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Letter from Paul Bonneau

Letter from Crazy Al with reply from E.J. Totty

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Another Letter from L. Neil Smith

Re: The Osborn/Totty/Bonneau correspondence

Well, I too occasionally indulge in fantasies of "fixing" democracy. But guys, you are like two engineers arguing about how YOU would have designed the Titanic, ignoring the fact that human actors still would have run the thing into an iceberg.

Yes, recording all votes, and even making all votes an internet accessible record for everyone to see, would be a great idea. Private voting is for the birds. Yeah, it would allow government to only bill the users of a "service". But why have government provide any service at all? What does government involvement get you (outside of extreme danger and a certainty of future abuse)? If something is worth doing, the market will provide it—WITHOUT the bureaucracy and the danger, without the rent-seeking, and at lower cost.

And it's not just a matter of allocating costs properly. Laws are made to throw people in jail for acts like smoking a joint. What if that got 80% support? Should the people in jail for violating it feel, "At least I have the satisfaction of knowing it was a large majority trampling my life?"

Osborn writes, "I am only outlining the only way we should allow them to do things IF we are stupis [sic] enough to let them do ANYTHING but enforce our rights for those who cannot enforce those rights themselves!!!"

This is so fantastic, I find it hard to digest. You are going to "allow" government do stuff? What makes you think they will pay attention to you? And having the most murderous, mendacious agency in history protect your rights... what can a person say to respond to something like that?

Think up your Rube Goldberg schemes. Maybe you can cook up something less oppressive than what we've got—shouldn't be hard, and might even last a hundred years or so—but count me out of it. I'm not interested. It's just as philosophically evil as what we have now. Let me move to Anarchyville and leave me alone, you and your 80% majority and your Constitution.

Whatever happened to the Covenant of Unanimous Consent?

Paul Bonneau


I would like to thank Rex May for reminding me that Eric Holder chose to disregard complaints of lack Panthers intimidating, or at least attempting to intimidate White voters at a polling station. I feel no strong emotions about this, because if anybody ever tries to intimidate me about whether or how I vote or otherwise exercise my rights as a citizen I will kill them. If necessary, I will go home to arm myself and come back to the polling place in question and kill them and then vote. I don't care if it's the Klan, Black Panthers , Brown Berets or whoever. They are dead. Since no one would dare to stop an honest man from voting unless the fix was in with the cops I feel I would have no other choice.

Because my last name happens to be in Spanish I can say this. It makes me sound like some kind of militant rights activist, the kind the Left loves. However if my last name was Peterson, fair complected as I am I would have Homeland Security on my case as a probable Right wing Terrorist. I'll probably attract some scrutiny for saying this in TLE anyhow. Still, if I were white I'd be royally screwed for this statement in many parts of the US. I submit that his is incredibly racist and that the persons who enforce the law is this manner deserve a head start for the border and not much else, and then only so we can enjoy the sport of running them to ground.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far West Texas

To which E.J. Totty replied:


And, as if that isn't bad enough, check this out.

Imagine that: A label on a bottle of ale is seen to be 'offensive.'

Regarding the butthole whose name is 'eric holder'? Fuck'em. Figuratively speaking of course, as I wouldn't want anyone getting any STD's.

E.J. Totty

Military Zip Code


My publisher has apparently had an order laced by someone in the service who gave him an incomplete zip code. Why the Post Office couldn't have taken care of this,m I don't know, but I assume it's all the same zip code. Could be wrong, of course. I'm changing the name, but here;s the address Shahid has:

Jeffrey S. Schulman
CMR 480 BOX 1014,
APO AE 9128

It's the last number of the zip code that we're missing. Any ideas?

L. Neil Smith

Here's a question for you ...

If, for sme reason, my new non-fiction book could not be called Where We Stand—because that title is already associated with all kinds of slimy, disgusting collectivist enterprises—nor could it be called The Plan, for exactly the same reason, what should "The Little Gold Book of Chairman El" be called?

Remember, this is supposed to be the tome (or at least the tomette) that will fix everything that's wrong with America. It should jump out of rack poclets and leap off of bookshelves across the country. It should be friendly, but possess at least a little gravitas. This is the book you'd give your child or grandchild—or obnoxious brother-in-law—to show them what a real libertarian really thinks.

If you're not there already, please make your suggestions on my blog, L. Neil Smith At Random, to the entry, "Renaming Where We Stand"

L. Neil Smith

[Find the book online at—Editor]


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