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Number 614, April 10, 2011

"Down With Power!"

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Dump the GOP in the Harbor
by L. Neil Smith

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Suddenly it's 1994 all over again.

I suppose it's possible that "mainstream" Republicans believe the voting public's memory is as feeble as their own. But it wasn't really that long ago (only seventeen years) that Americans—fed up, not just with two years of slimy socialism from the William Jefferson Blythe Clinton Administration (not to mention its murderous and still unpunished brutality), but even more with four years that had preceded it, of George Bush's cowardly, cretinous collectivism—showed up at the polls to turn the left wing out in massive numbers, replacing them with what they naively assumed would be advocates and protectors of liberty.

I suppose it's possible that "mainstream" Republicans believe the voting public is as unprincipled and cowardly as they, themselves are. With each compromise or retreat they made in the face a bankrupt presidency and the round-heeled media that acted as its bodyguard, Republican leadership revealed themselves for what they really were—and remain to this day. Newt Gingrich, chief apologist for the failed "Republican Revolution" turned to Voltaire, blathering that "the perfect" (meaning what they had promised they would do) "is the enemy of the good" (meaning the incompetent hash they had made out of things instead).

These are the same fools and dodgers, after all, the Babbits, as Sinclair Lewis called them, who care so little for the Constitution in particular and the rule of law in general, that, fearing embarrassment by the disintegrating Old Media, don't want Barack Obama's "nativity story" investigated by genuine conservatives and Tea Partiers. That a four-flusher like Donald Trump—no genuine capitalist entrepreneur, but the very sort of mercantilist currier of government favor Adam Smith complained about in 1776—could leap by double digits in the polls by ignoring these "older, wiser heads", says everything that needs saying on this issue and those who crawled under rocks to avoid it.

I suppose it's even possible that "mainstream" Republicans believe the voting public is as dimwitted as they, themselves are, although it would imply they're capable of comprehending the abyssal depths of their own stupidity. This may not be possible for the likes of former Michigan congressman Pete Hoekstra, doing a creditable imitation this week of the moronic Britney Spears partisan a few years ago on YouTube, sobbing and screaming that the Tea Parties should "leave John Boehner alone!" after the Republican Speaker, whimpering afterward that "we did the best we could", folded ignominiously, caving in to an Obama Administration so politically damaged by its own overweening hubris and ideological avarice it couldn't harm a fly, let alone an elephant.

Just take a look at the signs and portents. Michelle Antoinette is taking as many vacations, and doing as much upscale shopping she can before the metaphorical blade descends. Oprah Winfrey has abandoned Captain Barry's socialist slave-ship, and won't publicly support him if he's dumb enough or vain enough to run for reelection. Even George "Sauron" Soros is talking about leaving politics after backing a long line of laughable left-wing losers (although the genocidal United Nations remains his primary weapon, Agenda 21 his primary objective, and it would be foolish to take an entity like him entirely at his word).

Yet the Republicans continue their long-established practice of giving up just before they win, and "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory".

And what was the recent big battle all about? What were the stakes involved that weren't worth "shutting the government down" (providing us all with a respite that would have done the nation incalculable good)? Well, thanks to George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, this poor, sad, battered mess of a country is in a hole of Saganistic magnitude. Republicans and Democrats have misspent or misplaced fourteen trillion dollars—that's $14,000,000,000,000 (about fifty grand per each of us)—in just the last decade, most of it in only the past couple of years.

After their crushing repudiation of the Democrats in the 2010 election, our Brave New Republicans say they want to reduce that debt by the handsome sum of sixty billion dollars—$60,000,000,000. What an ambition! What an achievement! That is exactly like—no, it is, proportionately, reducing a debt of fourteen thousand dollars by sixty bucks!

The question is—after all the time, effort, and expense each of us went to last year—is this what we hired them to do? It's now time to remind them why they're there, to remind them why we sent them there. It's time to understand that the system has inertia to resist change, and that stronger measures are called for than we may have thought.

Not just repeal of Obamacare, for instance, and not just "reform" of the hideous mess the system was in before it was shoved down our throats—thanks largely to previous layers of regulation and taxation imposed on it—but complete and total separation of medicine and state. Demand anything less and we will get absolutely nowhere.

Inertia, remember?

The current "energy shortage" is as fraudulent as global warming or Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. There is no economic or technological reason for gasoline to cost more than a dollar a gallon. Reinstitution of domestic drilling for petroleum is only part of the answer. It is absolutely vital to stop the suppression of genuine alternative energy sources (and no, I am not talking about silly windmills or solar power) like catalytic fusion and thermal depolymerization.

If history clearly demonstrates anything, it's that the more energy available to the average individual the more that individual is free.

Your mother, by the way, was right—or maybe it was your Kindergarten teacher: peace can be achieved, most of the time, simply by leaving the other kids the hell alone. And whenever it's argued that war is an absolute necessity, we can test it by giving the politicians—congressmen, senators, and the president him- or herself—uniforms and rifles. and sending them into the battle first.

Taxes are the ruination of the Productive Class. Any politicians who demand that taxes be raised now, in the middle of a second Great Depression that they caused, are scavengers and criminals. Instead, taxes must be sharply reduced, starting with a two-tier program of relief, eliminating taxes on the five basic necessities of life—food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and self-defense—and on anything protected by the Bill of Rights. But we must also aim, long-range, at the complete abolition of kleptocracy, of government by theft.

In the meantime, private coinage is a simple extension of the absolute individual right to property. Contrary to the claims of its brutal and rapacious agents, it is government interference with it that constitutes "a unique form of terrorism"—known as state terrorism. Not only must Republicans make this clear legislatively, they must insure that state terrorism of any variety is energetically prosecuted. They can begin with illegal agencies unsanctioned by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, such as FEMA, the EPA, OSHA, the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the FBI, NSA, and the CIA.

Yes, and NASA, too.

The Constitution itself says flatly that the government can have nothing to do with guns or the individual right to own and carry them. To remain in office, Republicans must be willing to repeal or nullify every gun law in this country, bring our surplus weapons home from overseas, and launch a serious investigation into skyrocketing ammunition prices which are nothing more than a form of backdoor gun control.

Politicians—even, or especially, Republicans—hate, loathe, and despise the firearms issue because it forces them to lay it on the line.

Where it can be chopped off.

Rush Limbaugh often says that "progressives" and "country club Republicans" will tell you what they fear most. So will conservatives. Just start talking up a third party and enjoy the hysterical flapping and screaming that ensues. My own Libertarian Party was destroyed by Republicans. Maybe it's time to build another party, too "embarrassing" for "respectable" Republicans to infiltrate and destroy before it can redirect the course of history back toward untrammeled individual liberty.

Tell Hoekstra to go blubber at somebody else.

And tell Boehner he can take his sixty bucks and shove it.

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