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Number 597, November 28, 2010

"If you want to be free, you must grant that freedom to others"

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In the entire US there is one group of people who truly frighten me. There may be others that also frighten me but right now we shall focus on this group. They are white liberals who hate white people and want to see the white race punished for mistreatment of non whites. They are the fanatics behind the entire political correctness movement, the guiding genius behind efforts to make race and gender quotas a permanent system rather than a temporary solution if it was even ever needed ( I can think of arguments either way, I'll be glad to debate them over coffee and drinks some place else). They wish to gain and maintain political power as the priesthood of racial justice and penance for past racism.

Disclaimer: I am a light skinned Latino. I self identify as Mestizo (mixed race, usually European and Indian), but many people would consider me white (and others wouldn't). Come a race war I'm caught in the crossfire shooting in both directions in self defense. I have prejudices on both sides of this issue.

However, this is about white people who feel they deserve power because they hate their own race. They wish white folk to engage in a life of self flagellation over the sins of their grandfathers. Non whites, except Asians who are perceived to have essentially beaten the racist system without the help of self hating liberals, are victims who can do no wrong and cannot be held to any kind of standard. In the words of John Stossel "Gimme a break!"

In the first place self hatred is neurotic if not psychotic. In other words these people claim the right to rule on the grounds that they are nucking futs. How being mad qualifies you for power is beyond me, in fact I've been told that it is a reason to disqualify people from power.

Secondly they demand that everyone be crazy the same way they are, that all white people hate themselves. As a person who can get counted either way I have problems with this. As a white person I really have no desire to hate myself because of my race, or for any other reason for that matter. Sorry I reserve the right to be crazy my own way, and neurotic self hate isn't it. As a non white, that's all I need, a country whose largest ethnic group is a bunch of self hating neurotics and psychopaths or at least whose rulers are. There is also the minor detail that health is the default setting for most human minds. Eventually people will rebel against being forced to hate themselves and will take out their anger either on self hating white liberals and/or members of the minority groups these liberals claim to love. Guess who's an easier target to get to? I really don't want my white friends getting hurt protecting me from white strangers (see Methuselah's Children).

If there is any sentiment as corrosive as self-hatred it has to be self-pity. Being told you are a victim day in day out is a good way to get a case of the pitiful me's. So on top of generations of denied opportunity, poverty, lack of education, and lack of connections will be added the paralysis of self-pity. Gee, my people thank you, oh great white liberal parent figures.

Of course getting a race based free pass encourages the criminal minority in any ethnic group to commit more crime. Guess who their easiest targets are in segregated neighborhoods and barrios? Again, gee thanks Mr. and Ms. White Liberal.

Academics stops being a priority. You are not expected to strive to succeed. It's not your fault if you fail, it's the fault of white bigots who died fifty years ago. So don't try to make things better for yourself. Oh and by the way, if you do try to master "the white man's game" (learn math, English and how to read past sixth grade level or so) you are a traitor to your race (funny how white liberals discourage nonwhites from accidentally becoming competent to make something of their lives). Forget the accomplishments of Luis and Walter Alvarez among others.

So let's review the bidding. Self hating white liberal neurotics and psychopaths want to rule America so that that they can turn other white folk crazy and/ or trigger a pogrom the likes of which the world has never seen, possibly a genocidal race war, crush self respect by members of ethnic minorities and leave them poor, ignorant and terrorized by criminals. And they are so delusional they don't see this is what they are creating. And they claim that any white person that isn't suicidal enough to go along with this is a racist.

So now you know why these clowns scare me.


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