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The Genocide Agenda
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Number 609, March 6, 2011

by Kent McManigal
Reference: "Of Pine Trees and Light Bulbs" by L. Neil Smith

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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Warren Tilson, Paul Bonneau, Michael Bradshaw, A.X. Perez, and Crazy Al

The Genocide Agenda
by L. Neil Smith
On the grounds—no, let's make that "compound"—of the United Nations in the Big Wormy Apple, stands a sculpture, crafted in 1988 as a calculated affront to everything that its host nation believes in, especially the highest law of the land, the first ten amendments to its Constitution, commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights—and in particular, to the Second Amendment, intended to protect the other nine.

The United States as Mad Scientist
by Bob Wallace
My clearest first memory of a Mad Scientist was in Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Fighting Man of Mars. I think I was about 11 when I read it, and I must have read it 20 times. I never got tired of it for at least two years.

I Like Big Knives
by L. Neil Smith
I have always been partial to edged tools and weapons. When I was eleven years old, in Sixth Grade, at Pepperrell Air Force Base in St. John's, Newfoundland, I found a vein of slate on the school grounds, which abutted on a patch of wild forest, fashioned a hand-axe in the best Neanderthal tradition, and over the space of a week, cut down a four-inch spruce, having to put a new edge on it every half dozen strokes.

The Constitution and the Zero Aggression Principle
by L. Neil Smith
The Zero Aggression Principle holds that nobody has a right (that is, no such right exists) to initiate physical force against anybody else for any reason whatever. Neither is it ethically acceptable to advocate or to delegate the initiation of force. Observe the central importance of the word "initiate". What libertarians call the "ZAP" is not a call for pacifism. It does not prohibit the legitimate act of self-defense.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 115
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 115 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!


The Venus Belt cover
The Venus Belt

by L. Neil Smith

Phoenix Pick Edition
Paperback, 166 Pages
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Crystal Empire cover
The Crystal Empire

by L. Neil Smith

Phoenix Pick Edition
Paperback, 378 Pages
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Tom Paine Maru
Tom Paine Maru

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)
Hope cover

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

Roswell Texas Cover
Roswell, Texas

by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Colored by Jen Zach
Published by Bighead Press, 2008

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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