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"A tale told by an idiot, full of
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Letter from A.X. Perez

Smoke, Mirrors, and Definitions

Libertarians believe that taxation is theft. Conservatives are inclined to believe this but are willing to trade taxes for achieving goals through the government. Liberals/progressives believe that we owe the government taxes because it provides goodies. They obviously do not consider taxation theft.

Due to the collapse of the Soviet Empire we tend to forget that socialism is alive and well as a philosophy. This means we have forgotten that Socialists believe that all profits are theft. Most people tend to believe that excess profits are theft, the question is how much profit we're talking about, who's making it and other if's, and's and buts.

I'm inclined to believe that when corporations rely on government favor to increase their profits by blocking competition, requiring that people buy that companies product, or otherwise gain unfair advantage, that is theft.

So libertarians think socialists are thieves, and vice versa. However the real thieves are still in charge.

A.X. Perez


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