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Number 610, March 13, 2011

"Much food for thought"

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The German word is schwerpunkt and it is used in a recent essay by John Robb. The English word is "focus."

The focal point for an attack, or an action, should be some point on the critical path of your enemy's system. It should represent some key dependency. You want to attack everything important to your enemy, of course, in order to win. But you have limited resources. In fourth and fifth generation warfare, you may have very few resources of any kind.

Robb's article is found here.

It gave rise to an article by Kevin Carson found here.

George Donnelly pointed me at the latter, and that eventuality has led to my writing this essay.

One of the things that immediately occurred to me when I read Robb's passage: "the point of greatest emphasis is called a systempunkt. It is the point point in a system (either an infrastructure or a market), always identified by autonomous groups within the bazaar, where a swarm of small insults will cause a cascade of collapse in the targeted system. Within infrastructure, this collapse takes the form of disrupted flows that result in immediate financial loss or ongoing supply shortages. Within a market, an attack on the systempunkt destabilizes the psychology of the market to induce severe inefficiencies and uncertainties."

You'd probably do well to read it in the original and follow Robb's links there. Nevertheless, what occurred to me when I read that passage was to think, well, that applied to the financial melt down. There was evidently a large number of financial transactions in the market which caused a cascade collapse in the financial system. If you think back to the 2007 to 2009 period, you may recall some of those transactions, or reading about some of them.

So, in regard to enforcement of laws, in particular, what is that system like? If we understand the system, we may be able to understand where to apply repeated insults, or assaults, to generate the desired result of collapse. And, possibly, that might save us from having any number of our activist friends beaten up by pigs and arrested and bailed out and lawyered up and so forth. So, shall we have a look?

These ideas are not yet organised so I'm simply going to lay them out as they came to me and I wrote them down on a yellow pad.

1. Money to pay the pigs to enforce the laws. The pigs won't work for free. The system requires either ready money or some system of credit that allows the municipality, county, state, or nation to pay the relevant pigs. Clearly there is an approaching credit crisis as many of these government agencies go into bankruptcy and lose their credit ratings. Possible application: arbitrage or speculate on short positions in government bonds at various levels?

2. In order to enforce the laws, the pigs need information on who is violating laws and how to find them. That is, they have databases. Computers in their pig mobiles. They also have a system of identity papers. They want your name, your date of birth, your address. Maybe if you had several of these, you'd be better able to respond.

Possible applications: a system of non-state identity papers. A large number of identities that represent no one, each with no prior history of anything.

3. Privacy of the enforcers. Pigs and judges and others in government seem to want to live amongst us, but not be too well known as to location. See the recent controversy at The Libertarian Enterprise where an article of mine from August 2010 publishing the location of some judges who ruled that pigs can put GPS tracking devices on our cars even if the cars are parked on our own property without a warrant. Apparently just aggregating published (white pages of the phone book) information was enough to scare the US Marshalls office. Whee. Maybe fear of reprisals would cause some pigs to quit. Possible application: Local groups gather information on local and regional police, their names, addresses. Data is published in an OpenLeaks-style wiki, with mirrors. Information is then conveyed to relevant newspapers, radio shows, etc., encouraging pigs to resign.

4. Communications. Orders for arrests flow from the top of the hierarchy (say, judges, issuing warrants, or prosecutors issuing demands) to the pigs. Can these communications be disrupted? Radio frequency communications can be jammed, of course. Spread spectrum makes this more difficult. Can information be imposed into the communications "system" to generate chaos?

5. Power flows from the provinces into the cities. Food flows from the provinces into the cities. Water flows from the provinces into the cities. It used to be that information also flowed from the provinces into the cities, which is probably where cities came from. But now we have information flowing from all to all, which is evidently a more robust approach.

Application: There are certainly revolutionary applications of these power, food, and water flows. Of course, it has been many decades since labour flowed from the provinces into the cities, and it now remains there. So there is considerable risk in interrupting any of these flows, given that the people most likely to be harmed are the people we want to help.

6. The prison and parole system. Profits from law enforcement. Steals children. Enslaves millions. Generates enormous amounts of ready money for those enforcing the laws, through subsidies for prisons, through civil asset forfeiture. Somehow, this has to be broken up. The prisons have to be surrounded and emptied. The slaves freed. The stolen goods returned, or at least liberated.

Jim Davidson is an author, entrepreneur, and anti-war activist. His 1990 venture to offer a sweepstakes trip into space was destroyed by government action as was his free port and prospective space port in Somalia in 2001. His 2002-2007 venture in free market money and private stock exchange was destroyed by government action in 2007. He's going to Mars if he has to walk. His second book, Being Sovereign is now availble from Lulu and Amazon. He is currently working on a book about travel to Mars with John Wayne Smith, a book with international fugitive Chad Z. Hower on his story, a book on sovereign self-defence, and a book compiling his letters and essays in The Libertarian Enterprise from 1995 to 2010. Contact him at or Come visit his teams at events in June 2011 in New Hampshire, September 2011 in Montana, December 2011 in Florida, and March 2012 in Austin, Texas.


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