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Number 608, February 20, 2011


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by the staff

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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

[PUBLISHER'S NOTE: no changes have been made to this material except that it has been broken into paragraphs and extraneous punctuation removed so it can actually be read. It was sent to us by one David J. Earnest, who is solely and deliberately responsible for our recent scrape with federal marshals (he actually brags about it), and this is absolutely the last time his writings will ever appear in the virtual pages of The Libertarian Enterprise. LNS]


Ken I don't really care if you print this or not. Judge Diarmuid Fionntain O'Scannlain, lives a couple miles from me. I'm calling the FBI and sharing this information with them.

Mr Editor,

James Eric Davidson is a regular contributor to the TLE that brings NOTHING to the conversation.

His vituperative screeds only supports the opinion of many that Libertarians are irrational nut cases.
While that is a generalization that isn't supported by fact.

As an individual this man is a raving lunatic, scam artist and pathological liar so filled with hate for America that he feels his vulgarity and irrationality advances the cause of liberty.

It does not.

All it does is give the enemies of Liberty ammu nition to marginalize our cause.

This man is my enemy.

He has threatened me with violence and has tried to find me and do the same thing to me that he has done to individuals mentioned in his initiation of violence against people mentioned in his article titled "They're Here... ...and Here, and Here "(TLE585).

These people may indeed be enemies of liberty in the authors opinion, but they are not in fact anything more than people trying to secure our country against enemies foreign and domestic.

I absolutely agree that the "War on Drugs" is a large load of fertilizer.

These individuals mentioned in the article have the same expectation of privacy as the rest of us.

And yet Jimmy felt the need to expose otherwise law abiding contributors to our society to every nut case with a grudge against the PTB.

At his own expense Jimmy obtained information from public sources to lead people to the doors of his political enemies The First amendment is a right not a privilege, and as you know comes with a concomitant respo nsibility not to abuse your right as a cudgel against those you disagree with.

James Eric Davidson, you are a criminal Initiator of Violence.

If I could prove anything I would hunt you down like the human debris you are, but I can't and until evidence is found that can connect you to this act of violence perpetrated against my neighbor: ToWit: (PA220010.JPG) & this: PA220012.JPG.

Arson investigators were unable to articulate the cause of fire as anything other than suspicious or accidental It started in the carport, spread to the house, gutting it.

The elderly paraplegic occupant and his son and his sons wife were gratefully uninjured due to the fast action of all of his neighbors.

They lost everything in that fire, insurance covered the structure but not the contents.

In the parlance of the common slob, Jimmy Eric Davidson you fucked up.

You missed me.

But I turned all of your emails threatening me to the FBI you love so much.

It's inconclusive evidence.

Wildly circumstantial and without any merit whatsoever.

Just like Jimmy Eric Davidsons fits of BS he vomits on the TLE on a regular basis.

Jimmy if anything happens to Diarmuid Fionntain O'Scannlain, N. Randy Smith, Circuit Judges, and Charles R. Wolle, Senior District Judge.

Someone large, pissed off and heavily armed will be standing on your well perforated chest.

Then again I could be wrong, you're totally innocent and I apologize in advance. ;)

Ken you need to distance yourself from this fool most rickety tick I've told you before and you continue to print his crap ... Please think it over


Dear Knuckleheads in Chief,

I warned you back in August [sic] that Jim Davidson had gone over the top with his insanity.

I told you I was going to talk to the feds.

I did.

It took them 6 months to get around to contacting you.

I'm not surprised.

At least we are not yet getting all the government we pay for.

I digress.

Jim Davidson doesn't give a damn about Libertarianism, EL Neil or you.

All he cares about is hurting people he perceives as enemies.

He will walk all over you and anyone he can use to further his irrational agenda.

I can't prove he tried to kill me and my family when my neighbors house burned down.
But he did aggregate the information necessary to initiate violence against individuals he deemed his enemies.

Threats were made and attempts thwarted.

He's too much of a coward to do anything himself, so he get s others more sick than he is to do it for him.

He's the 1st amendment equivalent to an arsonist.

I turned over all of the 61 emails he sent me threatening my life, my livelihood and my friends and family, over to the FBI and US Marshalls service.

Do what you think is right.

You had an opportunity to nip this in the bud when I brought it to your attention 6 months ago.

Apparently you chose to ignore it at your peril and regret.

Your weak Disclaimer won't cut any ice:

"Mind you, this offending article contains only information found on publicly-accessible web sites, and Mr. Davidson just put it all together. It's not like it's any kind of secret stuff."

This Doesn't excuse you from acting to prevent the commission of a crime or injury to others.

You are complicit ethically and morally by your inaction.

I will continue to hold you and Neil responsible until you repudiate Mr. Davidson's actions publicly on

Put a hustle on it though because you may get shut down completely beforehand.

Second (AND LAST!) Warning


David J Earnest


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