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"We want the UN out of the US
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Letter from A.X. Perez with comment by E.J. Totty

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Darwin Rules

Re: "Another Letter from E.J. Totty"

Regarding the person responsible for: "But as a progressive, I would sooner lay my child to rest than succumb to the belief that the use of a gun for self-defense is somehow not in itself a gun crime."

A: May you and your child have long and happy lives and not have these words come back to haunt you.

B: Too many people who share this opinion will have their wish come true for the meme it is based on to survive. If living by this attitude is genetically based Darwinian natural selection will soon get rid of the pacifist gene.

A.X. Perez

To which E.J. Totty commented:


To understand the mindset expressed by the author, you'd have to live in Massachusetts, nominally known otherwise as 'Taxachusetts,' because of the exorbitantly high tax rates on just everything. Why people remain, I have no idea, except perhaps they are masochists of one or another kind.

Perhaps just plain dullards? I don't know ...

I was born there, a long time ago, and my parents moved to New Hampshire as soon as the opportunity presented itself. I departed even earlier!

I will guess that being born into slavery results mostly in following its constructs. Think: Why did Jefferson wait until he died to release most of his slaves, when he could have released them early on?

I can't find any writings by him which would have explained why he'd earlier set several of them free, while keeping the rest in bondage.

But, upon introspection, he seems to have remarked as to their condition: Not much willing to elevate themselves above their condition.

A man, having been born into, and raised by parents of that situation, is likely to merely follow his parent's foot steps. Mostly.

Some of us aren't willing to 'simply follow.' We object! We protest! We defy! WHY THE HELL SHOULD I DO THIS JUST BECAUSE YOU DO?!?!?

I've always been something of a rebel, i.e., a 'non-conformist.' Such has gotten me into trouble more times than I might recount.

At one point, my Mother worried that I'd become a criminal! Little did she realise that I was just an 'eaglet' attempting to spread his wings and fly!

She forgot what it was to be a child discovering her potential and wanting to realise just that.

Only later did she comprehend that she'd forgotten the travails of her own childhood. She fell prey to the 'system,' and her own thinking was soon dulled by the constant drone of the workaday world, the incessant propaganda of the MSM, and the steady beating down by the government at every point in her life. My Father is another story, but he was largely a defeatist: Just keep your head down and shut up!

So then, those slaves which Jefferson set free were the ones he surmised were true MEN amongst all others, i.e., TRULY able to fend for themselves and go it alone.

I think he knew that setting the others free would have resulted in their early demise, and therefore took pity upon them. He really didn't want slaves per se., and his writings reveal just that.

So we come full circle: WHY do the idiots of Massachusetts make such asinine remarks as the author of the referenced item?

Why indeed! Just consider what I've remarked of above: They are slaves, unwilling, unknowing, and merely following a pattern set down for them to follow ...

Could we save them? Should we?

Why bother?

If a man is determined to be a fool, then who are we to disabuse him of his self-delusion?

And now you know why bankers run the Earth: They take advantage of the thoroughly willing sheep.

Remember: No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot talk someone out of that which they weren't talked into to being with.

The message: Self-deception has a stronger psychological 'pull,' than deceit produced by any other means.

They aren't pacifists. Rather, they're just plain stupid, and you can't 'cure' stupid because it's a natural condition for some people.

E.J. Totty


Y es Tomas ese, y Tomas este,
y larga te cabron,
Pero es heroe bienvenido,
cuando tire el canon,
Heroe bienvenido,
cuando tire el canon.

—Loosely translated from "Tommy" by Rudyard Kipling

I am saddened by what I see as a collision of events. On the one hand the DREAM Bill offers legalization and citizenship to youngsters who entered the country illegally if they get college educations or join the military. On the other hand we have Kim in North Korea and other maniacs outside the US trying to establish their legitimacy by picking a fight with the US while a lot of American politicians need a "good" war to hold power and are quite willing to gin one up if the likes of Kim don't cooperate. On the gripping hand we have a media that is great at drumming up support for a war and then leading the antiwar movement.

All this while we have a shortage of soldiers. So perhaps the DREAM Bill will be amended to drop the college option and we will recruit what amounts to a Spanish-English bilingual foreign legion. How assimilated are you if you come back from Korea or Tehran minus limbs or suffering from PTSD fighting for the Stars and Stripes?

I am not denying that born and naturalized citizens will carry out their patriotic duty. I won't even get into whether these projected wars are just or unjust, or if the US is the good guy or the bad guy in them. I'm just tired of reading two hundred plus years of history where this or that race or religion or nationality were not really American enough, until we needed them to bleed and die for a country that scorned them (by the way, this also applies to all you blue staters that hold red-staters in contempt until you need people who love the country you pretend to disdain to fight and die for you, work the fields and factories for you, build your cities and mansions for you). It's a tired verse and I want to hear a new song.

Meanwhile, what's Spanish for Jenkins?

A.X. Perez


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