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Number 603, January 16, 2011

"Liberalism as it's currently practiced,
isn't so much another point of view as
it is a form of mental illness"

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Letters to the Editor

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A Question and an Experiment

How many e-mails do you send every day, and how wide is your circle of correspondents? What do you suppose might happen if, for a good, solid week, we all ran my Bill of Rights Penalty Clause as a .sig?

How long would it take to be received by Kevin Bacon?

If a fair number of folks are willing to do this, I'll write a post on my blog, and rewrite the Clause so it has that URL at the bottom. Remember, it doesn't matter if the Clause ever passes or not, just that it's in the minds of as many people as possible, especially politicians.

What do you say?

L. Neil Smith

[That blog post got written and is at and is reprinted in this issue of TLE—Editor]

Dear Editor,

With regard to Bill Stone's excellent essay [last issue].

I have two further comments. One is to point the reader at my related narrative of these events, found here.

The other is the following paragraphs that I posted some days ago on my Facebook profile. (That would be

We must shatter this system. Grabbing a woman from her home, from the loving arms of her toddlers, seizing her bodily, taking her in handcuffs and leg manacles, stealing from her all forms of freedom and communication, stealing her purse and cell phone and laptop, depriving her of all her clothes except those on her back, transporting her against her will without proof, without evidence, without so much as a credible story, because some especially bitter, hateful members of her family agreed to ask a judge to send her to a mental hospital is wrong. What happened to Shaun Lee was wrong, and what is worse, it happens in the USA and in the world, every day.

This must not stand. This is not medical practice, this is lunacy. This is not mental health, it is mental rape. This is not justice, it is evil.

The way the people in the USA have treated the Native Americans, Irish, Blacks, Chinese, Nisei, women, religious minorities, sexual minorities, and the mentally aberrant is uncivilised and unconscionable. Genocide, rape, torture, murder, theft, battery, libel, slander, and a thousand other crimes have been perpetrated against people by those in power with deft arguments against those who are "other" in some way or form.

It must end. We must end it. It is our job. It is not anyone else's job. We and we alone must act, must choose to act, because in the darkness of the night, when a woman cries for help, she must be heard, she must be helped, and she must not go down into darkness. Ever. Not Shaun Lee, not your friends, not your family, not your neighbours, not anyone, ever, anywhere. These cries for help must be answered, for men, for women, for those to whom gender is a text field, for everyone.

When you stand in the presence of the world mind and when I stand in the presence of the world mind, we are one. It is the same flesh, the same blood, the same nature that binds us together. And it is fucking time people took that fact seriously. It is time to love?


Jim Davidson

Re: "TSA: I Just Don't Think Most People Get It" by Doug Newman (Issue 601).

Bill St. Claire commented on this piece last week. I think he is not the only one who would come to that conclusion.

I have to take other issue with it. At one point Newman writes, "Even so, the American people have gladly accepted endless war abroad as well as numerous previously unthinkable predations on their liberty here at home."

First problem: that is a collectivist statement. There is no such entity known as "the American people" that can "accept" things; there are only individuals. What's worse, large numbers of people definitely have taken exception. The opposition to the wars has run around 60% to 70% for a long time, in polls. The government simply ignores us.

He writes, multiple times, "And I just don't think most people got it."

This is writing as if what the majority thinks, matters. The opinion of most people blows with the wind. They are followers. They are "furniture". Their opinion does not matter.

If progress (in liberty or anything else) depended on what the majority of people thought, we'd still be sacrificing children to Moloch.

He writes, "And if your response to this is "then just don't fly", YOU DON'T GET IT!"

I am waiting for news of Newman personally going to war to stop the abuses. Oh, he's waiting too? I guess then HE DOESN'T GET IT!

A somewhat less fevered interpretation is that people rationally put up with crap until they can't put up with it any more. THEN they go to war. Yeah, it would have been better if we had put our foot down at the first intrusion, but that train long ago left the station. Probably back in 1790 or so, before there were trains. We will know better next time.

Paul Bonneau
2 paulbx1 dfgh net


Have you seen this website before?

E.J. Totty

To which L. Neil Smith replied:

Hadn't seen that one. I want a major theme for TLE this year to be getting out of the UN. (Getting rid of Barbariano and her DHS is the other.) I think, using the net, we could pull off the former for sure and maybe the latter, as well.

It's all a matter of time, energy, resources, etc. Not so much of convincing people, but of gathering those who are already convinced. Yesterday's Shaun Lee operation confirmed everything I've ever predicted about the power of unanimous consent.

L. Neil Smith

A Cynic's Political Dictionary

Democracy: Mob rule.

Republic: A euphemism for "police state". See "Police State". Also, a geographical region in which representative government is practiced. See "Representative Government".

Representative Government: A refinement in Democracy in which a mob of people select the least moral among them, to police their morals.

Representative: A politician who claims to be able to simultaneously represent two other people who hate each other's guts. See "Politician".

Senator: A politician who spends more time drunk. See "Politician".

Election: A type of circus, provided for entertainment and for giving a veneer of legitimacy to politicians. See "Politician".

Politician: A euphemism for "liar".

Public Servant: A euphemism for "master".

Voter: A euphemism for "slave".

Media: People whose job it is to propagate politicians' lies far and wide.

Political party: A collection of people who participate in mindless team sports in an election. See "Election".

Democrat: A Republican who claims to care. See "Republican".

Republican: A Democrat who claims to support liberty. See "Democrat".

Minarchist: An Anarchist in training. See "Anarchist".

Anarchist: A slave suffering slavery burn-out.

Government: An amalgamation of masters.

State (or Country): An amalgamation of masters and slaves. Also, a plantation.

Police: Overseers on the plantation; also, tax collectors.

Taxes: A euphemism for "plunder".

Police State: Typically refers to a country other than the one you happen to be a slave in. Also, a place where other people mind your business.

Jail: A jobs program for jailers.

School: A jobs program for teachers.

Teacher: One who turns children into voters for the government. See "Voter".

Paul Bonneau
2 paulbx1 dfgh net

Liber OZ enumerates the rights of man in five hard hitting paragraphs. An almost better enumeration of rights than the Bill Of Rights.

I'm going to wake up the Xombies and show them where the pitchforks are.

Lucifer Geraldo

Firearms and Liberty Quotes for the Pro-Gun Community

This is going to be a selection of pro-gun and pro-liberty quotes from various sources, famous and not-so-much. I'll edit this article and add more as they occur to me. YOU can add to this in the comment section. Please attribute the quotes where possible. Even give quotes of your own! No quote is too over-used. If you are anti-gun, fell free to be ignored if you get obnoxious. Here's a few to start.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."—Benjamin Franklin.

"The right to buy weapons is the right to be free."—A.E. van Vogt (1951)

"An armed man is a citizen, an un-armed man is a slave" (Sometimes ended as "subject")—Robert A. Heinlein

"An Armed Society is a polite Society"—Robert A. Heinlein

"Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."—(Often attributed to G. Washington, there is doubt as to it's veracity as a quote. If he didn't say it, he should have!)

"I've heard that phallic symbol argument before, and always from ineffectual people driven to make everyone else as helpless as they are. who's more confused, those who think weapons are sexual organs, or those who want to take everyone's sexual organs away?." —Clarissa Olson, a character in The Probability Broach, L. Neil Smith, author.

"No one has ever raped a .38!"—Paxton Quigley, a pre-eminent female self defense instructor.

"Make love, not war, but be prepared for both!"—Anonymous

"God created all men. Colonel Colt made'em equal!"—If you know, tell me!

"The only thing that can make a 110 lb woman the physical equal to a 220 lb man is 2 lbs of Hartford steel."—Various forms heard, author unknown (Hartford, Connecticut, home of Colt Firearms)

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"—Patrick Henry

"I know not what course Y'all might take, but as for me, Give me Liberty or Die, Motherfucker DIE!!"—Neale Osborn and A.X. Perez, November, 2010


Neale Osborn

Deja vu all over again

Bobby Kennedy Jr. wrote a piece for the Huffington Post commenting on the need for a national examination of conscience. He compared the assassination of his uncle with the apparently failed attempt to assassinate Gabby Giffords. He cited the poisonous atmosphere of political hate by the right that surrounded both shootings.

One little problem: the guy blamed for killing Jack Kennedy and the guy who tried to kill Gabby Gifford and who did kill six other people including a Federal judge who had ruled against at least one unconstitutional leftist law were both left wing psycho losers.

A.X. Perez

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway commented:

And there would be no difference if the nut job was a dyed in the wool, card carrying member of the LP or the Tea Party or anything else. He was a nut job criminal and that's the only thing that is relevant. The truly "poisonous atmosphere" is aggression and the will to harm innocent people. And the Criminals of DC on both sides of the isle know all about that because causing such harm is their whole purpose in life.

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway

Neale Osborn commented:

What Al and others have failed to take into account is that ACTUAL political affiliation is COMPLETELY IRRELEVENT in this and all other cases. The political affiliation is whatever the media and politicians decide it was, truth be damned. So, in that case, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and this person who would like me to mention his name, ARE right-wing TEA Bagging Palin humpers if the media says so. THAT is why we need an un-biased media.

Neale Osborn

A.X. Perez commented:

An unbiased press is one that tells facts and lets you figure out the truth for yourself. the existing press ells you the truth regardless of what the facts are.

A.X. Perez

L. Neil Smith commented:

The problem with that definition of "unbiased" is that its adversaries will say it's biased. News reporting consists not only of writing or speaking from a point of view, but selecting what's going to be written or spoken about. The left has dominated the business far more in that respect than with respect to the actual content of their reporting.

The only real solution is the one we already have, and which is working perfectly. The left have their sources and outlets. The right has theirs. We libertarians have our own, as well. With people being free to chose, they make their choices in this ocean of information and opinion and so far are doing very well.

Dave Nolan used to believe that, in the end, we'd be back to a two-party system again, conservatives and libertarians. I myself have said that liberalism as it's currently practiced, isn't so much another point of view as it is a form of mental illness.

I'd be happy to back that contention up with a book, if somebody would pay me to write it.

L. Neil Smith

Richard D. Bartucci commented:

In the Wall Street Journal's discussion page on whether or not crazy people should be denied permission to exercise their RTKBA, I'm encountering a self-described journalist voicing the gun-grabber position (how else?) and writing she's "apolitical." To this I had responded:

"...we all know that whenever somebody says 'I'm apolitical' it means 'I'm political as all hell, and I'm going to lie to you about what my political position is because I know you're going to hate me for it, and I want to diddle you.'

"Ain't no such thing as 'apolitical.' At best—if you can call it that — it means that the person voicing such a self-description is too damned stupid to be AWARE of his political predispositions."

So whenever somebody describes himself (or anything else in the world) as "unbiased"—or "bipartisan" or "non-partisan" —he's almost certainly lying his ass off.

Incidentally, I've had much further exchange with that lady, and she hasn't spoken to the above observation in any way at all.

Richard D. Bartucci

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway commented:

This is the very best writing I've seen on the subject so far:

Giffords: Reality Turned Inside-Out
By Larken Rose

"Gun control" is violence enforced with guns. In other words, so-called "gun control" is gun violence. Ask a Branch Davidian about this, if you can find one who the feds haven't murdered yet. Or ask Randy Weaver. Ask him how compassionate and peace-loving "gun control" is. If you don't know what I'm talking about, turn off your statist-controlled TV long enough to do an internet search, and see "gun control" in action.

To be blunt, the opinions of the average American regarding morality, violence and justice are warped and twisted to the point of being about as backward as they could possibly be. The good news is that this is not the result of individual stupidity or malice. It is the result of life-long indoctrination into the cult of "government." If you love humanity, and consider yourself peace-loving, I dare you to read The Most Dangerous Superstition. You may find that your good intentions and noble virtues are being used against you, to the extreme detriment of humanity. You may find that all the pain and suffering that you see in the world, all the injustice you want to end, is feeding off of you. If that were the case, would you want to know? Or would you rather cling to whatever you already believe, regardless of the harm it may be doing to others? Again, I dare you to read the book.

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway

[The book is found at [this link]—Editor]

A reply and open letter to Mr. Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

In your speech on Wednesday the 12th of January 2011 you exhorted the American people to make an America worthy of our children's expectations. I consider this an admirable sentiment and honorable goal. With all due respect I must point that I believe this means I must oppose you on many issues.

Please make sure that Mr. Eric Holder and Ms. Janet Napolitao understand that this dies not make me or other people whose consciences compels them to take the same course traitors, terrorists, or insurrectionists.

Thannk You,

A.X. Perez


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