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The Power of Beer

The power of beer.

When you get there, you can just let the video run, or you may move the beer slider...

Man, what a cutie!!

E.J. Totty

["Beer good.... foamy!—Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

Another disturbing secret revealed about the Nazis

Check this out, then go read—or better yet, buy—Roswell, Texas at

L. Neil Smith

Were Nazis a homosexual, pagan cult?
That's the conclusion of updated classic 'The Pink Swastika'

It's a book that has been shunned from libraries.

It's a book that is disturbing, compelling and persuasive on its major point—that homosexuals dominated the German Nazi Party from its birth through its catastrophic demise.

It's a book that is vilified by America's "gay" activist establishment.

But it's also a highly footnoted, meticulously documented book whose primary sources include the best historical work on the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

"The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party" by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams challenges the notion that homosexuals were victimized during the Holocaust in ways comparable to the Jews. But it does much more than that. It also makes the case that the Nazi Party is best understood as a neo-pagan, homosexual cult.

From the party's founding in a homosexual bar, "The Pink Swastika" introduces the reader to all the household names of Nazism—from Goebbels to Goering and Himmler to Hess—and their secrets of sexual perversion, one of the driving forces of their genocidal sadism.

"This is a deeply disturbing book," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who recently added a new 4th edition of the book to the WND Superstore. "Perhaps not until very recently, with the mandating of open homosexuality in the military and the widespread promotion of same-sex marriage, could Americans have been expected to see the relevance of this remarkable work to their own society. We say, 'never again.' But do we mean it? Do we even understand what actually happened? I didn't—until I read this book."

"The Pink Swastika" also offers revealing quotations from Nazi leaders themselves that explain their religious bent, putting to the lie the notion that Hitler and his coterie had anything but contempt for Christianity.

It seems the Nazis sought first to destroy the Jews, but Christianity was next on the agenda.

The real target of the homosexual pagan cult of Nazism was Judeo-Christian morality, the book finds.

A widely circulated German publication, "Defilement of Race," laid out the plan:

"Through the German soul and through unadulterated German blood, the world will be able to return to a state of health, but only after it has been freed from the curse of Judaism and of Christianity. ... The mission of German nationality in the world is to free this world of Jews and Christians. ... It is the very essence of Christianity ... for all people to become 'united in brotherhood.' To achieve this, all barriers of race must fall. The maintenance of such barriers means the preservation of national individuality, which is essentially irreconcilable with the Christian aim of universal brotherhood. ... Because this disintegration of racial culture has been consciously and systematically pursued by Christianity, and is still being pursued today, it is race defilement."

Dietrich Hutton, the author of that screed, explained Nazis saw Judaism as the source of the wider problem that involved all the world's Christians, too.

"The way in which Christianity is directed in the interests of world Jewry and its attitude toward Judaism is traceable to the undeniable fact that the founders and proclaimers of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were full-blooded Jews," he wrote. "It cannot therefore be coincidence, or negligence or ignorance that consciously makes Christians ... deviate from the fundamental tenets of conservating nationality and cultivating race. The reason for this is to defile non-Jewish races, weaken and destroy them so that Judaism, as the 'chosen people,' can ... [erect] a world sovereignty on the ruins of the non-Jewish races, which Christianity has destroyed."

"You will never look at Nazism or homosexuality the same way again after reading 'The Pink Swastika,'" concludes Farah.

Already, only a few days after introducing this new edition of the book into the WND Superstore, Farah says homosexual bloggers and commentators have taken notice and "are pulling out the long knives of invective and abuse."

"They say this book has been discredited," Farah says. "But I've read the book and I've read all the criticism. The book more than stands up to all the attacks I've seen, most of which are completely baseless."

Get your copy of 'The Pink Swastika' from ((The Libertarian Enterprise gets a small commission from each purchase).


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Extremely Important Article

"Playing the Global Warming Card"
By Cassandra Anderson
February 11, 2011
Man-made global warming (also known as climate change) claims have been thoroughly discredited by the "scientists" who perpetrated them through leaked e-mails in the 'Climategate' scandal. It seems like it should be a dead issue, but the truth is that too many resources have been invested in this scam to allow it to fade away. The global warming myth is thriving internationally, on the federal level and in state and local governments.

(Courtesy of Freedom's Phoenix)

This article has motivated me to add a chapter on the UN to my new book Where We Stand Look for it in a few days, after I finish the current piece on globular warmulization.

L. Neil Smith

The Nature of Compromise

For the last two years people have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Barack Obama has been very careful to be neutral or even sometimes slightly pro gun on gun control issues. At the time this is being written he has not called for any new gun control measures even after the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabriela Gifford.

This is not to say his team has not pushed antigun action, this is just to say he has so far stayed "above the fray." Thus the concern about sabotic descent. Obama's core constituency is liberal Northeast/ Rustbelt liberal Democrats, people who do believe in gun control.

Before he was elected President Mr. Obama supported gun control. As President he has gone mute. Sooner or later, regardless of his personal opinion on its wisdom, BO will have to support some gun control measure just to keep faith with his core followers. This prospect is scary for several reasons. The first is that BO has built up evidence that he is a "moderate on gun control." Thee and me may correctly believe he was laying out a false trail, too many people won't. Therefor when he proposes what he calls "reasonable, common sense" regulations people will hear these coming from a man with credentials as a moderate. Secondly, what if he offers a deal?

Ad argumendo, what if Mr. Obama offers to get rid of (list of truly obnoxious gun control measures of your choice) in exchange for passing (two or three gun control measures of your choice) that are arguably simply closing loopholes in existing laws that we don't find that obnoxious anyhow? Sorry about the clumsy parentheses, just don't want to give anyone ideas. There are a lot of Americans who don't get it that "not be infringed" means almost no regulation (I will concede that anyone detained because of criminal charges or for medical reasons should be disarmed until they're released) and will accept this argument. Too many politicians are used to calling what they do the art of the possible, the art of compromise. So if a President with a record for being a moderate in the gun debate shows up offering a lot of major concessions in exchange for a few minor concession (or at least gives that appearance) it might actually work.

So the question remains. do we oppose every measure tooth and toenail, no quarter asked or given, or do we get the best price we we can for anything we end up having to give up? I have my own opinion and I'm sure you have yours. The one thing we must do is make sure that we aren't tricked into giving up one anything to keep what we already have.

A.X. Perez


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