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"They all went to the theater expecting
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The Trouble Is, Our Government Does not Know How To Tell the Truth
by James Glaser

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Special to the Libertarian Enterprise

We still don't know the real story about how Osama bin Laden was killed. The White House has put out so many conflicting stories, even if they decided to tell the truth now, nobody would believe them. Here is what the head of the CIA said last week:

By Steven Swinford 10:25PM BST 04 May 2011

Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

Here is what CBS News found out yesterday:

WASHINGTON—A new picture emerged Thursday of what really happened the night the Navy SEALs swooped in on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the 40 minutes it took to kill bin Laden and scoop his archives into garbage bags were all recorded by tiny helmet cameras worn by each of the 25 SEALs.

It really does not matter if we have a Democratic or Republican administration. Both political parties worry so much about that next election, they are afraid to tell us the truth about anything, until they decide what version of a story will play best with the voters.

If the President of the United States looks you right in the camera and says something, or if he rolls up his shirt sleeves and talks to you at a Town Hall Meeting, most likely what ever he says, is a lie.

I don't know how long this has been going on, but the last six or so administrations have been so blatant with their lies, nobody expects the truth anymore. We are like some third world government run by a corrupt dictator. Ah, maybe we are.

First published on Mr. Glaser's 'blog on May 13, 2011


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