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Another Letter from A.X. Perez

A Small Favor

Ladies and gentlemen, I have had another idea—a very easy way to advance the cause of liberty while trying to earn an honest living for my family. If you go to's page for the TOR (text) edition of The Probability Broach, on the left side, below the picture of the book cover, you'll find a small photo of a Kindle reader, and the legend, "Tell the Publisher! I'd like to have this book on Kindle"


For some reason, TOR is taking its own sweet time creating a Kindle version of my flagship novel TPB. They keep saying "It's on the schedule". Meanwhile, I'm now earning more from electronic forms at my other publishers than I am from dead-tree editions. It's time the North American Confederacy intersected with the 21st century.

So if you'd be kind enough to go there and do that, I'd appreciate it very greatly. And so will Win, Lucy, Ed, and Clarissa—not to mention Captain Forsyth.

And Deejay Thorens, too.

Thank you,

L. Neil Smith

New meme


I'm sure everyone here has heard of the infestation that is spreading from the east coast of the United States.

A swarm of parasites that suck the very lifeblood from their hosts. If not taken care of they will ruin your life. Make your home unlivable, and leave you a broken person. There appears to be no remedy that is 100% effective as yet.

In the past they were referred to as redcoats but these days we'll just call them Fedbugs.

This term popped into my head one day recently and I thought it would make a great meme. So if you like it please use it and spread it around.

Think about the parallels of the two creatures. The mostly ineffective means of keeping them at bay, the pain they sow upon innocent people and the destruction of wealth that results. One of the few differences is that bedbugs don't pretend to be helping you out. In that sense they are the more honest infestation. And, yes, according to Wikipedia they were once called redcoats. How perfect.

Warren Tilson

What would Jesus cut?

> he'd eliminate is the entire debt based banking system based on usury.

Jesus probably would; he was a socialist, descended from a bunch of neolithic sheepherders who knew dick about economics.

You need to read up on Austrian time-preference theory, gents. What you call "usury" —lending money at interest—is both natural and necessary to get businesses started, This plan of yours would have us back living in mud huts as quickly as any environmentalist's scheming. Jesus would probably like that. What was that bit about a camel through the eye of a needle? Pure collectivist crap.

Want to really fix banking? Then read my book online, Where We Stand at There's a chapter there on banks. Read the chapter on corporations, as well. Then read "The Plan"; it's right there near the top of the opening page. This country desperatel; needs implementation of "The Plan" and won't survive much longer without it.

In a nutshell: take the manufacture of money out of government hands and let it become a free market commodity. Outlaw fractional reserve banking as the fraud it is. Fix responsibility by eliminating limited liability. Abolish sovereign immunity. Do that and we'd not only have the healthiest economy humanity has ever seen, in a generation, we'd jump ahead ten thousand years in terms of progress.

Trust me, I don't like banks, but I refuse to injure innocent bystanders trying to make them straighten up and fly right, especially when there are genuine remedies that make sense.

Sorry to be abrupt, but there's no time left for foolishness, and my bursitis is acting up.

L. Neil Smith

Re: the responses to my article, The End of the Minarchist/Anarchist Dispute

My article boiled down to "floating a trial balloon". I had found this guy Hasnas, someone who actually thought about anarchy and government, rather than resorting to all the usual tired, stale slogans. I thought folks might want to check him out.

Not that I did not have some reservations—in fact I stated some in the second to last paragraph.

I didn't mind getting a whack from Susan Callaway. After all, she's right. I have similar reservations. Anyway we are friends, and pretty much on the same page.

The article by Michael Bradshaw left me scratching my head. After all, it's not every day one is put in the class of parasites, or pals of Alexander Hamilton. So, I went over to his web page, expecting to find a hard-core uberanarchist, someone who would put even Susan to shame, and what do I find? A guy who is arguing for Constitutional restoration!

So, we apparently have a minarchist arguing that an anarchist (me) is not anarchist enough. OK...

I was going to look at his 5GW thing, since he begs us to attempt falsifying it, but didn't find a link. It might actually be worth reading, if he's kept all the exclamation points, parentheses and other silliness to a low roar there.

Paul Bonneau

Re Paul Bonneau's letter in TLE # 608:

I wish to commend Mr. Bonneau; without humor, this time. He has hit several nails square on the head and pointed out the flaw in secession of states from the Union as any kind of permanent solution to the government problem.

Perhaps secession can be a useful interim solution to the empire problem, but it just takes us back to the old unlimited forms of government by the formerly united states.

He has come 180 degrees from his previous article that I criticized in issue 608. He also did it much faster than I could or did.

From Mr. Bonneau's letter:

The point is not to create some document that some people in power over you can ignore. That itself is just "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Doing the same thing and expecting different results! The point is not to let them have power over you in the first place.

Of course that is easier said than done, but the Egyptians already have a fair start, having ignored authority and set up their own neighborhood watch groups for security. What they really have to do is stop cooperating in their own enslavement by rejecting constitutional fantasies. That is the absolute minimum.

Good show, sir!

All the Best,

Michael Bradshaw (at)

Any Day Arrived

Between Thursday and Saturday last the last full week of February 2011 there were widespread arrests of Mexican Drug Cartel members in the USA and Mexico. Lots of people were arrrested, large amounts of money, weapons, drugs and so on seized. This was done in the reaction to the murder of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents by members of the Zetas. Thousoands of criminals and their contrand and loot were captured by a wide variety of American and Mexican cops. For the ttime being let us ignore how we feel about whether or not drugs should be decriminalized. To take down so many criminals and so much of their swag the authorities had to be wise to them, ready to move. So I want to know one thing, why did they wait so long, and allow the sovereignty of the Mexican Government to be severely compromised, the people of la Frontera to be murdered and terrorized, and the civil liberties of American citizens to be endangered? "Could have had him any day," is a better line for a song than a way for dealing with mass murderers.

Compadres, the War on Drugs is a pretext to violate the Bill of Rights. The shooting drug war in Mexico is a tool to destabilize the Mexican government so that the US can annex Mexico and trash the Bill of Rights. The Zetas were originally trained and organized by the US and are operating as mercenaries for the Sinaloa Cartel which is part of Mexico's ruling class, who in turn owe their souls and balls to the same bunch who own our government.The ability of the governments to crack down on their blood whores when they killed the wrong guys demonstrates what a set up the War on Drugs is. They do this working for the bunch that gave us Hamilton's First Bank of The United States and a whole bunch of people are dying over it.

A.X. Perez

PS: Please forward to The ODD Fellows.

["We are the ODD Fellows
The ODD Fellows are us!

Where has that foot been?

So on the last Friday of February 2011 I had nothing better to do so I listened to part of Bill Maher's show on HBO. It was a rerun of the show he did after the attempted assassination of Gabby Giffords.

He spoke out that this was why we needed to totally ban private ownership of firearms (or encouraged a sympathetic guest to do so, I forget which.) Not reasonable regulations, not commonsense restrictions, he supported a total ban.

Unfortunately, Bill Maher stepped on his own dick on the issue a long time ago. Some years back he was criticizing a program to teach women in Florida how to use handguns safely so that they could get concealed carry licenses. This was because there had been a problem with rapes in the county in question.

When it was pointed out that the program had reduced rapes he responded "No one in their right mind would try to rape a woman with a gun in her purse."

So apparently he understands that arming women prevents rape. Yet he supports banning guns. He literally would rather see women raped and strangled with their own pantyhose than allow them to carry the tools to defend themselves.

Bill Maher supports rapists' right to rape over women's right to defend themselves. Nice guy.

I want to know, did he wash that foot before he shot himself in it and put it in his mouth?

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far West Texas

Social Contract

I'd never make it in politics. I am not angry at anyone, I don't hate anybody. Anger is depressing. Hatred makes you too easy to manipulate.

Also I have a really good left uppercut a bunch of blades. a shillelagh and all the gun (okay, right now down to one dammit) I can afford.

I'm a nice guy and I feel everyone else should do their best to make sure that keeps working for me.

And in return I'll let you be whatever you want and will offer you what help you need in making that work for you.

Hopefully that includes being my friend.

A.X. Perez


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