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Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21

The Genocide Agenda
by L. Neil Smith

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Go straight to the heart of the enemy's greatest strength. Break that and you break him. You can always mop up the flanks and stragglers later, and they may even surrender, saving you a lot of effort.
—L. Neil Smith

UN Insult to Americans On the grounds—no, let's make that "compound"—of the United Nations in the Big Wormy Apple, stands a sculpture, crafted in 1988 as a calculated affront to everything that its host nation believes in, especially the highest law of the land, the first ten amendments to its Constitution, commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights—and in particular, to the Second Amendment, intended to protect the other nine.

The sculpture in question is an outsized copy of one of the most famous and easily-identifiable handguns ever made, a .357 Magnum Colt Python, recognizable by the barrel, with its vented sight-plane and full-length underlug, a cylinder catch which is pulled back, rather than pushed forward, inward, or upward, the distinctive shape and decoration of the grip, and for its unusual hammer which the accompanying online propaganda says is cocked, but which, in fact, is not.

This so-called "peace sculpture", a gift from the comic-relief nation of Luxembourg, is known as "the Knotted Gun". I'm sure that the sculptor would want his name mentioned. The Python's barrel, which in real life would be a ridiculous eighteen inches long, is tied in an overhand knot, the muzzle pointing up, in representation of a nasty old weapon that has been rendered harmless. In fact, such a gun would be far from harmless, it would blow up upon being fired, injuring or killing the shooter and any close bystanders. The sculptor, in the bucket-headed manner typical of all victim disarmament advocates, has found a way to covert a revolver into a grenade, a sophisticated precision instrument of self-defense into a weapon of indiscriminate destruction.

But here's the point: Colt's Patent Firearms should really sue the sculptor, Luxembourg, and the UN. Quintessentially a civilian weapon, intended for private individuals, the Colt Python's use as a symbol of criminal violence is utter hypocrisy in a world where millions of lives are preserved every year by privately-owned guns, and the vast majority of violence is done—and always has been—with state issued rifles, by trained killers, usually conscripts wearing state livery.

But they all know this perfectly well. The real target of their pseudo-artistic slander is America, and gun ownership by peasants—you and me—which the world's self-annointed elite in general and the UN thugocracy in particular have always found deplorable. With plenty of American help, the UN has several operations underway aimed specifically at disarming people all over the world, rendering them even more helpless against predatory governments than they are right now.

So much for peace, love, and understanding.

Around the world, Americans may be the last to understand that, when the situation's grim, and the white vehicles and blue helmets of the so-called "peacekeepers" show up on your doorstep, it isn't time to feel relief at being rescued. It's time to hide your wife, your daughter, your sister, even your mother, and whatever valuables you possess.

Don't hide your guns, though, haul them out and get them loaded. The gravest threat to life, liberty, and property in today's world—especially to life—is the UN. It can do absolutely anything it wants to, to whomever it wants to, because it's "the cops of the world".

The UN was conceived in 1939, a brain-child of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his buddies, who had failed to understand the lesson to be learned from the collapse of its ludicrous predecessor, the League of Nations, that the people of a war-weary planet, fed up to here with self-important bloviating cretins in funny hats ordering them around, were not interested in a world government, or anything even resembling one.

Instead, all the really important people—the equivalents, in 1945, of Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank—got together in one meeting after another, and without so much as a nod at voters and taxpayers forced at gunpoint to support this gaggle of worthless preening parasites, established the UN in its now-crumbling headquarters on the Hudson River.

Its single all-important mission? To succeed where Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler had all failed: at the involuntary expense of individuals who actually worked for a living, try to take over the world.

Since the ignominious collapse of the Soviet Union, the new world nerve center for socialism is the UN, which is no less an enemy of everything worthwhile in the western world than Hitler and Stalin were. The UN has been at the very hub of the global warming hoax since the conspiracy began. It has done everything it can to limit American industrial technology and reduce us all to a prehistoric standard of living. It demands the authority to reach into otherwise sovereign countries and extract and punish those who fail to comply with its edicts. The UN admits openly that it wishes to obliterate the American Constitution—especially the Bill of Rights—with an hysterical emphasis on the Second Amendment. And now we're beginning to have a clearer idea what it wants to substitute in place of those ideas and institutions.

It wants you and me and our neighbors to be as helpless as the Nazis wanted Jews to be. It screams for power to control our children and tax us directly. (Talk about "taxation without representation"!) It wants its own army. It struggles ceaselessly to disarm whole populations, exactly the same way the Nazis did, and for exactly the same reasons, rendering them as vulnerable to genocide as the Jews in 1930s' Germany. It wishes to render every individual in the world defenseless against criminal butchers, Don't think for a minute that it means to exclude America. It doesn't, and it will tell you so, openly.

The nearest equivalent to what the UN has in mind for all of us is the infamous Highland Clearances" of the 18th and 19th centuries, when English "landowners" evicted the Scots they had conquered, by the hundreds of thousands, burning whole villages and forcing the Scots to leave their crops rotting in the ground, compelling a people who had been cattlemen for generations to harvest seaweed on the cold and rocky coast—or emigrate to the Americas—so aristocrats could "ride to hounds" and replace their displaced victims on the land with sheep.

"But what," I pretend to hear you ask, "about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Isn't it simply a long overdue 20th century improvement on the ancient 18th century American Bill of Rights?"

Only in the sense that it's a cruel hoax. Only in the sense that it isn't anything remotely like our Bill of Rights at all. Only if what you aspire to is to become an absolute dictator. Unlike our Bill of Rights, the so-called Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees nothing. It omits many of our most familiar rights—those guaranteed by the Tenth, Ninth, Eighth, Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, Fourth, Third, Second, and First Amendments. Undoubtdly worse, it makes them all subject to approval by the very entity likeliest to suppress them: government.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written specifically to please the heads of UN member states—rather than constituents, voters, or taxpayers—the very sort of monsters who had rounded up and murdered millions of Jews in Germany, farmers in Russia, property owners and people who were literate in China and Cambodia, and so on. The whole idea is to subordinate individual rights to the power of the state, to impose socialism on everybody by inventing "rights"—to the wealth, time, skills, and energy of others—that don't actually exist.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights fails to protect citizen militias and the individual right to own and carry weapons. In fact it's a major objective of the UN to seize and destroy every privately owned weapon in the world. It fails to protect the people from state established religion, or from government quartering troops in their homes.

For the same reasons, it forgets to mention search warrants, grand juries, rules against double jeopardy, excessive bail, or seizure of property without compensation. It fails to guarantee a speedy trial, the right to an attorney, a jury trial in the venue where the crime occurred, the right to subpoena witnesseses, and to confront one's accuser.

Under the American Bill of Rights, government exists only with the permission of the people, whom it was specifically created to serve. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are no rights, in fact, only political privileges to be granted (or withheld) by governments that people are obligated to obey without question or hesitation. In essence, people exist only with the permission of the government.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights forbids action on the part of people—as in the American Revolution, for example, the War Between the States, or more recently in Egypt—to secure their rights. It forcibly imposes a perpetual tax-and-spend welfare state on every productive individual anywhere in the world. And finally, in Article 29, it says, "These rights and freedoms"—meaning the power of the one-world government to impose itself on us—"may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations".

And what will the UN do with that power?

Barack Obama, today's leading frontman and mouthpiece for the UN, has done a great deal of talking about change, about hope, and about "remaking America". The truth about what he really has in mind can be discovered in a UN document—enthusiastically supported by most American politicians—called "Agenda 21". It is not obscure. It is not a secret. It is easily available for inspection all over the Internet.

Under this scheme, devised for us in 1992 by humanity's mortal enemies within the UN, every last individual on this continent (and elsewhere, presumably) will be rounded up and forced to live at a vastly reduced standard of living, in "arcologies", vast piles of thousands of apartments, stacked one upon another, as much as a mile high. These grim, gray structures, with their roving patrols and built-in weapons detectors, were colorfully romanticized in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall, but if you've ever seen a typical Japanese apartment—Ken Takakura's in the 1989 movie Black Rain, for example, or Bruce Willis's "palatial" cubby hole in The Fifth Element,—then you'll have a better idea what's being planned for us.

Life in a shoebox.

Life in a kennel.

Life in a cell.

Refusniks, those who resist this change, will be relegated and confined to the bulldozed ruins of the old towns across America, to starve and die out, perhaps assisted by occasional military training exercises.

With humanity thus contained—quarantined—as if it were some kind of disease (an article of leftist dogma since the 1960s), rather than the pinnacle of evolution that it truly is, under the banner of "saving the Earth", the land will be emptied, cleared of all human artifacts and other traces, ordinary people forbidden ever again to enter the open countryside, and, in keeping with the current environmental fascist insanity, permitted to return to its "natural state".

Except that's never how it really works out.

Instead, the emptied countryside will become a playground for the new socialist elite, the nomenklatura as they were known in bad old Soviet Russia, who will vacation there, perhaps even dwell or retire there in their dachas, in aristocratic splendor that the peasants, locked down together in their dark, dirty, crumbling hundred-story warrens, their brains scientifically numbed by drugs and ennervating "entertainment" programs, will never be allowed to see. With the exception, of course, of the many young, attractive, clean-limbed boys and girls the elite select to take with them in the name of "National Service".

Population—reproduction—will be rigidly controlled until the number of people on Earth has been reduced by the 85 or 90 percent the UN and environmentalists have admitted repeatedly they want to see eliminated. Apparently, if you strive to do all of that to Mankind, instead of smaller groups like Jews or Armenians or Chechens—you're a statesman and a benefactor, rather than a mass-murdering monster. Remember that, next time you see a politician or a movie star speaking on behalf of the UN. What they are endorsing by their presence is genocide.

Ironically, in nations foolish enough to sign onto the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is forbidden to criticize the document itself or the organization that generated it. Nor does it take a lot of imagination to foresee, in a post-9/11, USA Patriot Act era, how this means that any written, verbal, or electronic criticism of the United States government, the North American Union, or the UN will become an offense punishable by indefinite imprisonment, torture, and death.

Some observers believe the current administration, politicians in both parties, and socialist sugar-daddies like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros, are wrecking our economy on purpose, trying to provoke open rebellion so that UN military forces can be called in to "restore order". These forces commonly commit atrocities such as looting, rape, and murder, in countries where they're supposed to be peacekeepers. Is there any reason to believe it would be any different here?

Why do we tolerate the presence of this openly declared enemy of liberty and decency on American soil? Without a doubt, that will become one of the most frequently-asked questions about the 21st century, provided humanity survives, and historians remain free to ask it.

I'm no conservative—basically, I'm on my way to the stars, by way of Ceres—but before that happens, I want America back the way I remember it. No, it wasn't perfect, not by a long shot. But it was a hell of a lot better when I was a little kid than it is now. I want an America with no more grand utopian schemes to save an environment that doesn't need saving, to prevent global warming that isn't happening, or to force people to participate in a collectivized medical system that is a hollow farce and a justification for snoopery, robbery, and tyranny.

Everybody in the freedom movement worries constantly—not without justification—about a government, hostile to the very concept of individual liberty, knowing what guns they have and where they keep them. But what about the prescriptions they need to stay alive?

I want an America where the few, pitiful, starving, underpaid bureaucrats that remain—eking out their final days before their positions are abolished forever—have nothing to say about what I eat, what I drink, what I drive, what I keep in my gun cabinet, who I love, how I do it, and even what, in the immortal words of the great George Carlin, I shoot, snort, smoke, or rub into my belly. Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, giving them power to interfere in all of these things. Now we know it was a mistake and we must correct it.

I want an America where there are no more hidden agendas—or at least no money to encourage them—like this obscene idea of rounding up the people, forcing them to live in giant hundred-story tenements, while the goody-goods gallop around the empty countryside, shooting peasants. I want an America where the eternally smoldering ruins of the UN building in New York stand as a monument to freedom and a dire warning to collectivists, no matter what rock they choose to hide under.

Look: I'm no great defender of nation-states and borders. But in the world today, sovereign nations act somewhat like the watertight compartments in a ship. When one compartment becomes "flooded" by the cold, dark waters of dictatorship, victim disarmament, starvation, and the mass killings that invariably follow, others can remain warm and dry—free—if their geographical and psychological "bulkheads" remain sound. They act as a refuge for those who manage to escape the "flooded" compartments. All socialists know this, of course. That's why they strive to establish a world government nobody can escape from.

Alone in all the world, we don't have to put up with that crap. Legally, logically, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution—commonly known as the Bill or Rights—take complete precedence over every other law, including the main body of the United States Constitution itself, lesser statutes and ordinances, as well as over treaties like the UN charter and its phony Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That is the nature of amendments, after all, to supersede everything that has gone before them or was written under a previous authority. It doesn't matter what the UN decrees, or whether the various states or congress go along with it. The Bill of Rights is unassailable.

Be aware, however, that the UN has its tentacles everywhere, with parasitic attachments of various kinds at every level of government in America. The next great Tea Party effort should be to compel all city, county, and state governments to sever every connection with this genocidal organization, and repudiate any agreement ever made with it. Politicians must be forced to disavow it and its criminal ambitions. What good will it do, after all, to bring our own government to heel, only to watch as our peace, freedom, prosperity, and progress are overwhelmed and swept away by the UN and its murderous, evil Agenda 21?

The UN is a politcal and philosophical cancer, eating away at the heart of everything that was ever good about America. The highest priority of every man, woman, and child who wishes to remain free—not to mention alive—ought to be the United States' withdrawal from the UN, the UN's ejection—forcibly if necessary, or else what's the New York Police Department for?—from United States territory, and, ultimately, the UN's total dismantling and demolition all over the world.

Who needs a corrupt, murderous, freedom-hating UN cluttering the political landscape? Who needs a European Union or a North American Union? What the world truly needs is an International Bill of Rights Union.

Every day, we strive for a future world in which everyone is armed who wants to be, and because of that, there can be no more genocide. At exactly the same time, the UN, in its fanatical totalitarian attempts to disarm everybody, is striving—whether the "useful idiots" who support it know it or not—to make the next genocide happen.

Of course the chronic victim disarmers within the UN, who consist mostly of craven hooligans and bullies, desperately want every human being on Earth to believe otherwise, to distrust the advocates of self-reliance and self-defense, and to behave instead like a warren of frightened rabbits. What terrifies these unelected and unelectable gangsters most is the increasingly real prospect of six billion individuals standing tall, independent, and armed. What the UN needs, for as long as we allow it to continue to exist, is its own Second Amendment. Wouldn't you just love to be there when that idea is introduced?

As a necessary first step, the United States must withdraw from the UN and evict that vile organization from this country with extreme prejudice, once and for all. It has declared war, in writing, in no uncertain terms, on the Bill of Rights which sorely impedes its goals. Its declared interest in "sustainability"—merely a code word for the nightmare it would create under Agenda 21—is enough to condemn it.

All things—even bad ones—come to an end. Grease up that Colt .357 Python sculpture with its barrel tied in a knot, And then go tell those Luxembourgers to bend over, because we're sending it back to them.

Four-time Prometheus Award-winner L. Neil Smith has been called one of the world's foremost authorities on the ethics of self-defense. He is the author of more than 25 books, including The American Zone, Forge of the Elders, Pallas, The Probability Broach, Hope (with Aaron Zelman), and his collected articles and speeches, Lever Action, all of which may be purchased through his website "The Webley Page" at

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