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You Decide
by the staff

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[PUBLISHER'S NOTE: we present herewith Jim Davidson's reply to David J. Earnest.]

Dear Ken and Neil,

Do you know this person? I have never met Dave Earnest, to my knowledge. If he saw me speak at an event some time in the past, I do not have any recollection of him introducing himself.

I do seem to recall him being very upset about 2012 in December of 2009 or so, and I wrote about something he had written, which I think you were kind enough to publish.

> Jim Davidson doesn't give a damn about Libertarianism ...

I am not a partyarch. I don't love the Libertarian Party in its current form, with its current leadership.

My credentials as a freedom activist go back to 1978, and as a space activist, to 1977. I see no reason to go over that material here.

> ... EL Neil or you.

This must be why I've contributed essays for going on 16 years and paid for advertisements in your publication. Or, maybe not?

> All he cares about is hurting people he perceives as enemies.

Very odd. Maybe he could supply a list indicating what crimes have been committed by whom against what victims. But I do not think there is any such list, nor are there any victims.

Possibly, because I was very direct and blunt with him, Dave Earnest feels obligated to slander me, attack me, and make false statements to the federal government about me.

> He will walk all over you and anyone he can use to further his
> irrational agenda.

What agenda is that, do you suppose?

Could it be the neo-hippie manifesto? I've never asked you to publish it, but here is a link to it.


Dastardly agenda, I guess.

> I can't prove he tried to kill me and my family when my neighbors
> house burned down.

I do not know Dave Earnest. I do not know where he lives. I have not tried to kill him, nor anyone on this continent. Ever. I did not know that his neighbour's house had burned down, nor indeed that his neighbour had a house, or even existed.

I have used defensive force, one time, in Africa.

> But he did aggregate the information necessary to initiate violence
> against individuals he deemed his enemies.

Aggregate what information? Against whom? The information I've put in essays about judges, congress critters, etc., reflects information about where people who have already initiated force are located, and that's all public domain information. Anyone seeking to hold a candle light vigil or wave a sign (about who these people are and what they do) would have access to the same information using the same public domain published sources.

> Threats were made and attempts thwarted.

Threats of what, by whom? Threats to whom?

> He's too much of a coward to do anything himself, so he gets others
> more sick than he is to do it for him.

It is an interesting issue. I guess he doesn't know about my experiences in Africa. Oh, well.

If other people do something violent, how is that my fault? I believe in individual responsibility. I am responsible for the words I've written. What anyone "makes that mean" or "feels about that" or writes about it, or does as a result of reading it, is their responsibility.

> He's the 1st amendment equivalent to an arsonist.

That seems odd, to me. How is this a claim?

What is the First Amendment equivalence here?

> I turned over all of the 61 emails he sent me threatening my life, my
> livelihood and my friends and family, over to the FBI and US Marshalls
> service.

This is a startling claim. I don't recall any such e-mails.

I do have a series of e-mails from January 2010 in which someone named "Dave" using wrote to me about things I had written.

The entire extent of each reply, after the ones I copied to the Editor of TLE, is, "Which part of 'go fuck yourself' did you not understand?"

I find it confusing that my reply could possibly be interpreted as threatening to anyone.

I see a total of 23 such messages in my outbox, including three copying the TLE editor.

> Do what you think is right. You had an opportunity to nip this in
> the bud when I brought it to your attention 6 months ago.

By doing what, do you suppose?

> Apparently you chose to ignore it at your peril and regret. Your
> weak Disclaimer won't cut any ice:
> "Mind you, this offending article contains only information found on
> publicly-accessible web sites, and Mr. Davidson just put it all together.
> It's not like it's any kind of secret stuff."
> This Doesn't excuse you from acting to prevent the commission of a crime
> or injury to others. You are complicit ethically and morally by your
> inaction.

How so?

You would also be complicit in the commission of a protest, or a candle light vigil, or a sign waving, or a petition of government for redress of grievances, or in exercising freedom of the press.

What crimes have taken place? Who is the victim?

> I will continue to hold you and Neil responsible until you repudiate
> Mr. Davidson's actions publicly on

What actions? How is writing an essay and submitting it for publication an action to be condemned? What aspect of freedom of speech and freedom of the press do you think Mr. Earnest does not understand?

> Put a hustle on it though because you may get shut down completely
> beforehand.

Shut down by whom for what?

> Second (AND LAST!) Warning

Well, someone sounds unhappy.

As you know, letters to your address may be published at the discretion of the editor. I am quite happy for you to publish this letter, if you wish. Possibly you should help Dave Earnest with his credentials in the freedom community by also publishing what he wrote.

It seems odd that there should be "61 e-mails" containing content that I don't recall writing. So if he submits any such material to you for publication, I would be interested in reviewing it.



P.S. With regard to Dave Earnest, I think he is upset with me personally. Apparently I have written things that have touched his honour. Therefore, I regret having done so, and here now extend my sincere apology for any of my words that were offensive to him. Dave, I'm sorry.


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