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Number 614, April 10, 2011

"Down With Power!"

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Mike Blessing

Letter from Crazy Al

Letter from A.X. Perez

For The Record

I predict that when all three parts of the movie Atlas Shrugged are produced and distributed, that the project will gross at least a billion dollars, and that this great epic will surpass even Gone With The Wind in the hearts and minds of intelligent individuals all over the world and eventually out into the Solar System.

L. Neil Smith
author of The Probability Broach, et al.
Fort Collins, Colorado, April 4, 2011

Adam Kokesh resurrects his local (Albuquerque, NM) radio show as a TV show based in Washington DC:

Mike Blessing

Racist Jerk

Some months ago stats were published that indicate that some races have longer life expectancies than others. Specifically, White Americans outlive Black Americans by about four years, and Latinos outlive non Latino Whites by about one year. Didn't Check Asians, Polynesians and Native Americans, I'm sure the statistics are available.So do we sue Death for racial discrimination? Will the Grim Reaper be required to check his scythe at the Court Room door? What remediation and recompense will be made if the Dark Angel loses? Inquiring minds want to know.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far West Texas

Small Insights

A) Why are people carrying on like the gov't closing down at midnight Friday is a bad thing?

B) Remember ca. 1980 when the Albuquerque PD went on strike and the crime rate went down? Not simply because no one was writing jay walking tickets and such, but the burglars and other real criminals took a holiday. Strike only lasted one day, cops went back to work before anyone twigged they realy didn't need the cops. Maybe if the Feds have to shut down we can see how little we really need them. Even if the state survives this should inform our debate with statists when this lack of need for the government is displayed.

C) First he encourages people to buy guns (OK so it's panic buying to gun up before the bans start). Now he is threatening a veto of the budget bill that may shut down the government. Are you sure Obama isn't a libertarian mole? (I know he's an incompetent statist, but hmmm?)

D) In one of El Neil's books I one time read "War is the health of the state." Smartass comment in C aside, Barack Obama is a statist. A healthy state is warlike. Of course he got us involved in the Libyan civi war currently going on.

E) all of the above are small insights. Currently that's all the government is worth.

[LATER:] Breaking news Gov't did not shut down; nuts!

A.X. Perez

The Editor notes:
"War is the health of the state" was the title of an article by Randolph Bourne (1886-1918) in his book The State
"War is the health of the state"


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