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Number 606, February 6, 2011

"The gradual encroachments of reason"

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News From the Border
by A.X. Perez

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After only having 5 murders in El Paso City limits in 2010 January 2011 was marked with 6 murders. In the last weekend four people were knifed to death. Note that last year there was one knifing, one beating with a bat, and one running over with a truck. Apparently we like to make our murder close up and personal and thus gun control is not a part of reducing our murder rate or other violence. Arguably some of the murder victims could have defended themselves if they had been armed with guns.

The Winter Storm of the Beginning of February 2011 made it all the way to El Paso, at the time this is written we have not gone down to zero yet, wind chill has gone below zero. Whether or not anthropogenic climate change caused by release of carbon dioxide is a factor (making systems more energetic, thus pushing storm into my little corner of the world), La Nina, volcanic eruptions in Iceland and other factors are at least as important. Government intervention in trying to get rid of ACC would create economic problems and violations of human freedom would create worse problems than a few heat waves, floods or blizzards. It would also do nothing about the El Nino/La Nina cycle, the effects on weather of tectonic activity and other factors. Arguably it would create impoverishment that would force people to create more pollution, including increasing their carbon footprint to survive.

Oversimplifying ACC and its possible consequences made a lot of people, notably Al Gore, a lot of money and gained them political influence. Three or four bad winters in a row have led to them being teased (if you can't take a joke you don't belong in the game) to the effect "Where's that global warming when we need it?"

It seems to me that when people want the government to mess with people's freedom, political or economic, they oversimplify a problem, often with embarrassing results. I can't see any reason to trust them to come up with overly simplistic solutions that are not eventually as disastrous.


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