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Number 601, January 1, 2011

"Okay, here's THE PLAN"

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A Letter to Ron Paul
by L. Neil Smith

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Dear Congressman Paul,

"HOLDER WARNS OF THREAT WITHIN, 'RADICAL CITIZENS'" screamed the headline on this morning's Drudge Report, beneath a photograph of United States Attorney General Eric Holder, and of Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security. Somehow, Congressman, I got the feeling the man was talking about everybody I know, including me.

Including you.

It's nothing new, of course. It's wholly consistent with behavior of this administration we've seen almost since the moment they assumed office.

It includes documents prepared in collusion with organizations of dubious repute, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and forwarded to local law enforcement agencies identifying as "potential terrorists" or "domestic extremists" millions of perfectly normal Americans—including your own admirers and friends—who distrust the Federal Reserve, who question the President's legal eligibility to hold office, who are openly Christian, who support and practice the right to own and carry weapons, or who have no respect remaining for the current regime.

In addition, we find ourselves utterly disgusted by distasteful and unlawful airline x-rays and brutal, intrusive hand-searches by minions of the Transportation Safety Administration that have been in the news so much of late. At the same time we are admonished by Big Brotheresque videos at Wal-Mart to "report suspicious activity" just like the "good Germans" the government seems hell-bent on turning us into.

Recently, the Obama regime has renewed "progressive" attempts to control or prohibit privately-owned weapons (ironically, at a time when crime is at an historically low ebb, almost certainly because more Americans than ever own guns and know how to use them safely and effectively) with the lying excuse that we are supplying Mexican criminals with arms which, for the most part, these criminals have obtained from the arsenals of their own putrescently corrupt government.

And now, we learn that Napolitano (did you ever notice how closely the woman resembles Dolores Umbridge, the fascistic villain of the Harry Potter movies?) plans on using the utterly discredited notion of "climate change" as a justification to control people's lives even further.

Anyone who resists is, ipso facto, a domestic terrorist.

Congressman Paul, as a student of history and human behavior, I'm sure you realize that there can be no rational interpretation of these developments other than that Napolitano, Holder, and others within the Obama Administration, including Barack Obama himself, are deliberately attempting to provoke a violent reaction to their otherwise insane excesses.

Specifically, transparently, they wish to provide themselves with an excuse to declare martial law, shut off the Internet and talk radio which have successfully opposed their totalitarian machinations so far, control people's movement, outlaw gatherings of the kind we saw last summer with the "tea parties", illegally confiscate weapons presently in the hands of seventy million individuals, and rule by fiat.

Even if I'm completely wrong (now how do the Global Warmists put it?) the risk is too great not to take steps to deal with the problem now.

What I suggest, Congressman, what I urge, is that with the arrival of a New Year and a new Congress, a Congressional investigation be undertaken—that you, yourself undertake a full scale Congressional investigation—into this administration's deliberate, repeated, illegal, and escalating attempts to foment a violent reaction to its dictatorial and destructive policies among otherwise peaceful American citizens.

Perhaps there's still time to stop them.

L. Neil Smith, Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise

NOTE: You can go to [this link] and copy/paste/send this letter to Dr. Paul's office with a "please read and take action" comment.


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