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Number 604, January 23, 2011

"Home of Oppositional Defiance Disorder"

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Letter from The Editor

Common sense laws

I have e-mailed every antigun politician, celebrity and news organization and asked why the never call for "common sense" laws restricting the weapons police and Federal agents carry. Or why they need full-auto military weapons that are illegal for "civilians" to own.

No response from any so far, but will forward any I do get.

Wes Carr

Re: Discussion of "Why We Shouldn't Disarm Crazy People" from Doug Newman

For what it's worth, ladies and germs, it has been illegal to sell guns to nutballs SINCE 1968!!!!

A box in Form 4473 asks "Have you ever been adjudiucated mentally ill?" or words to that effect. Checking "Yes" kills the sale.

I know, I know. This doesn't provide anyone any protection. Nor would a line of headshrinkers running around the block. Take that from a former headshrinker-in-training. (Didn't know that about me? I had the gift, but not the stomach.)

But here's the important part: every one of us on this list "suffers" from "oppositional defiance disorder" ("ODD"). Ir's already plugged into the Stalinist doctors' handbook. We are all insane because we oppose the state. If we let them go an inch further, they'll try to steal our weapons on those grounds.

And the shit will hit the fan.

The simple fact is that the American Psychological Association is and always has been a sort of clinical Ku Klux Klan, deciding what's sane and what isn't on the basis of how closely it agrees with their political inclinations. Stalin would be proud.

I saw that in the 1960s, and it's one reason I left the field. A libertarian pshrink (my spelling—feel free to use it) would always be swimming upstream against a current of opinion that anyone who disagrees with the prevailing socialism is nuts.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the humiliation they suffered after World War II from their so-called "F-scale" of fascist tendencies.

BTW, ODD is a great acronym which I heartily embrace.

Might just change the subtitle of TLE to "Home of Oppositional Defiance Disorder".

Pick the phrase up and run with it (as we did when Murray Rothbard sneered at us as "Space Cadets") and it becomes useless to them.

L. Neil Smith, ODD

[I agree! We should form "The Independent Order of ODD Fellows (or "Fellers")—Editor, ODD]

Letter to the Editor of The Arizona Republic newspaper Re: "Clarence Dupnik says he's earned the right to speak his mind" by Richard Ruelas

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik says that after 30 years on the job he's earned the right to speak his mind. As an American he absolutely has the same right to speak his mind as all of us. I wouldn't dream of suggesting he be denied that right. In fact, I would encourage him to do so—on his own time.

Following the terrible incident in Tucson the Sheriff expressed his personal emotional feelings to the media at the moment professional behavior was most called for. Basically he lost control. His statements laying blame for the shooting on political rhetoric, with absolutely NO supporting evidence, were unprofessional and out of line. Subsequently denigrating Arizona in the national media was outrageous.

Sheriff Dupnik is free to vent his frustration in a non-official capacity. Instead he chose to point an official finger of blame at countless individuals whose political voices he dislikes. Rather then calming the political atmosphere he helped inflame it. These are not the actions of a Peace Officer.

Thirty years is a long to hold a stressful job. At 75 it's time for Sheriff Dupnik to retire. Then he will be free to say whatever he wants.

Pat Holder

The libertarian issue

There is a blogger, Aretae, that I read a few times per week, because he usually makes me think hard, and often re-examine some assumptions. His post from January 17 did both: [link]

The comments (there were 8 when I sent this) are also mostly good.

My sense of this, so far, is that I mostly agree with Aretae. I don't accept natural authority, as opposed to voluntary/economic authority. My sales manager gets to tell me what to do as long as I am content to accept the company's payment for services. But his authority only covers my work activities. He has no authority over other aspects of my life.

I don't recognize the authority of various individuals employed by governments, local, state, and federal. I obey because the alternative is a fine, imprisonment, or death. Nor do I recognize the authority of any religious figures, although I know many libertarians who do, which may dilute Aretae's premise somewhat.

As I noted, this is something I will be pondering for a while yet.

What do y'all think?

Chris Claypoole

The FBI has arrested some 120 mobsters in raids last week. While this would seem to put a dent in organized crime I must disagree.

It is forbidden in the Constitution to arrest Congressmen while Congress is in session. This of course is intended to prevent a tyranical president or group from arresting enough Congressmen to get rid of oppopstion and thus steamroller their agenda.

This means that the greatest collection of grifters and thieves in America is still on the streets.

Tivial yet true.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in West Texas

Tell me those dogs ain't having fun!!!

E.J. Totty

[Those dogs ARE having fun!—Editor]

We all have heard of how bad the commonwealth of Massachusetts can be regarding the rights of individuals, which is quite ironic given how the people of that colony were prime instigators of the first American revolution. But nowadays, it's one of the most repressive of the United States, along with New York, Illinois, and my home state of Maryland. But this week they took away a man's guns because he wrote something in a blog that offended the authorities in the town in which he lives. They violated both his First and Second Amendment rights. As a result, another Massachusetts blogger is promoting a campaign to spread the word about this with a tribute to one of my favorite movie scenes, from Spartacus (or [blue-ray 50th Anniversary Edition]).

I am TJIC.

Chris Claypoole

Did you see this? (You can publish this information if you like.)

Guns and Weed: Now on YouTube

I played a minor part in that movie and am really proud of it.

MamaLiberty a.k.a. Susan Callaway

1933 Besler

The mind begs to know where this would have gone in a society less dedicated to war abroad and plunder at home.


L. Neil Smith

A nice set of free (and unicode) fonts in both TrueType and OpenType formats.

Ken Holder


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