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Zagmuk, Christmas, and the Whole Nine Candles
(The Feature Article)

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Number 600, December 19, 2010
"We want the UN out of the US
and the US out of the UN"

The word *Freedom* in cuneiform
The word "Freedom" in cuneiform
Source: New World Encyclopedia contributors, "Freedom (philosophy),"
New World Encyclopedia,
(accessed December 19, 2010)

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Found in IT News for Australian Business: "UN mulls internet regulation options"
by John Hilvert

Which caused Our Publisher to write:


It says here the United Nations, in all of their wisdom, virtue, and concern for free speech, have decided to regulate the Internet—if the Federal Communications Commission doesn't beat them to it first.

At the same time, Dolores Umbridge—pardon me, Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, has announced a "no jobs list"—analogous to the illegal "no fly list"—under which you'll need government approval before you can take a job, any job, anywhere within the American Soviet Socialist Republic, the most blatantly totalitarian proposal to ooze so far out of Obama and his fellow Stalinists.

The United Nations is the same outfit, you may recall, whose "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" contains a provision that, once a country has adopted it, it will be illegal to criticize it, or the United Nations. It's the same criminal gang that maintains, just outside its headquarters in New York, a "sculpture" of a .357 Magnum Colt Python with its barrel twisted into a knot to demonstrate their contempt for the increasingly essential individual right to own and carry weapons in particular, and the American Bill of Rights in general.

It's the same gang of bullies, looters, rapists, and murderers whose expressed plan is to round us all up and stuff us into high-rise concentration camps so that they can return the emptied countryside to "nature"—and, of course, to a deserving few of the nomenklatura and the pretty peasant boys and girls who will attend them in their dachas.

No, I'm not making this up. Look up "Agenda 21".

Well, The Libertarian Enterprise, its publisher and editor, and, I suspect, most of its contributors, have three words for the United Nations:




And that goes for the FCC and Dolores Umbridge, too. The Internet, as all the badguys know perfectly well, is our lifeline to liberty, and it must remain free of interference of any kind. Any attempt to control the Internet must be seen for what it is: an attack on freedom itself.

That's why you're going to be seeing some changes over the next few weeks here at The Libertarian Enterprise. The publication has gotten a little cluttered, and we're going to tidy it up. At the same time, after 15 years, it's become a resource, an enormous archive of essays, article, columns, and images that may come in handy in our future struggles against those who have convinced themselves they own us.

Our goal, at least for 2011 will be more specific than it has been. We want the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN. To that end, we will become a clearinghouse and portal connecting other people with a similar objective. And it will be our happy job to organize the abolition of extra-constitutional excrescences like the FCC and the DHS, whose very existence would have the Founders spinning in their graves. Certain mercantilist corporations will have to be dealt with, too.

My objective will be to see Alcatraz reopened and reserved for criminals in government. Hell, that may be the place to build a high-rise.

You can help. Let everyone you know hear about The Libertarian Enterprise, especially libertarians and individuals active in the Tea Party movement. They've already demonstrated that Leviathan can be successfully deflected. Now is the time to do more, much more, than that.

L.Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise


For your information:

"The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention"
by Glenn Greenwald

And with issue 600 we come to the end of our Publication Year 2010. Issue 601 will come out on Janurary 2, 2011. The day after Christmas we take a vacation and enjoy our families and presents and feast. See you next year!

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Zagmuk, Christmas, and the Whole Nine Candles
by L. Neil Smith
About this time last year, I got a message from a conservative correspondent who frequently sends me interesting, thought-provoking material. In this particular message, he was making the same complaint one hears so often from conservatives, whenever their strange idea that America is a "Christian nation" is challenged, usually by liberals.

The Brainwashed as Cannon Fodder
by Bob Wallace
The United States was...were...originally referred to as "are," as in, "The United States are a good place to live." Each state was free and independent. The federal government was a small, fetid backwater in the swamps of D.C. Sometime after the War Between the States, it became, "The United States is a good place to live," meaning the federal government was paramount, and the states were no longer free and independent.

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