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Number 597, November 28, 2010

"If you want to be free, you must grant that freedom to others"

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The TSA Revolt Is Over
(Lucifer's Rant #4)
by Gerald Montgomery a.k.a. Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Thank you, xombies. You degenerates never fail to let me down.

Come on over here. Let's check out the Drudge Report to see what mayhem the TSA rebellion has scored in the cause of Liberty today (November 27, 2010). Man there are a lot of headlines here today. Can't wait to see how many DOZENS there are about the latest TSA atrocities. Okay, I'm scrolling, scrolling, scrolling...HUH?

Oh my frakking gawd!

Four measly headlines! FOUR! And they're headlines that broke DAYS ago!!!

Oh, I knew this was going to happen.

Now that you lazy fragger couch lumps are done traveling, its time to go back to sleep, isn't it? You're done traveling. You won't be running the risk of being finger fragged by a snot-nosed pervert given a government license to rape the Mundanes. You lard lumps, you Peter Griffins of America make me sick. You deserve everything you've got coming.

Have fun in the FEMA camps, dirt bags. You people aren't worthy of being called Americans anymore.

This is not something we just take up the cause for only when the masses need to travel. So does that mean the outrage is going to ramp up again for Christmas? And then flat-line again once the traveling hassles are over?

FREEDOM IS INCONVEINENT! It's not have it your way right now because you think everything should go like the drive-thru at McDonald's!

If you want real change, you need to keep pushing and pushing and driving these scum back. You made them back down. They're on their knees right now!


No other outcome but the total abolition of the TSA will be tolerated.

That has to be the goal. You can't quit now because it's convenient.

If you can't stay on point long enough to take out a petty goon squad like the TSA, there's no hope for us AFTER the zombie apocalypse when they come around the pike with their motorized jack boots of tyranny to scoop up the survivors and inter them into FEMA camps.

Don't let this false sense of security lull you into a lax posture. Sure, we outnumber them and outgun them too right now. But don't you think they don't know that already and have a plan in place for dealing with it? If I were making the moves to take over the world, I'd have something waiting for the problem of being grossly outnumbered. Something that is designed to kill insanely large numbers of people in short order. A pandemic of some kind.

That's the game plan, xombies.

They don't want it to go super-critical right now, BEFORE they've released the weaponized rabies... that turns placid Cheetos munching Americans into screaming, insane raping psycho-cannibal pack hunters.

I mean, if we're talking the end of the world, let's make it a storyline that won't be FORGOTTEN by the race for millions of years. I'd like to order one zombie apocalypse for the masses. Just like the American Public constantly lets me down, I'm sure the New World Order is going to frag up the end of the world as well.

Kill the world with the swine flu? Are you frakking kidding me?

No, no it must be, at the very least, a zombie apocalypse. You don't have to make corpses come back to life to achieve this one. 28 Days Later wasn't reanimated corpses. A weaponized rabies would do it. Something that puts the R-Complex-In-A-Homicidal-Rage driving the boat while specialized virus proteins attack the frontal lobes and shred all those brain cells.

Then you'd have a raping lunatic cannibal made superhuman by the brain chemicals of rage and murder and sex.

The only real advantage for humanity when faced with hordes such as these is the fact that pinpoint marksmanship won't be necessary. Any center mass hit with something bigger than a 9mm is going to be a lethal wound. No head shots only necessary for this zombie apocalypse.

I'm sure the New World Order will give us some small built in advantage like that. They show their chivalry all the time by having the courtesy to publish white papers detailing their intentions decades in advance of the actual hammer falling.

Thanks, guys.

You're all heart.

I'll try and remember that when I'm pounding a stake through your vampire heart.

This is Lucifer Geraldo addressing the world.

Out. >Mr. Geraldo has a video-rant on the same topic up at

This ex-green beret has gone Gonzo and off the reservation. Reborn now as LUCIFER GERALDO, he stands dedicated to launching a blistering ontological guerrilla information war against the global State (NWO). On December 16th this BEAST is born. Welcome to the revolution.

Beginning on December 16th, the messages of information will continue to fire off like psychic mortar rounds from the virtual platform of


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