunisia, I don't remember—and I suspect that, being two or three years older than I am, he was the beneficiary of some visiting German, or even a Brit or an American, to that part of the world during World War II. There have to be a lot more people like him.

So much for profiling. I have no objection to electronic explosives sniffers, but the undeniable truth is that the only way to deal with hijackings and other crimes is to respect the unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right of every man, woman, and responsible child to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon—rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, _anything_—any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission.

If we had done so on September 11, 2001, thousands of people now dead would be alive and well and America would not be at war. Their blood is on the hands, first and foremost, of those who rendered them helpless through victim disarmament laws.

L. Neil Smith

To which Mike Blessing replied:

Never forget that immediately after the events of 11 Sept 2001 (some call it "9-11"), the neo-conservatives were up in arms that the Air Force didn't have F-16's and F-15's ready to intercept and shoot down the hijacked airliners. At the same time, they were also complaining that "airport security" wasn't "tight enough."

So when it comes down to brass tacks, the Busheviks would rather shoot down a plane with 90-100 people on board who haven't hurt anyone else on the plane—turning them into 600-mph hamburger as their bodies are shredded by the explosion of an air-to-air missile and/or 20-mm or 30-mm cannon-fire—rather than let those same people carry any sort of self-defense technology onto the aircraft.

So much for their support of the Second Amendment.

Mike Blessing

Permanent Emergency Session

Get ready for NAZISM world-wide.

Think I'm kidding?

Get a taste of THIS:

UN "Permanent Emergency Session" Sought for Kyoto

Got that?

Let it sink in ... "Permanent Emergency Session"

Does it hit you yet, regarding what THAT means in YOUR life?

You think I'm kidding, right?

Read on:

E.J. Totty


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