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Number 597, November 28, 2010

"If you want to be free, you must grant that freedom to others"

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The Voluntary Society For Which We Stand
(Lucifer's Rant #3)
by by Gerald Montgomery a.k.a. Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

"The Voluntary Society for which we stand. One Planet Incorruptible. With unconditional Liberty and Cooperation for All."
—from the Pledge Of Consent to the Constitution for the United Confederation of Earth

No longer must we give our allegiance to anything. All we have to grant at all is the most intimate and sacred of things we as emerging god-ling sovereigns have to offer: our consent.

I look around the so-called "patriot movement" trying to divine what truly lurks in this beast's heart when it comes to the question and parameters of this thing we rail about called FREEDOM.

Let us now behold the true sublime Proof upon which we build the foundation of our Voluntary Society.

It is Consent. That is all that is necessary to the regulation of a Free and Just Society. Consent and consent alone.

To be more blunt about it, anything goes among consenting adults. Seems completely reasonable as statements of fact go unless you are a Jesus freak, Islamic lunatic, Zionist Nazi or one of the thugs of the Transportation Security Administration. Anything means just that. Anything. As long as two or more human beings amongst themselves unanimously consent to whatever it is being proposed.

So by this yardstick, two or more human beings are completely free to be gay faggots and perform sodomy upon their own persons to their hearts content. They are FREE to do so. You don't like that? That's fine. Mind your own fucking business and conduct your affairs within the confines of your sovereign universe as you deem fit.

Just don't tread on me or the gay faggots who want to perform sodomy on each other.

The only law necessary is simple.

Harm no one, then do as you please.

And the only sin left now is the sin of RESTRICTION.

If you have the power to restrict those around you from modes of behavior or patterns of belief and thinking that you might find morally reprehensible, then you have been granted, through hook or crook, a mandate of force and coercion with which to smash your will into the lives of those around you.

Which means that you really are nothing more than a troglodyte of the Old Aeon, a Statist. A Tyrant. A top-down command and control practitioner. The kind of scum that needs to be voted off the island.

So the ChristeonIslamoZOGlodyte that wraps themselves in Old Glory, Holy Writ in one hand and gun in the other, that claims to both fight for Liberty and loudly rails against another human beings sovereign mandate to use their sexual organs in any manner deemed fun and self-fulfilling is a fraud, an ontological thug and a proto-fascist to boot.

Liberty means Liberty.

If I want to do it, and I'm not harming anyone else in doing it, then I can do WHATEVER I FUCKING WANT.

That's what unconditional FREEDOM and LIBERTY entail.

That's the BEAST we will have once we pummel the piss out of the New World Order.

Quit trying to preserve the current society which surrounds us and is about to implode into itself just like the Twin Towers did on 911.

That society needs to die.

Let's just make sure that into this society's ashes that we also inter the remains of the State and the New World Order. We will have the opportunity in this collapse to finally and irrevocably drive a stake into this fucking vampire's heart once and for all.

Celebrate the Fall!

Deliberately push that fucker careening over the edge of the cliff now, so it dies even sooner. Praise Kali as she dance dance dances all over the New World Order's arrogant face.

This system can't be reformed, or de-corrupted. Its very design is Corruption itself. Help it on its deranged way. Let it fall. It is not the end of the world but the beginning of the truly Human Adventure.

And that means the parchment worship also needs to be seen for what it is: a hologram of Liberty. The Constitution for the united States of America is another New World Order enabler.

That hallowed parchment unleashed the Centralized State in America.

And that is the most damning piece of evidence there is to be levied against that vainglorious parchment.

Again, I point out, the only thing in the Constitution that is continually under siege from the Globalist Agenda is the first Ten Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. The rest of that document remains pristine and unscathed. The rest of the document functions completely as intended by its paternal Godfather, Alexander Hamilton, and may God damn his soul to burning Hell for that bait and switch performed at the Constitutional Convention.

The Constitution itself has become the straightjacket which binds us from establishing unconditional Liberty and the completely Voluntary Society throughout this country and around the globe.

Pull the blinders off, xombies!

We don't need that unwieldy document to establish and ordain a Free and Just Society on planet Earth.

All we need is consent.

Did you consent to any of this? Where did you assign your consent to being ruled by the Constitution or anything else for that matter?

If you haven't literally granted your consent and signed your life, liberty, and property to a contract that says as much, then the alleged allegiance means nothing.

Every man, woman, and child must agree to the arrangements of being ruled and consciously, of their own free will, consent to those arrangements by signing a contract to those designs or there is nothing there legally binding. That's by their own rules of contracting. I think that is a valid yardstick to measure issues by.

If you didn't sign up for it, by physically signing something in the first place to act as a public record of you having assigned your consent to something, then you are not in anyway bound to honor anything in any way so help you God.

Can you wrap your bony foreheads around that concept?

You need to because it is a powerful one.

It invalidates everything those simpering frauds in the District of Corruption think that they're legislatively doing to us.

Throw all the phone book sized bills of "law" at us that you want, you criminal frauds. If none of us have signed our signatures to these things, thus entering into evidence a public record of our each and every individual consent to abide by the terms of this or that bill, then your laws don't mean shit.

Open your eyes, xombies, and see that you truly are unbound to honor any of this lunacy.

If everyone woke up tomorrow and just began ignoring these frauds and their kabuki theater of governance, they'd disappear in an instant. They can't operate their criminal fraud without our consent.

Stop consenting.

Stop legitimizing these cannibals.

Stop encouraging them by voting and being a participant in their theater of the absurd.

Stand on your feet and declare that you are a free and sovereign human being and that you are willing to stand and die on your feet resisting the freaks of CONTROL and RESTRICTION. You will give them no quarter. With your last breath you spit on them, these abominations of coercion and murder on a planetary scale.

To Hell will we consign the New World Order and all its legions of parasitical administrators.

To the New World Order I say: you have been the First and Prime Aggressor. You have violated the Zero Aggression Principle. You have committed repeated and unconscionable acts of war against every man, woman, and child alive on the planet today.

And since every man, every woman, and every child is a star, you have committed treason against the very cosmos.

The sentence seems obvious. Get off the fucking island. NOW.

You're Thing of Things will be destroyed.

Welcome to the revolt, motherfuckers.

None of you will make it to the exits in one piece.

This is Lucifer Geraldo addressing the world.


This ex-green beret has gone Gonzo and off the reservation. Reborn now as LUCIFER GERALDO, he stands dedicated to launching a blistering ontological guerrilla information war against the global State (NWO). On December 16th this BEAST is born. Welcome to the revolution.

Beginning on December 16th, the messages of information will continue to fire off like psychic mortar rounds from the virtual platform of


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