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Number 597, November 28, 2010

"If you want to be free, you must grant that freedom to others"

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Separated at Birth?
Separated at Birth?

DHS Declares War On The Internet—Let's Fight Back!
by L. Neil Smith

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Gestapo. KGB. Stasi. Savaak. Homeland Security.

There is no longer any moral difference—assuming there ever was.

We are informed the Department of Homeland Security has seen fit—entirely without anything even vaguely resembling due process of law—to seize and shut down 75 Internet domains using as their excuse various and assorted alleged violations of intellectual property rights.

Gestapo. KGB. Stasi. Savaak. Homeland Security.

There is no longer any moral difference—assuming there ever was.

Since when did copyright enforcement have anything do do with DHS? About the same time the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team were put in charge of child welfare? What's really going on here is pathetically transparent. Those in power "hate our freedom"—the freedom of speech and the rallying to action made possible by the Internet. They are determined to destroy it.

Hillary Clinton has whined repeatedly that Internet news sources must, in effect, be licensed to keep their output more consistent with what she regards as politically correct. Her husband said in 1994 that the Founding Fathers "gave" Americans too many freedoms, and it's time to take some of them back. Senator Jay Rockefeller wishes the Internet had never been created, and fantasizes about more government control. Al Sharpton wants Rush Limbaugh and Fox News taken forcibly off the air. Barack Obama advises constituents to ignore the New Media altogether.

Including iPods.

They all offer too much information. Too many facts. It's all so confusing.

For him.

Although various moves against the Internet and those who rely on it have been planned for months (the Federal Communications Commission plots to cram "Net Neutrality" down out throats, even though a mostly Democratic Congress overwhelmingly rejected it—and where have we heard something like that before?) it's no coincidence that this one comes fewer than three weeks after Socialist Party A was humiliated at the polls, not by Socialist Party B, a dead weight we're all dragging along the long, hard road to individual liberty, but by the coalition of libertarians and disaffected conservatives widely known as the "tea parties".

Make no mistake, tea partiers, unless they're stopped—and stopped hard—they're coming for us next. Most individuals favor the basic idea of intellectual property rights and dislike plagiarists and counterfeiters, so DHS figures they'll get a pass on this violation of Constitutional rights and due process, while establishing a precedent. They may take on child pornography domains next, to solidify their position.

But in the end, it's clearly their objective to shut you up and isolate you, to shut me up and isolate me, to shut up and isolate anybody and everybody who disagrees with them and threatens them with resistance.

Janet Napolitano, hand-puppet and butt-monkey to the evil Southern Poverty Law Center, has made it all official by informing everybody who'll listen that anybody who defies her warped and twisted will—libertarians, conservatives, tea partiers, politically active gun owners, Ron Paul partisans, the devoutly religious, homeschoolers, 9/11-truthers, global warming deniers, Oathkeepers, and above all, Constitutionalists—is a dangerous domestic extremist and potential terrorist.

That's me, friends, and if you're reading this, that's you.

Actress Imelda Staunton is to be congratulated (and should receive some kind of freedom award) for her portrayal, in two of the Harry Potter movies, of Janet Napolitano, under the name Dolores Umbridge. Recall that Napolitano rose to prominence—and the governorship of Arizona—by falsely prosecuting a handful of innocent kids she accused of "terrorism", and you'll understand that shutting down the Internet is nothing, compared to other measures she's planning for us. She probably thinks she can be President by burning us all at the stake.

This isn't about the homeland, and it isn't about security. Not a single individual charged with preventing it was fired in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. All we have is DHS's word that they are protecting us now, from heinous acts that would have taken place without them on the job; if you'll think back to the mendacious, self-congratulatory press conferences held every day, for 51 days, at Mount Carmel near Waco, Texas, you'll see just what their word is worth.

More and more, I see people saying that in the "War on Terror", it is the terrorists who have won. DHS is Exhibit A. What they have accomplished is to have proven themselves a vastly worse threat to the health, safety, and liberty of every American than all of the terrorists in the world, real or imaginary, put together. They'll bluster and whimper that they're saving lives. I don't believe them. But if I did, I'd ask what's worse death by bomb or bullet, or life in a cage.

They started by stealing people's nail clippers and handing down Orwellian (and ever-changing) rules forbidding dangerous carry-on items like breast milk. Then came the deeply illegal and Kafka-esque no-fly list. And now the deliberately brutal and humiliating physical searches as an alternative to Michael Chertoff's death-ray machines. More, they're threatening to expand these atrocities to trains and buses.

Not once do you hear anything in the Mouthpiece Media about the Fourth or Fifth Amendments. Not once do you hear that the Founding Fathers simply didn't want the government to know what was in their pockets or anybody else's. Not once do you hear that if the Second Amendment had been enforced that day, 9/11 would never have happened. It's all a totalitarian's way of getting around the human rights represented by everyone assuming responsibility for his or her own security.

And the only place you hear about it is the Internet.

Get it, now?

It's time to take action. Let's call, write, or e-mail (while we can) all these brand new shiny politicos we've elected and see what they're made of. Are they really what we need or just phonies like in 1994?

Instruct them (don't ask) to make DHS and the FCC leave our Internet alone. Like every other federal agency I've named in this article, their existence is unauthorized by the Constitution and therefore illegal. Which makes every individual who works for them a criminal. Following the appropriate investigations into on-the-job breaches of the law, they must be abolished permanently, root and branch.

The death-ray machines must be taken out and crushed like dead cars.

Think the new Congress is up to it? Let's find out.

Gestapo. KGB. Stasi. Savaak. Homeland Security.

There is no longer any moral difference—assuming there ever was.

Chertoff and his orcish hordes, along with the entire "security" establishment, are the best reason I can think of for renovating Alcatraz Island, especially for those convicted of crimes against the Constitution. Jackboot Janet II can join them there after being held for a while for observation in an institution for the criminally insane.

Let's find out if the new Congress is up to it.


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