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Number 612, March 27, 2011

"Once again one more time"

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Pissed beyond words—Liberty Dollar verdict is WRONG
by Kent McManigal

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

I have to admit it: I feel enraged.

Something in the news has made me more angry than I ever remember being about something that didn't hit me personally. That "something" is the conviction of Bernard VonNothaus of the Liberty Dollar.

The government agents committed theft. The government dragged the case out rather than giving Bernard a fair and timely trial; meeting every deadline by only minutes. The government lied to get a conviction. The judge lied to get a conviction. The jury failed in its duty in order to return a conviction. There is plenty guilt, but where is the shame?

Every evil committed in connection with this case was committed by those associated with the government, or by the jury members who should have known better than to convict an obviously innocent man.

Usually I can forgive a jury since I know juries are selected to weed out anyone with any brains or ethical sense. This time I am too angry to let the jurors off on account of gross stupidity. They should have known better. If you are too stupid to be informed, you are just what the government looks for in a juror. A stupid cud chewer only too happy to be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the government's agenda.

Bernard NEVER presented the Liberty Dollar as US currency, and would have been insulted to have his REAL money be confused with the government's worthless FRNs or over-priced inferior silver coins.

I remember from the very first time I found the Liberty Dollar how careful he was to keep harping on the fact that it was NOT US currency or even a coin (although a coin it indeed is—in spite of government lies to the contrary which he was trying to coddle for his own protection).

He even had a statement from an "official" of the US government itself affirming that the Liberty Dollar WAS NOT "COUNTERFEIT" and WAS "LEGAL". And then the lying, kidnapping murderers stole his property and caged him anyway.

I saw an ironic statement somewhere yesterday (I forget where) that said: when has it ever been the case that "counterfeit money" was worth more than "real money"? Exactly right. There IS counterfeiting going on, but not by Liberty Dollar. The Federal Reserve is the world's biggest, most brutal and evil counterfeiter. And the government thugs who pursued and prosecuted Bernard (and the other victims of this case), and the taterheads who sat on that jury, are complicit in the counterfeiting and the kidnapping and theft. They are the domestic terrorists. I'd like to see them ALL held accountable.

Update: Part 2

I just got this email from Bernard von NotHaus:

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters,

I sincerely regret to inform you that I was found guilty on all four counts regarding the Liberty Dollar in less than an hour on Friday, March 18. The only explanation is that a strong, anti-liberty person took control of a weak-willed jury and pushed the verdict through in record time in spite of well worded Jury Instructions. A government forfeiture hearing immediately followed the conviction. PLEASE NOTE: Your property is at risk so please continue to read these emails and take action so the government does not steal your property. An appeal is planned but that will take years. More news to follow. An unofficial, but most interesting account of the trial is available via Heather's blog at:

[this link]

God help you and our country as American descends into a hellish hyperinflationary future without the benefits of the Liberty Dollar.

I am very sorry our efforts to return America to value failed.

Thank you so much for your support.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect

Bernard, YOU are not the one to be sorry. There is no guilt on your part and you should feel no shame.

Like I said before, this injustice is just plain wrong. A man who didn't just do nothing wrong; he did the right thing, and is being punished by those who are actively doing the wrong thing every day with every breath they take. That prosecutor, judge, and every scumbag on that jury are not worthy to lick the toilet clean after Bernard uses it.

I'd still like to see them forced to do so, however.

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